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Dream Control ( the art of lucid dreams)

Updated on November 30, 2014

What is dream control, is that even possible?

Lucid dreaming is becoming more and more popular, which leads to more and more

people seeking to explore them, so they can have their own lucid dreams. Are you one

of these people looking to unlock the secrets of lucid dreaming ? Jump in and get started.

Maybe this lens will be the key to your lucid dreaming success!

I love my lucid dreams!!!

Seriously, I love them!

Lucid dreaming, if you're not aware, is dreaming while in a state of awareness. The dreamer , by accident, or through techniques, has become aware that they are dreaming and in many cases remain in the dream fully conscious. This lens is about what they are and how to have them, with one of my own lucid dreams thrown in for good measure.

First I will tell you how I became aware of lucid dreaming.

I was lying in bed before going to my third shift job, which was seriously depriving me of sleep. I dozed off for a bit and started dreaming. I found myself in the downstairs bathroom. I was looking in the mirror and suddenly became aware I was dreaming. I looked at myself and said "you are upstairs in bed dreaming this right now" and woke up. I was very surprised at what just happened. I had never experienced it before and I didn't know it was possible. Later I looked it up and found it was something people have been doing for years.

My first lucid dream was in the late 90's and it would be over ten years before I had another one. I never forgot about that first lucid dream, but I pursued it in a less than aggressive way. Which is how you are supposed to pursue them . Years later, I became very serious about having them and started to read more on them to find out what it was that made them possible. I am now up to 76 lucid dreams and most of those took place in the last two years. So, I think I know a little bit about the subject.

Here's what I've learned.

Get yourself some vitamin b6, I take 250mg's, but find out the right and safe amount for you. I say this because there can be some side effects from too much b6. Some lucid dream "purists" believe you shouldn't take supplements. I don't agree, but of course it's up to you. It's not like I'm recommending you snort draino, I suggest only vitamins and natural means. If you meditate, that's a big plus. Ginko biloba is good too. The b6 aids in dream recall and your dreams are much more vivid. Getting sun light is a big help too. I recommend getting sun anyway, it's a great source of vitamin A and D. A very popular technique is doing reality checks. This is where you look at your hands through out the day and ask yourself if you are dreaming. I know this sounds silly, but have you ever done something over and over during the day and then dream of that repetition at night ? Well, it's based on that same principle. Looking at your hands everyday and asking yourself if you are dreaming, should lead to you looking at your hands in your dreams and asking yourself if you are dreaming. Then you say the magic words "Is this a dream?" Look away from your hands (in the dream) and then look back, if they look different, you're dreaming. You can also look for a clock and see if the numbers are backward, or askew. Now that you're aware that you are dreaming, go explore, fly, meet dream characters, swim underwater, knowing you can breathe.

There are supplements online that help too. Dreamamins is one of those aids.I recommend the second product down, it's called lucid dreamer. It consist of galantamine and choline, both are natural substances. Two things to consider with dreamamins. They are expensive, around 38 dollars, with tax and shipping cost. Also, They only work good the first couple times and then you have to skip taking them for 4 to 7 days. I would say they really increase your chances of having your first lucid dream. One more thing, and this is true with lucid dreams in general, but especially true with the dreamamins. It's best to do a technique (well known in the lucid dream community) called "Wake back to bed" or WBTB. You wake up around four in the morning, stay up a bit and then take the dreamamins and go back to bed. Even if you don't use the dreamamins, the WBTB method is still the best method for lucid dreaming.

There is one more useful tip I will share, but it's a tricky one.

It's called "phasing" A.K.A. WILD (Wake Induced Lucid Dream) You are trying to enter a dream but remaing conscious. It is a technique that also works best with WBTB. When you go back to bed lay with your eyes closed (duh) and concentrate on stepping into your dreams, while awake. Does it sound tricky? The tricky part is not staying fully awake or falling fully asleep. I have used this technique and it works, but it's a skill. Also, I always have a blackout during the transition. It's like this. Think of yourself at a play, you're an actor going on stage and you pull the curtain aside and you step into the play. I actually and repeatedly think of myself stepping into the dream, remaining conscious. Then, tah dah, I'm in the dream and I'm fully conscious.

