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New Age Terminology: The Authentic Definition of Predestined, Karma, and more

Updated on April 19, 2010

On your quest for spiritual truth, the last thing you need is misinformation. Unfortunately, today’s New Age market is full of dead ends.

We list below the definitions of key spiritual terms, according to our empirical research since the 1980s, to help you cut through the cosmic debris and follow the most authentic spiritual path possible.

Fate: Here’s a word that is often distorted beyond recognition. It actually means the same as destiny. You’ve likely heard the phrase, “You can’t cheat fate.” We can’t emphasize enough how true we’ve found this to be, always. It would probably be easier to stop time.

You’ve also probably heard the phrase “nothing is set in stone.” Many psychics say this, perhaps to let their clients down easy when they foresee unpleasant events, or when they need an easy out if things don’t go as they say they would. But we’ve found that much in life is set in stone--that’s why we always recommend that you become more aware of your true self and highest path so you can capitalize on the rewarding parts of life.

Predestined: Life circumstances and situations chosen by your soul (higher-self) before you live this life so that you learn specific spiritual lessons. Our findings tell us that at least 75% of the major events and conditions (challenges and rewards) of everyone’s life are fated.

Karma: Many people use this word accusingly, and often incorrectly. What they often don’t realize is that if something “bad” happens to someone they consider a negative person, it has more to do with that person’s past life actions. For example, just because a woman has a habit of “loving and leaving” men, it doesn’t mean that she created karma in this life that caused a man she liked to do the same to her in this life. More likely, it was destined for the man to leave her for one or more of multiple past life karmic reasons.

Your “good” and “bad” karma is collected and worked through over many lifetimes. The theory of karma indicates that all actions, words, thoughts, and intent will return to you, and usually not in the same life. People only get away with things until the karma catches up to them--the direct consequences are always inescapable.

Karmic Reason: The spiritual reason, the cause, which stems from circumstances in previous incarnations.

Root Cause: The origin of the problem, often connected to the karmic reason.

Cycles and Timing: Recurring patterns that symbolize life occurrences. We’ve found that life is cyclical, that it can be outlined by comprehensive numerology and astrology, and natal patterns and cyclical timing methods represent life happenings; they don’t “affect” you or “make” things happen. Good timing really is important, and can be identified in conjunction with specific goals.

Lost souls: We believe that your soul is eternal and the physical body is a temporary home for it. However, upon the death of the physical body, some souls stick around on the earth-plane instead of going to the “Light.” Common reasons include addictions and a violent or sudden death. Some may not fully grasp that their physical body has perished since they still feel alive.

They can interfere with or drain your energy and sometimes it’s not easy to distinguish their thoughts, cravings, and emotions from your own. Instead of just noting their existence with electronic equipment like select ghost hunting shows do, we recommend helping them (and yourself) and guiding these lost souls to the “Light” by asking for assistance from other-dimensional spiritual helpers (A helpful script about how to do so is in our Direct Your Destiny e-package, or try our Spiritual Detox audio MP3.)

The best approach to gain the most spiritual awareness possible is to keep an open mind, yet maintain a decent sense of discernment. Explore for yourself, cross check, and scrutinize various theories before accepting them as part of your belief system. In time, you’ll know if a concept rings true or not.

Copyright © 2010 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo


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    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 

      8 years ago from London, UK

      A lot of truth and good thoughts in you hub. Thank you.

    • AlexK2009 profile image


      8 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland

      I enjoyed this, though I have doubts about Karma and reincarnation. Equally I think *hope) Ragnarok has come and gone and did not QUITE turn out as predicted.

    • msorensson profile image


      8 years ago

      Great hub, Scott. I enjoyed it. Thank you.

      Will post it on my (other) FB profile where lots more people would see it.


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