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Meditation Research and the Revealing Results, Plus Guided Meditation

Updated on September 3, 2011

Quiet the Mind

There is no easy answer to learning to meditate except to keep trying. Meditation is a method that is used to calm and stop the mind or the ego-self, the part of the mind that “talks to you” and tells you what you think, feel and how you will react. It is the part of the mind that can be unforgiving and cruel to it's owner, the part that remembers pessimistic things that others have said and hangs onto them, repeating them. We are not actually that part of the mind, we are under the heaps of self-talk and under all of that is the real you. The real you, not the “You are the fat sibling” or “She is the dumb one of the family” or “He is the good-looking one and the other child is not”. These statements serve no purpose in the whole picture of life except to make you feel bad about yourself.

Once you find out that all of your life you have been labelling yourself you can begin to heal your real, true self, forgetting the labels and bring peace and a sense of “Wow, I'm really not that person and I can be whoever I want to be, regardless of what others think or thought of me”. Then hopefully you will realize that you can quiet the ego mind, the self-inflicting, unforgiving self, and you can begin with meditation wholeheartedly.

Getting past self-talk can be tricky at first. Guided meditations are the best if you find it hard to quiet your mind. They tell you what you should do and what areas of the body to focus your attention on. By gradually focusing your attention on different areas of your body, it takes your ego-mind off of the constant thinking, worrying mind. Visualization is also another technique along with the guided meditation that can help you if you feel a little uneasy about closing your eyes at first.

The Goal

The goal of meditation is to clear your mind of the clutter, worry and self talk that goes on and on. The lists are endless and if they weren't, we would create lists, worries and chaos, to keep the mind busy. So once you have learned to stop the self talk and pay attention to what your body is telling you, you may realize new things about yourself that you have never stopped to pay attention to. Bit by bit, you will feel your body, really feel it. By paying attention to various areas on the body, its as if they come alive. They begin to tingle and have an energy all of their own, as if they too, have something to say. Pay attention to these feelings and makes adjustments in your life that will ease your body's burdens. The list of benefits of meditation is surprising and may be a wake up call to some. By doing a few minutes a day we can heal our own bodies by simply paying attention to it.

The Proof

As far back as 1968, Dr. Herbert Benson, at the Harvard University, conducted a number of experiments to prove the effectiveness of meditation on the body. According to his study, meditation can raise the skin's effectiveness at fighting off infection. It also has the ability to slow down the breathing rate and heart rate.

Further studies have shown that meditating on a daily basis will help you to respond more effectively and calmly than their counterparts. It can also raise your awareness and increase your perception rate.

Another study done with high school students has shown that students who practice meditation do better on tests and have a higher intelligence than their counterparts.

More research has shown that daily meditation can improve a person reaction to stressful events leading to a normal blood pressure in those that suffered from hypertension and anxiety.

Studies have also concluded that meditation can help relieving the symptoms of bronchial asthma. Smokers who have been meditating have been noted to smoke less and not have the urge to light up as often. As well, it has been proven to aid with habits that are more destructive to the body, such as keeping other habits in check, like tranquilizers, alcohol and other habit inducing drugs that are known for their self medicating uses.

Insomniacs can also benefit from daily meditation too. It has been proven to help those that meditate to slip into a deeper sleep and require less of it.

More studies have concluded that meditating daily can also aid with maintaining a healthy weight. After the case studies meditated for a prolonged time, the overweight subjects lost weight, while those that needed to gain weight found that they gained the extra weight that their body needed.

Guided Meditation Script

Sit with your feet flat on the floor in a comfortable position, you may close your eyes if you wish, once you have mastered this script.

Imagine that you are walking on a beach at sunset....
The sun is shining on you and the warm breeze is caressing your face, arms and blowing your hair...
Imagine the sand beneath your feet...
You see and hear the water rolling against the sanding beach...
You decide to sit on the waters edge, with the water rolling up to your feet...
You soon realize that the sun is shining right on the top of your head, warming your crown...
It begins to melt like honey, slowly melting all of your worries away...
It flows down your face and ears, it relaxes your forehead, your eyes, your cheeks, your jaw, your chin...
It begins to slowly melt down your neck, feel it melt down your neck and shoulders, relaxing and taking away all of your cares...
Let it melt down your arms and go down to your hands and fingers and imagine and light flowing right out of your finger tips, relaxing...
Imagine it go down your back, shoulders and your chest and stomach, relaxing and caressing, melting all worries away, they are floating right off of you...
Imagine the shining light honey flowing down your thighs, your legs, your calf’s, down your feet and out your toes...
Your body is calm, relaxed and full of warmth and light...
Hear the rolling water...
Feel the wind blowing at you...
This is your safe place to sit, relax and enjoy, come here as often as you like, for as long as you like...
When you are ready, you can slowly get up, stretch, get a glass of water and relax quietly for a while. Listen to some calm music, take a warm bath, lay in a warm bed and just enjoy the feeling of peace...

Guided Meditation Video

Relax the Mind and Body for Happiness

Believed to be one of the ancient forms of spiritual, psychological and wellness practices, meditation has already proved to be an extremely efficient means of mental and emotional relaxation. The multiple blessings of meditation have urged millions of people around the world to try and practice meditation. Meditation is simply learning to relax the body and mind consciously for a specific span of time, taking control of your conscious or thinking, ego part of the mind and commanding it to be still. All that is required is to concentrate inwardly, so that your mind and attention is focused on body and breathing and there is no room for contemplation about the issues that are causing tension. A mere ten minutes a day can make a huge difference in your life’s happiness.


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    • Steph0596 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Ontario

      Hi Neil, Thanks for the comment. Sounds too easy, but really works if you take the time for

    • Neil Sperling profile image

      Neil Sperling 

      7 years ago from Port Dover Ontario Canada

      Quiet the chatter in the mind = Connecting with God within.

      I'm looking forward to living "that quiet" daily - all day!


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