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What to look for when manifesting.

Updated on July 18, 2016

Things to look for when manifesting.

1. Numbers - 11:11, 2:22, 4:44, 5:55, 9:11. For me this occurs on an almost daily basis. Research has shown that this phenomena is proof that you are coming into alignment spiritually.

2. TV or radio repeating or affirming what you just said.

3. Something pertaining to your desire showing up in your life.

4. Lucid dreaming of the subject of your desire/s.

5. Opportunities to work with or do the very things you see yourself doing on your own.

What you should continue to do:

1. Start really acting as if it were real. Do the kinds of things you believe you would be doing if this desire had already come to pass. This also means getting rid of the things that are currently in its place, taking up room and possibly blocking it's unfolding.

2. Keep the faith in the dream and the vision alive. If you allot special time to focusing your mind on what it is you want, continue doing so. Not by force but by simply allowing those thoughts to come more naturally.

3. Keep paying attention to the signs, giving thanks to the universe for bringing you closer to your dream coming true.

4. Tell no one! As told according to the teachers of metaphysics and subjects of the like.

5. Do your best to remain patient and in a pleasant state of mind, knowing that whatever comes along is for your highest good.


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