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The Power To Prosper

Updated on May 21, 2015

The biblical midas touch

Many Christians today know that Jesus can change a life and turn it around, but they do not know that there is power to prosper.Deut. 8:18 declares to remember the Lord thy God for it is he that gives you the POWER TO GET WEALTH that he may establish his covenant in the earth .There are businessmen who can take any project and make it successful and this is known as someone having the "Midas Touch"...God promises in his word that if we would follow certain principles in his word ...we as Christians can also experience his midas touch where everything we do will prosper!

And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither...AND WHATSOEVER HE DOETH SHALL PROSPER!! (Psalm 1:3)

Don't allow anyone to councel you who are worse off than you

Everyone has an opinion but that does not mean everyones opinion has been proven. People with a proven track record have the experience, the knowledge, to know what works and what doesn't work. Patients should not councel doctors...clients should not councel lawyers...children should not councel should not councel married couples, because one has the proven track record to be qualified to councel while the other does not. The word blessed not only means happy, but it also means empowered to prosper. There are 5 characteristics that accompany divine council but before we get into those , we want to address relationships...the bible says blessed is the man that walketh not in the council of the ungodly or stands in the way of sinners or sits in the seat of the scornful. when two people are unequally yoked together, they don't have anything in darkness and light, there is nothing in common. When one comes on the scene, the other leaves, like night and and cold...sowing and reaping, they cannot merge together and that's the way it should be with friends and even family who cannot see or comprehend your dream or vision. The first characteristic from councel is productivity; Productivity cannot be achieved isolated from everyone, but it will require support from others who want to arrive at the same destination as you, even though they may take a different approach. Just as there are many routes to arrive at a destination...people may help one to look at something in another way, because no one knows everything. Productivity is also the coming together as one to birth new ideas that will continue to grow, but if you all agree on everything without looking at another option, another idea, etc someone is not needed. Differences are a blessing not a problem, that's why we are all different. We all have different finger prints, voice prints, cultures, nationalities, and these differences are all a blessing to help see differences in approach, ideas etc. when you walk in the councel of the appropriate people there will come a time when you will begin to see fruit, or what ever you have been desiring and dreaming about. The ungodly, sinners, and the scornful will corrupt your good morals which is detrimental to remaining where your desires and dreams take you. The bible says that evil communications corrupt good manners, so an appropriate councellor will incorporate the importance of character. King Saul lost his kingdom because he lost his character, Judas lost his role as disciple, Samson lost his strength, and even today we see gifted people who lose everything because of loss of character. The second characteristic from councel is through the principle of multiplication where one incorporates what works and then repeats it over and over again. Many times people want to try new things, which is okay as long as the new things are built into what is already working. reinventing the wheel is a waste of time and effort when a proven," tailor made to fit you, and who you are" procedure is already in place.

Third characteristic from councel is to find ways to receive back what you are giving out. Everyone has an empty tank, and when you do not know when you need to refill you will no longer be able to function. Set aside seasons of time to rest and relax, even Jesus got away from the hustle and bustle of people to pray and to refresh and refuel.

Fourth characteristic from councel is to find ways to conquer the problems at hand. Every problem has a root problem that must be dealt with, and once the root cause is will erase all of the obvious problems. This can include sitting down and assessing where you really are. This is important , so honesty must be a major factor if one is going to get to where they are going.

Fifth characteristic from councel is to find ways to maintain what has already been conquered. It does no good to spend twenty years trying to get a home and then lose it within the next 2 years because it was not properly maintained. Listen...there is more to keeping things than simply just getting things. It is amazing how people will put their best foot forward and work hard while dating, but relax after the wedding and become divorced shortly after. This is because in order to maintain what has been can never feel as though you have finally arrived. This mindset incorporates laziness and a false sense of security that convinces one that they are where they really are not.Continue incorporating characteristic #2 where you continue to do what is working , and building on that.

Delight yourself in God's Word

The word delight in the original Hebrew means a valuable thing, something in mind, thing desired, pleasant or pleasurable, purpose and willingly.

