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Major Events in the Bible

Updated on June 14, 2014

What Are the Major Events in the Bible?

The Bible is made up of major events, if you have been following my lenses then you know that this is the next step of our bible studies, which introduces you to the most important events that have happened in the Bible. In this section, you will learn names of these events in chronological order.

Why is this important?

The reason is because Christianity is a religion of historical happenings, knowing the major events will help you to match the Bible events with historical things that have actually happened in the past. You will see that the Bible is true to Historical Events and you will enjoy reading it that much more.

Another reason you need to know the major events of the Bible is because it will help you with your bible study, It gives you smaller chunks of the bible, this way you can study a little at a time, instead of trying to study everything at once. In fact, once you have learned all the different events, you will have a basic understanding of what you can expect in the Bible and you will have a great history lesson.

Good Luck in your studies

The Fall of Man

The first things that happen is the creation and the fall of man, these events happen some time around 3958 BC. This is true, if you are count the dates literally that are given in the bible, from a historical standpoint and when looking at the different occurrences that happen. In this period God creates the heavens, the Earth, and all the living with man being the last and most important of the creations. He then gives man dominion over all the beasts that roam the Earth.

This section or time includes the stories of Adam and Eve and the fall, as well as man being condemned to death.

1. God Creates

2. Man is Created

3. Man is Given the Garden of Eden

4. Man is Given the First Command -Not to eat from the tree

5. Man is give Woman- his equal companion

6. The Serpent tempts the woman

7. Man and Woman eat of the tree

8. Man and Woman tell God they are naked

9. Man, Woman and Serpent is Cursed

10. Jesus is Prophesizied

11. Humans kicked out of Paradise

12. Cain Murders Abel

13. Cains family is listed

14. Seth is Born

15. Genealogy is listed up until the birth of Noah

16. Sons of God take wives ( the belief is these are Angels)

17. Giants are Born

18. Noah is Born

A Look at God's Creation

Noah and the Flood

If you take the time to count the number of years from the Fall of Man to the Flood, you will find that there is approximately 1656 years, which puts the flood at approximately 2302 BC. This book starts with the knowledge that of all the sinful people on the Earth, there was one man who is good with God, who God is pleased with. This man named Noah, God is happy with and he decides when he does destroy the Earth, this man was going to live. This is the next important topic in the bible.

1. God is pleased with Noah

2. God instructs Noah how to construct the Ark

3. Animals of all kinds are loaded to the Ark

4. Noah and family stay on the Ark

5. The Ark lands on the Mountains of Ararat

6. Ham sins against his Father

7. Nations that are born from Noah's decendants

8. Language separates nations at the Tower of Babel

9. Descendants of Shem and Terah

10. Birth of Abraham

Noah's Ark Found!


Abrahamic Covenant

The next important happening in the Bible is God's Covenant with Abraham which happened approximately in 1875BC. This event covers everything that happens during Abraham's life and lead right up to the Birth of Moses. The Promises of God to his people are very important to the happenings throughout the rest of the Old and the New Testament, so pay close attention to this particular area.

1. Terah becomes a father to a son named Abram

2. Abram marries Sarai

3.Abram is told to leave his home and father's house

4. God promises to make Abraham a great nation

5. Abraham leaves and takes his nephew Lot with him

6. God shows Abraham the land he plans for him

7. Abraham goes to Egypt during the Famine

8. Abraham passes Sarai off as his sister

9. Abraham and Lot separate

10. Abraham gets Canaan and Lot gets Sodom and Gomorrah

11. Lot is Captured and Abraham rescues him

12. Abraham gives tithes to Melchizedek

13. God makes a covenant with Abram that his children would be blessed and inherit the land

14. Sarai gives Abram Hagar to wife and she gives him a son named Ishmael

15. Every male is circumsized

16. Abram becomes Abraham, and Sarai becomes Sarah and says kings will come from her

17. Angel predicts Sarah will have a son by next year and Sarah laughs because she is old.

18. God shares his plan to destroy Sodom and Abraham intercedes

19. Lot is saved and Sodom is destroyed

20. Lot's Wife looks back and becomes salt

21. Lot's Daughters trick him into getting them pregnant

22. Abraham lies to Abimelech about Sarah being his sister, but God keeps him from taking her as wife

23. Isaac is born

24. Hagar and Ishmael are kicked out by Sarah

25. God makes provisions for Hagar and Ishmael

26. Abraham is told to sacrifice his son

27. Isaac, Abraham's son is spared because of his faith.

28. Sarah dies

29. Abraham find Isaac a wife from his family

30. Rebekah and Isaac are married

31. Abraham takes another wife Keturah

32. Abraham dies and is buried

33. Jacob and Esau are born

34. Esau sell his birthright and blessing to his brother

35. Esau receives a blessing, that eventually he would be freed from slavery

36. Rebekah sends Jacob away

37. Jacob dreams of the ladder leading to Heaven

38. Jacob Meets Rachel and is told he must work 7 years for her hand

39. Jacob is tricked and made to marry Leah and must work an additional 7 years for Rachel

40. Jacob has children, Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Dan, Gad, Asher, Naphtali, Issachar, Zebulun, Joseph and a daughter Dinah

