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Wisdom Quotes by OSHO

Updated on March 4, 2015


What is Life?

Life is between birth and death.

The pulsating of your heartbeats is life.

The inhaling and exhaling of breathe is life.

The singing of birds is life.

The blooming of flowers is life.

The wind blowing is life.

The sun shining is life.

Raining is life.

The trees dancing with the flow of the wind is life.

The star shining is life.

Life is which exist here and now.

Life is a celebration.

But when we see people around us, they are not really living, they are not really celebrating, they are not really enjoying, rather they are getting attached to this material life, forgetting themselves as being part of existence. They are rather hugging miseries, sufferings with so much force that they don't want to release them.

I have shared a lot about Spirituality in my previous lenses. Here, I am going to share with you the lovely quotes by our Beloved OSHO....Flow with these quotes and feel that bliss within you...feel your own being....

Life is a romance

Move with life with a deep trust, wheresoever it leads.

Don't create your own goal; if you create your own goal, you will become false.

Life has no goal; if YOU have a goal, you are against life.

Life moves not like a business, it moves like poetry;

Life moves not from the head, it moves from the heart ... it is a romance.

Trust is needed, doubt won't be helpful.

Life is not scientific, it is irrational.

Life doesn't believe in Aristotles and the logicians, it believes in love, in the poets, it believes in the mystics.

It is a mystery to be lived, not a riddle to be is not a puzzle, it is not a problem.

The secret is open, only you are closed.

It is revealed everywhere:

In each tree,

In each leaf,

In every ray of the sun it is revealed....

But you are closed.


Let life have something of the romantic in it.

Something like adventure.


Millions of beauties and splendors are waiting for you.

You go on moving around and around

Never entering into the temple of life.

The door is the heart.

So I say:

The real intelligence is of the heart.

It is not intellectual

It is emotional.

It is not like thinking

It is like feeling.

It is not logic

It is love.

Inner beauty

Sharing your joy is good

It is great virtue.

In fact, all other virtues are by-products of sharing your bliss.

Sharing is the very foundation

The source.

Share your truth

Share your meditation

Share your love.

Share whatsoever inner beauty arises in you

Whatsoever inner glow arises in you.

Share your inner flame

Never be a miser

You will become richer and richer

And there is no end to that richness.


Love happens

When you are ready to share with another human being.

Prayer happens

When you are ready to share with God.

Meditation happens

When you are ready to share with existence.

Beauty happens

When you are ready to share with a flower, a star, or with a bird on the wing.

Whenever you share

There is beauty

There is truth

There is happiness.

The search

Search for beauty

Search for sensitivity.

Think less

Feel more.

Put logic aside

Follow love.

Let tears flow from your eyes;

They will cleanse you more than any austerity can do.

No fast will cleanse you;

Only tears will.

So that emphasis has to be remembered:

Be more and more poetic

Feel the wonder of existence

And the infinite mysteries that abound.

The Sacred

The heart reveals the sacred

And with the revelation of the sacred

You have come HOME.

Because to live in the sacred world is to live:

To live really

To live authentically.

Religion consists of nothing else

Than the awakening of


A heart-fullness.

Welcome to the world of LOVE...

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    • justmesuzanne profile image

      justmesuzanne 3 years ago from Texas

      Lovely! I have the Osho Zen tarot deck. It's very beautiful and easy to read. Voted up and beautiful! :)

    • CatherineGiordano profile image

      Catherine Giordano 3 years ago from Orlando Florida

      Beautiful thoughts to start my day.

    • RadaFrancis LM profile image

      RadaFrancis LM 5 years ago

      beautiful quotes :)

    • profile image

      VatsalMakhija 5 years ago

      lovely quotes...!