When something is valuable to a person they will guard and protect it, keep it in a safe place and even talk about it. The safest such place for the word of God (if valuable to you) is in the heart.Over and over again in the bible we are instructed to meditate the word(Psalm 1:2, Joshua 1:8)...Write it upon the table of our heart (Proverbs 3:3) (David said thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee...(Psalm 119:11). Guarding and protecting the word of God in the heart means guarding against what you hear , see , etc and who you let speak into your life, this is why the beginning of Psalm one deals with choosing relationships carefully. Last but not least, people talk about what they value and that is a true sign that the heart is involved because it is out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. (Matt. 15:18). Also what a person spends most of the time thinking about comes from the heart and is valuable, because the bible says , as a man thinketh in his heart,,,so he is, this is why meditating the word is so important. Delighting oneself in God's word is very important , because it eliminates double mindedness and creates focus which is needed for any endeavor. it also brings stability and balance which supports an endeavor from breaking down or going to the extreme one way or another.Most brings character to the table, which is necessary for longevity.

Meditate God's Word

Meditating Gods's word helps one to observe to do all that is written therein, for then THOU shall make your way prosperous, and then THOU SHALL HAVE GOOD SUCCESS (Joshua 1:8). Many scripture including Deuteronomy 28 detail the blessing of God upon those who obey him and his word...Obedience is also the key to happiness (Psalm 119:1) which is important for the biblical midas touch (whatever you do prospers) because what good is success without happiness? also meditating the word of God builds a good self image which is needed for one to carry out personal responsibilities; Notice... "thou" shall (you and I) make "your' way prosperous...not God shall, and even though he is the most important person in any endeavor...he will not do everything. People with the midas touch are not people who sit around and wait for things to happen...they make things happen!

Be Like A Tree

The bible says that by their fruit you shall know them, in other words a tree is known by the fruit that it bears. If you had to identify what type of tree a certain tree was out of its season of fruit is possible that you would not know, because most of the trees would look similar. But in the trees season to bear "would know" if it was an apple tree...a pear tree...etc only because of the fruit that it has borne.An apple tree is no less an apple tree simply because of nothing being on it , IT IS STILL AN APPLE TREE. People measure who they really are by who people say they are, so if you were an apple makes no difference if everyone says you are a pear tree, you will not be able to produce pears because that's not who you are. People become frustrated because they work 24-7 trying to be who they cannot possibly be. So they ignore the apples and all that apples can produce. Fruitfulness is not just being productive...but it is taking what has been produced" apples" and using that to create something else, and something else, and something else, so you are multiplying what has been fruitful. Apples turn to apple pies, apple strudel...etc. I used this principle with my art...I took one of my paintings and made prints, cards, magnets, t-shirts...etc, all from the same painting. Take something that you can do well and branch out with that one Gift, talent or ability in as many ways as you can think of and you will experience growth, which is what BRANCHING OUT is. Being like a tree means "longevity" because nothing happens overnight, so you must be willing to wait and continue to work until change comes.

Be productive

Being productive is not doing something that is not working over and over again expecting different results, the activity itself can be misleading, because... like walking on a treadmill, there is a lot of activity without the possibility of going anywhere. Productivity is not just work...but it is working smarter with goals and objectives so you know where you are going, and know when you have gotten there. Productivity is using time to ones advantage and not just wasting time that can never be gotten back! Productivity is not remaining isolated because you will never arrive at your goal alone...but you must welcome the appropriate support. Last but not least , productivity is not enjoying success without giving back.

Stay Connected To Your Source

Everything that's created with a special purpose in mind has a source that powers and fuels it. Cars have have batteries...washing machines have motors,all with the intent of powering. Our source is our heavenly father who must give us the desire that keeps us motivated to pursue our dreams. Jesus said in John 15 Father is the husbandman, I am the vine and ye are the branch. People who do not know their place and where they belong, will hinder their progress. If the battery is in the trunk, the wheels are inside the car...the car will not go anywhere, likewise being out of place will only cause confusion and wasted time. Knowing who you are keeps you connected to the right source because if you don't know, you may have a tendency to connect to anything or anybody who cannot help you.


If you feel like it (smile)...please leave feedback and rate my lens...Thank You!

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    • Raymonddoward profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      Thank you for your comments!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I learned a lot on your lens. I learned a lot also from Dave Ramsey he is a (christian) finance adviser. My personal fave was Mike Murdock and Creflo Dollar.


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