41. Laban and Jacob make a deal

42. Jacob runs away from Laban's house

43. Laban accuses Jacob of stealing his gods

44. Laban makes a deal with Jacob

45. Esau and Jacob make up

46. Jacob goes to Canaan

47. Dinah is violated, boy wants to marry girl after violating her, brothers say only if all men are circumcised. After all men are circumcised and weak the men go in and killed all of the males, and plundered their possessions

48. Jacob goes back to Bethel

49. Jacob becomes Israel (thus the Hebrew people become the children of Israel)

50. Rachel Dies in childbirth with her son Benjamin

51. Isaac dies

52. Esau's genealogy is given

53. Joseph has a dream

54. Brothers sell Joseph

55. The story of Judah and Tamar

56. Joseph is a slave

57. Joseph reads the dream of a prisoner

58. Joseph reads the dreams of the Pharaoh

59. Joseph becomes very powerful

60. Joseph's brothers go to Egypt for Help

61. Josephs brothers return home to bring back their brother

62. Joseph sees Benjamin his younger brother and let's his brothers leave again

63. Joseph plants his cup on his brothers

64. Joseph reveals himself to his brothers

65. Jacob comes to Egypt

66. Jacob lives in Goshen

67. Joseph helps everyone during the famine

68. The son's of Joseph are blessed

69. Jacobs prophesies for each of his sons

70. Jacob dies

71. Joseph dies

Jacob - Hebrew

Favorite Major Event in the Old Testament

Which Biblical Event is Your Favorite In the Old Testament

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The Exodus and the initial Laws

This next event speaks of a people (the Hebrews) being liberated from Egypt, it speaks of how God makes provisions for his people, and the crossing of the desert. The events in this section are a great teaching for students who want to learn about Moses and the law he brought to the people.

1. The people of Israel are in Egypt

2. Bad king subjects people to harsh treatment to weaken their numbers

3. Pharaoh orders death of Hebrew boys

4. A child is born to a Levi couple

5. Daughter of Pharaoh adopts Hebrew boy and names him Moses

6. Moses murders Egyptian for abusing his countrymen and must flee

7. Moses marries daughter of Midian Priest and has a son named Gershom

8. Angel of the Lord comes to Moses in a Burning bush

9. God tells Moses what he wants him to go to the Pharaoh

10. Aaron to speak for Moses

11. Pharaoh laughs at Moses

12. Pharaoh makes the work harder for the Hebrews because Moses came to him.

13. People come to Moses and complains and he returns to God in prayer and God renews his promises to Moses.

14. Genealogies of Aaron and Moses are given.

15. God Gives Moses his plan and Moses goes back to the Pharaoh

16. Moses does some miracles with God's help

17. Pharaoh says No!

18. The blood plague

19. The frog plague

20. The lice plague

21. The fly plague

22. The Cattle Plague

23. The Boils Plague

24. The Hail Plague

25. The Locust Plague

26. The Darkness Plague

27. The Passover directions

28. The Death of the First born of Egypt

29. 600,000 Hebrew men and their families leave Egypt

30. The Hebrews are informed the Pharaoh will be coming and given instructions

31. Pharaoh on his way and God puts up a smoke screen

32. God parts the Red Sea and the people of Israel cross

33. Egyptians are drowned

34. Moses Sings, then Miriam and the women sing to glorify the work of the Lord.

35. God provides sweet water in Marah

36. In the Wilderness of Sin God provides the people with manna (food) and quail.

37. Water from a Rock

38. Israel goes to war against Amalek

39. Moses is told to write the things that he sees

40. Jethro comes to visit his son in law Moses, bringing Moses wife and children to him.

41. Judges are appointed over the people

42. Israel goes to Mount Sinai

43. The 10 commandments and many other laws

44. God sets 3 feasts

45. The Tabernacle and all of its parts

46. Laws concerning the clothing of the Priests

47. Aaron and his sons will be made consecrated priests

48. Sacrifices directions and orders

49. Choosing of the Craftsmen

50. The Tablets are written by God

51. The Golden Calf construction

52. Moses breaks the Tablets

53. The sinners are slain (about 3000 men)

54. Moses speaks to God face to face (for the people who would argue this point, it is Exodus 33:11)

56. The tablets are replaced

57. God gives his covenant

58. God warns the nation of Israel about the people of Canaan

59. Holy days observed and sacrifices made

60. Tabernacle actually built

Parting of the Red Sea Video

Leviticus and Numbers

In this area, you will again find God's people getting the laws and the different offerings that God gave to Moses in the Old Testament. Leviticus and Numbers, are filled with types of offerings, feasts and laws. In addition the book of Numbers tells you about the numbers of the men who were counted among those who could go off to war. In this area you learn about the guidance that God gives his people.

