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Mercury Aspecting Mars

Updated on October 13, 2014

Mercury is the fastest moving planet in the zodiac. We are familiar with the God from Greek Mythology. He has feet with wings on them. He moves from location to location rapidly. This is symbolic of how quickly the mind can shift. Mercury represents daily mental functions in astrology. It moves through our charts very close to the sun. These 2 planets are never more than 28 degrees apart.

Mercury represents daily communications. There is a lot of information on the dreaded astrological phase known as Mercury retrograde. This is when Mercury appears to be traveling backwards in the zodiac. This is merely an optical illusion the orbit remains the same all the time.

Mercury aspects Mars several times throughout the year. There are 5 main aspects which I am going to discuss. Mars represents our physical energy, sexuality, and aggression. Mercury integrating with Mars shows us how our mental functions relate to these areas of our life. The different aspects blend these energies in different ways.

Mercury Conjunct Mars

Mercury conjunct Mars can be a neutral position in your transiting chart. This has several connotations. It can mean that you have something you feel defensive about. There might be a position which you do not want to let go of. This is something you will hang onto. It may be rooted in egotistical motivations.

Mercury Trine Mars

This aspect means that your self confidence will be well integrated into your ability to think. This is a great time to do a speech. Any activity which depends upon adequate communication is best done at this time. This is a perfect aspect to talk to your employer about getting a raise. This is a time when you can impress people with your ideas. You are willing to fight for what you believe in. This will be very well received at this time.

Mercury Sextile Mars

This aspect is a positive integration of 2 energies which is less easy compared to a trine. You will find that your opinions are well received. This is a good time to express ideas which you want support for. People will be more receptive to your ideas at this time. This is not an argumentative phase. It is a time for individual growth. It is best to work on your own as you will have lots of energy. You will not argue because of bad feeling. You will argue for things you believe in.

Mercury Opposite Mars

This influence can signify danger. You should be very careful at this time when traveling. There could be accidents involving burns. Injuries to the arms and legs are common under this influence. There is an aggressive energy inside of you which you may be unaware of. This can result in an eruptive situation. You may unconsciously be sending hostile signals to those around you. This is a good time to lay low and reflect on things that make you feel angry.

Mercury Square Mars

This influence signals repressed hostility. You may find yourself in a debate. This is not as dramatic as an opposition. There is still a risk of injury. This can be caused by reckless behavior. Your inner emotional state will make you a bit irritable. This can result in impatience. This is the root of any accident that can be caused. It is best to use this influence to find a healthy way of releasing these negative feelings. Talking to a trusted friend or engaging in creative self expression are 2 healthy ways to release this energy.

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