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You Were Born to Manifest Greatness

Updated on January 25, 2019

Ten Reasons Why You Must Manifest

In life, there are three kinds of people:(a) Those who make things happen, (b)Those who watch things happen and (c)Those who wonder what happened.

I want to add a fourth and fifth group: (d)Those who need others to push them before they make something happen and (e) Those who push others in the other groups to do their jobs.

It is not partiality on God's part; it's just that the task assigned to the destiny of some needs a lot of fire-power by way of gifts, talents and all-what-not. But EVERYONE on earth has something to accomplish - It you aren't making things happen, maybe you are meant to WATCH things happen (at least to know things are happening the way they should) or maybe to WONDER what happened and equate it to what SHOULD happen and what SHOULD NOT happen or better still, you are meant to give the other 4 groups a push to MAKE THEM do their bit.

I know all of us would want to belong to the first group of people but the best thing to do is find out which group you belong to and get cracking at doing a good job. I do not mean to see any of the groups in a negative light because I have learnt over time that NOBODY is useless if he/she tries to do something worthwhile.

But you see, because you were crafted in the presence of God's Divine Omni-Presence, you should know that NOTHING can stop you from Manifesting His Presence in the generation you find yourself, not even the devil can stop you! Only you can stop yourself. Shocking? I hope not. I have convinced myself that I am inexcusable. If this generation does not get to know that someone like me left my footprints on the sands of eternity then I have failed in my duty.

I want to list 10 reasons why you MUST begin to MANIFEST and explain them a bit. Here goes:

1. YOU WERE CREATED TO MANIFEST (GENESIS 1:26-31): When God considered the idea of making you and proposed it to Himself, it came with a list of things for you to do and accomplish. I marvel when I see people crying over things they had as sub-ordinates in their job description!

2. THERE MAY NOT BE ANOTHER PERSON GOD CAN USE AT THAT TIME (GENESIS 6:1-22): What if you find yourself alone in a place and God has a job He knows you can do - will you walk away from Him or will you justify His trust and do the job?

3. THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO HAVE DECIDED TO MESS UP YOUR LIFE AND PLACE YOU AS A NONENTITY (NUMBERS 25:1-15): Some people don't want to see you succeed but they are powerless to stop you so they work on your mind, your emotions, your psyche and sometimes they succeed, not because they are good at it but simply because we let them. I used to be told as a child sometimes that I was useless by people around me but today, I have overtaken them all.

4. YOU MAY BE THE LAST OR ONLY HOPE FOR THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU! (JUDGES 6:1-16): Sometimes, all you need to push you into doing something is to look into the faces of those around you who see the potentials you have and are hoping for something they know you are capable of.

5. YOU HAVE SOMETHING IN YOU CRYING TO BE LET OUT INSPITE OF WHAT PEOPLE THINK (JOSHUA 2:1-21; 6:16,17): Self-defeat is the worst kind of defeat. Listen to your dreams crying to be let out and do not let former mistakes stop you from taking the present opportunities to set the right and turn your future around. Respect is earned not given freely. You want to be respected? EARN IT!!!!!!

6. YOU CAN CHANGE THE STATUS QUO AND IT IS NOT BY KEEPING QUIET (1 SAMUEL 17:1-58): The problem with the Country is not that corrupt leadership ruined it. It is just that good people kept quiet when they should have done something.


8. THE ALTERNATIVE IS TOO HORRIBLE TO COMPREHEND (2 KINGS 7:-11): Let me use this illustration. Let's say you are aware that a particular Pharmacy sells fake/expired drugs and you do not do anything about it; somewhere down the line, the operator of the drug shop expands his business and opens a shop close to your family somewhere and in a bid to treat a minor ailment, your beloved family member goes to that medicine shop and purchases drugs and there is a fatality. Who will you blame? God?

9. GOD HAD THIS JOB WAITING FOR YOU FROM THE WOMB EVEN BEFORE YOU WERE FORMED (JEREMIAH 1:1-10): We all carry greatness on our inside (Read also Psalm 8) but greatness will only be said to be so when it is let out for people to say WOW!

10. YOU ARE THE ONE EVERYONE SEEMS TO BE WAITING FOR (ROMANS 8:1-END): Jesus only had THREE years to Manifest and forever He is a legend! Abraham did not begin Manifesting till he was 75 years old but we know him today as the father of faith! Do not let time or age limit you - just look at the person in the mirror and say with me: _______________________ (your name), your time has come to MANIFEST! Creation has waited long enough!!

Culled from my book: TEN REASONS WHY YOU MUST MANIFEST (Unpublished) by The Rev. Kelechi Timothy Francis


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