1. Burnt offering laws

2. Laws regarding the meat offerings and how they should be distributed

3. Peace offering laws

4. Sin offering laws

5. Laws pertaining to the whole congregation

6. The Trespass offering laws

7. More laws about the different offerings

8. Rules about the Priest's portion

9. Rules about clean animals and unclean animals

10. Rules pertaining to purification

11. How to recognize and treat the disease of leprosy

12. More information about personal cleanliness, particularly for women

13. Day of Atonement and the Feast of Expiations

14. Overview of forbidden acts

15. The punishments for those forbidden acts

16. Importance of Priests remaining holy as well as the offerings being holy

17. Different feasts that the people should observe

18. Sabbath years and jubilee years explanation

19. How to treat the poor and servants

20. A warning against worshiping Idols (no graven images)

21. Explanations of how you will be blessed if you are obedient and how you will be punished if you are disobedient

22. information about Tithing

23. Numbers of men who could go off to war

24. How the leaders were separated

25. The occupations of the Levites and the number of them during this particular time from the census.

26. Getting rid of the unclean in the camps of God's people

27. Laws regarding compensation

28. Passover observed

29. The tabernacle cloud and the trumpets of silver

30. Israel leaves the Wilderness of Sinai

31. The meeting of the 70 elders

32. Aaron and Miriam talk behind Moses back to the people, Miriam gets leprosy and is kicked out the the camp for seven days, but she is healed and allowed to re-enter the camp.

33. Spies go to check out Canaan

34. People rebel, Moses speaks to God, God punishes Israel

35. More laws about offerings

36. The rebellion of Korah

37. The Rod of Aaron

38. Miriam dies

39. God makes water come from a rock

40. Aaron dies

41. Israel is attacked by the Canaanites, God protects the Israelites and they are able to defeat the Canaanites.

42. The fiery serpent

43. Story of Balak and Balaam

44. information about the tribe of Levi

45. Inheritance laws

46. More information about offerings

47. The defeat of the Midians

48. The inheritance of Gad and Reuben

49. Journeys in the Wilderness

50. More laws concerning inheritance, murder, bloodshed, inheritance of women, and rules about marriage.

Final Book of Moses

Deuteronomy is the final book written by Moses, many believe that he did not complete this book and that some unnamed author carried out this writing as Moses died at some time during this time. The book of Deuteronomy continues the story of the Law that was given to Moses and brings us right up to the life of Joshua.

1. Moses reminds the people of all the promises made by God.

2. Judges appointed and given direction

3. Israel is punished by God and defeated in Hormah.

4. More years in the wilderness

5. Israel conquers two areas, Sihon and Og the King of Bashan

6. Israel is warned about falling into the trap of idolatry

7. 10 commandments repeated

8. Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.

9. Rules about disobedience.

10. Blessings for being obedient.

11. Canaan nations destroyed

12. The promised land is blessed

13. More information about the place of worship and more warnings about idolatry.

14.Rules about clean and unclean food, tithing, seven years of debt, and servant's treatment.

15. 3 feasts

16. The promise of a prophet

17. Laws about being a witness.

18. Laws about war, crime and other laws.

19. Laws about chastity, sanitation, intimacy, running of a household, and more on keeping servants.

20. Offerings, such as first fruits and tithes

21. Building of an alter and curses in Mount Ebal

22. More blessing of obedience and curses of disobedience.

23. Joshua chosen to take Moses Place

24. Law put in the ark of coventant.

25. Moses sings a song.

26. Moses sees promise land.

27. Moses gives a blessing

28. Moses dies

29. Joshua takes over.

Coming Soon Part Two of this lesson. Hope you will join us. Praise God!

Musical Interlude

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    • atyqinc profile image


      6 years ago

      This is a nice lens, I've always enjoyed the stories of the major biblica...

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      Sunflower Susan 

      7 years ago

      Wonderful outline. I've not run across you before, I don't think. Either that or my famous memory, or lack thereof, has struck again. I need to get some time and see what you've done in the series. :o)

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      8 years ago

      There is no doubting the veracity of the bible, however, it is my humble belief and conviction that there is more to it than meets the eye. Thank you for the nice lens and wishes for the Easter weekend.


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      very well put together..

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      8 years ago

      nice lens!

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      very clear, trustful lens. thank you again.

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      8 years ago

      I felt like I was in release time again, I always enjoyed the stories of these major Biblical events. Well done!

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      Stephen Carr 

      8 years ago from Corona, CA

      Enjoyed your lens. Nice job.


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