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Choosing a Magical Name

Updated on April 8, 2015

Choosing a Magical Name

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The process of finding a magical name is something that we all struggle to find during or before our first year and a day. Although there are many ways to finding a magical name such as meditation, or choosing your own from either animal, or Celtic names the end result of achieving this goal may not be fruitful to some of us at first. I Am hopeful that these few tips included on this page will help you to realize your goal. Finding a magical name can sometimes be a process, but when you have found it and it feels right you will know.

Choosing A Magical Name Page Summary:

  • What is a Magical Name?
  • What is the Purpose of a Magical Name?
  • Power of a Magical name?
  • How to Choose a Magical Name?
  • Choosing a Magical Name Based on an Animal.
  • Choosing a Celtic Magical Name.
  • Choosing a Magical Name through Meditation.
  • Final Thoughs

What is a Magical Name?

What is a magical name? Well a magical name is your own personal name either chosen by you, or given to you from one of your deities. This name can be made up of any combination of things such as animals, colors, or crystals or anything else that comes to the imagination. A magical name is a unique identity that which qualifies you in the Wiccan community. Magical names are usually established on or before your self-dedication ceremony. Although there are many ways to come about in finding your name it should not be a decision that is taken lightly. Once a magical name is establish it should serve you for some time.

What is the Purpose of a Magical Name?

The purpose of a magical name is for the use of rituals, ceremonies, and various magical works. Magical name are sometimes used for a symbols in areas we find ourselves lacking in. If you feel you are lacking in certain areas such as being timid, shy or self-conscious, you may want to try using identifier that makes you feel more empowered. You may also associate an animal that have those Traits that you feel you lack. See down below for some examples on animal names. Magical names not only serve us a purpose in our magical works but it also can be used to empower us as well.

Power of Magical Name


Power of a Magical Name?

Magical names, just like all names are known to possesses a certain power. Your magical names hold a certain power for you, it is the bond between you and your deities. Magical name gives some of us a form of anonymity from the real world and the Wiccan one. With a magical name we can blog, we can post, we can vlog freely knowing that our identities are safe from other who may mock or ridicule us.Without magical names there would be far less Wiccan coming out of the broom closet. This would of course, undoubtedly cause a great disservice to the wiccan community.

How to Choose a Magical Name?

There are many ways to choose a magical name in the sections below I will go through different forms of ways to come up with a magical name along with a few examples for each. Feel free to choose one or a combination of these methods to find the name that you feel best suits you. In the end only you will know what strikes a chord with you, and what doesn't. Once you have chosen a magical name it should feel right for you right away. Choosing a magical name is not like trying out the flavor of the month, once you know you have it stick with it.

Special note:The are few exceptions in the case of changing your magical name. Your magical name may evolve as your spirituality grows. When the time feels right for you to change your magical name you will know.

Finding your Magical Name

What is your Magical Name based of?

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Choosing a magical Name Based on Animals.

Magical names can be chosen from either an animal you like, one you feel a personal connection with or it could also be chosen from your animal spirit guide.Magical name can be made of a combination of animal name along with color,crystals, adjectives, or anything that you have an affinity or connection to.

Animal Name for your Consideration

Animal name

Choosing a Celtic Magical Name.

If, like me your following the Celtic path of your Wiccan life, then it stands to reason that your magical name will potentially contain some Irish or other form of Celtic flavor to it. I have included down below a some names for both girls and boys you may want to use. At the very least this may inspire you to go out and find something similar to these names. If you are going to use a Celtic magical name make sure you truly know its pronunciation and meaning. Having a Celtic Magical name may not be for everyone but I felt compelled to include it. Feel free to choose whatever language you prefer instead.

Celtic Girl Names for your Consideration

Girls Names
A vision or dream
Raven. Gaelic dark-haired beauty
A Welsh name meaning flower
An Irish name meaning nimble

Celtic Boys Names for your Consideration

Boys Name
Bear or rock.
Benign or blessed
Little wolf
A Welsh name which means great crow

Special note: it is considered bad form in the Wiccan community to have a magical name that is the same as one of the deities.

Ex. Bridgit is note acceptable but if you try changing it up a bit such as Bridgitana or something similar.

Meditate to find a Magical Name


Choosing a Magical Name through Meditation.

Meditation can be a helpful tool in finding your magical name. Through visualize or guided meditation, you may be able to come up with a magical name that will suit you. Asking for help in finding your magical name while traveling through the vale may sometimes be your only option.

Note that this may take some time, and it may not come to you right away. It is also possible that your magical name will come to you that night in a dreams if you have asked during your meditation. If you can come up with your name through other means sometime meditation and a little perseverance is the key.

Final Thoughs

It is not always easy for beginners to find their names before the end of their first year and a day. Some times all it needs is a little brain storming and a few suggestions to get the ball rolling in the right direction. There are a few steps you can take or you may also come up with your own ideas on how to find a magical name. There are no wrong ways to achieve this. In the end only you will know if it is right for you.

Blessed Be! Please Feel Free to Leave a Comment!

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    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 2 years ago

      Good advice; I've written on this topic myself, and it seems to be a bit of a confusion surrounding the concept. Thanks for sharing.