Here's a list of cool things I've done in my lucid dreams:

sky surfed on an orange rug.

Spent a little time with my Dad, who has passed. We didn't talk, just came to a silent, but mutual understanding.

Shot lightning out of my hands at a would be attacker.

Went to shoot lightning out of my hands and instead, blue silly string came out.

See, you don't have "full" control..ha

Fly at will.

jump up on to the top of tall buildings.

Jump off of tall buildings, knowing I won't be hurt.

Shoot straight up in the air as fast as a rocket, stopping when I'm as high as a jetliner and let my self freefall to the ground.

Visit lands of paradise.

Fly over water and then plunge into the water and breathe underwater.

Imagined two beautiful girls in front of me, the rest of that dream remains with me.

Talked to dream characters and told them I'm dreaming them.

Here's one of my lucid dreams I kept in my dream Journal.

BTW, a dream journal is key to lucid dreams get one and if you're really serious about having them, you will write in it "EVERY" morning!!

I was sitting at a table playing cards with some older men

I suddenly suspected it was a dream, so I looked in the

eyes of one of the men and said "I think I'm dreaming this

and he said " oh yeah" I said that if I was dreaming I

I could float through the ceiling. I then got up and grabbed

a chair and stood on it and concentrated on floating

through the ceiling and that is what happened. I then walked

out of the pub and there was a man standing there. It now

seemed it was a pub/railroad station and I told the man to

watch, because I was going to fly up in the air, but he

wouldn't look over. I often do this. I try to show off with

my flying and no one wants to look. I think this is a dream lesson

to not be such a show off. Anyway, I started flying and saw my

youngest son Shane and he was younger and was walking dogs alone.

I was still floating in the air and talking to him. I was worried

because he was so young and alone. I told him what to do and to be

safe and then I flew off and then started coming out of the dream

state, which I tried to fight, but couldn't.

Three great movies with lucid dream themes are:

My waking life

Vanilla Sky


Lucid dream links:

World of lucid dreaming

Dreamviews, is a great place, with tons of information.

Ok, good luck. I hope you have your first lucid dream or have more of them!

lucid dreaming YouTube videos

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    • profile image

      yaronp 5 years ago

      i relay like the post i wish i can learn more about Interpretation of dreams lucid dreams are fun

    • profile image

      Ladyeaglefeather 5 years ago

      Great lens very interesting

    • profile image

      ChristianSavoy 5 years ago

      Great Lens! Check out my lens where I share a powerful step by step system to have incredible lucid dreams

    • profile image

      inspirationz 6 years ago

      Very interesting stuff!

    • PoncsMom profile image

      PoncsMom 6 years ago

      I've dreamt like this... I call it the zone... I let my brain do the walking

    • profile image

      cornelsimms 6 years ago

      Very impressive lens. You have a great insight about lucid dreams.

    • profile image

      blueangel85 6 years ago

      Very nice and interesting lens !

    • profile image

      animotaxis 6 years ago

      I've always been able to lucid dream and found it unusual that others didn't. I have waking dreams too, another thing that I just assumed every one did too.

    • profile image

      naturesfun 6 years ago

      Very interesting lens. I had never heard of lucid dreams. I think I have come close a few times... half in and out of consciousness.

    • profile image

      bebops 6 years ago

      Fascinating subject. I'd never heard of it before.

    • paulnprov profile image

      paulnprov 6 years ago

      Deb, I'm glad! I think I bring more to the table, based on other articles I've read. They never mention b6 or galantamine. The b6, meditation, dream journal and getting sun are the biggest. I'm not a big fan of the reality checks. Anyway, I'm very happy you are inspired!

    • DebinSC profile image

      DebinSC 6 years ago

      So interesting! Several years ago I worked at this myself. I had mild success and did get to intentionally fly in one dream. Reading your tips, makes me want to try it again. Nice and informative lens!