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MAGIC HERBS (how to make herbal talismans)

Updated on April 24, 2012

Spiritual elements operate through physical substances. Plants absorb and emit certain type of energy, like all beings do. It is not something supernatural, it is just a part of the nature in which everything is connected by the subtle energies.

Herbal talismans are the small bags filled with herbs and other symbolic objects. They are made of simple rectangular or circular pieces of fabric which has appropriate color, tied with the appropriate string and then filled with energy. To attract what you want, you can carry them with you or keep them at home. Make them in silk or velvet, or of simple cotton, and embroider the symbols on them. Here are some possibilities:

For protection

Take a round piece of blue cloth, fill it with nine plants for protection (such as basil, garlic, acacia, burdock, birch, oak, blueberry, mistletoe, laurel, mandragora, nettle, rosemary). Add something made of silver (maybe an earring). Tie with the white or silver thread.

For attracting love

Use a round piece of pink or red cloth (for passionate love and sex). Fill it with acacia flowers, myrtle, rose petals or buds, jasmine flowers and lavender. Add the symbol of the red heart and copper ring. Tie with blue thread or cord with seven knots.

For attracting money

Take a square of green fabric, fill it with borage, lavender and saffron (or four other suitable plant), put a few crystal of rock salt and three silver coins. Tie gold and silver thread with eight knots.

For finding job

Take a square of green fabric. Fill it with bay leaf and lavender. Add four plants that fit appropriate planet:

· Mercury - a job that involves communication (lavander, mint, clover, cumin, dill...)

· Moon - a job that involves healing, women's work and health, or psychology (anise, aloe, lemon, willow...)

· Jupiter - a job that includes leadership and responsibility, or the law (moss, sage, dandelion, henbane,jasmin...)

· Mars - a job that requires aggressive action (tulip, wormwood, basil, nettle, hawthorn...)

· Sun - a job which is connected with the agriculture or nature; or for a light, pleasant work (cinnamon, saffron, orange, sunflowers, chamomile...)

· Saturn - the architecture, history or business in which you will restrict people's freedom of action, for example, police work (ivy, fern, hellebore, hemlock...)

· Venus - a jobs which are connected with all kinds of art and jobs related to beauty ( thyme, rose, lily, apple,violet...)

Add a silver coin for wealth, and images of important tools that you can use in your business. Tie with purple thread.

I hope you`ll enjoy!Blessed be.


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