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making a staff

Updated on November 4, 2011

The staff is a sign of authority, of mastership over one's spiritual tradition and, hopefully, one's own life experiences. It is the animus mundi, or World Tree that connects our world to other realities. The staff is often used to direc energy, much as a wand is. But more often than not, it combines the energies of the Otherworld and here the Middle World, of the masculine and the feminine, of the God and the Goddess. If is a powerful experience, to craft a staff for yourself on your spiritual path - and the Summer Solstice is a GREAT time to do it!! Make the descision on what you want your staff to do most - connect you to Otherworlds or balance your Yin/Yang.


Paper & pencil tracing paper sandpaper (course & fine)

wood oil

small knife or Dremel Tool

Leather or corded fabric

stones, feathers, etc

Wood Burning Tool

Adhesive suitable for use on both porous (wood/fabric) and non porous (metals/stones)

Large Dowel, head high and approx 4 -6 inches wide

1) Sketch out the design of yuor staff - if you want the staff to connect the energies of he universe you may want to engrave the astrological symbols, or the wheel of the year, or male female, or runes,whatever speaks to you - but draw it out so its easier to not ruin your dowel.

2) Sand your Staff smooth first with coarse paper then fine.

3) Transfer any symbols or words onto the wood using tracing paper

4) Tracing the image in the wood with a knife, Dremel or wood burnign tool. - Cut, burn these images onto the surface.

5) Using a pencil measure around any stone cabochon or crystal you want to attatch to your staff. Using a knife or Dremel carve out a shallow hallow the size of your cabachon.

6) Oil the wood well at least 3 times, allowing it to dry between

7) Fill the hallows with adhesive and place stones, holding them in place until the glue dries enought to hold them (I usually use a bit of tape to keep them in place)

8) Place th leather or fabric where you want it - you might want to add a dab of adhesive to make sure it stays in place.

9) Add any remaining decorations.


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