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Dr Pepper and the Body of Christ.

Updated on February 25, 2013

Who comes up with this stuff?

I love Dr Pepper. After going a whole year without soda, it's the only kind that I still like.
And it has to be the real stuff. No other brand is the same. I always say the difference between Dr Pepper and Mr Pibb is that Dr Pepper went to school for longer, and so must have learned more about how to taste good.

Then one day, I got curious and looked up what the 23 flavors were, and it's the craziest combination of anything you could imagine.

For fun, think for a second about what a few of them might be.

A good many of these might surprise you:

1. Amaretto

2. Almond

3. Blackberry

4. Black Licorice

5. Carrot

6. Clove

7. Cherry

8. Caramel

9. Cola

10. Ginger

11. Juniper

12. Lemon

13. Molasses

14. Nutmeg

15. Orange

16. Prune

17. Plum

18. Pepper

19. Root Beer

20. Rum

21. Raspberry

22. Tomato

23. Vanilla

Seriously. who would have thought to put all these random things together and see if they'd taste good? Who knew that person would be right?

I kept looking at that list, and just couldn't wrap my mind around all of them possibly being so perfect together. especially when I don't like so many of them by themselves(tomato, pepper, prune, licorice...).

Then I thought: God does that all the time. Think of the kinds of groups he sticks together to do his work.

-The disciples
12 guys from different walks of life. Fishermen and tax collectors, Jews and Gentiles, and, by what we can gather from Scripture and what we know about human nature, all different personalities and gifts.

Few people would say that their congregation is made up of all completely like-minded people who instantly appear to work perfectly together, and I think anyone who would doesn't know their church very well.

-Mission teams
Somewhat opposite of the case in a church, here you have a group of people with the same or similar visions but different views of how to carry it out.

No matter what the situation, God works through unexpected people all the time. It may take us a while to remember, but he put us together in the first place; why would he do that if he wasn't going to accomplish anything through it?

For me, I see this play out every summer at my camp.

30 some college girls, all thrown together for ten weeks, all with different personalities, different passions, different points of view. There are always one or two that don't seem like they'll work out. But as soon as the campers come, everything gets mixed up perfectly. When you see everyone working together, you realize that when he mixed all these "flavors", God knew what he was doing.

Just like whoever it was that made Dr Pepper.


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    • profile image

      LauriePOP Ideas 

      2 months ago

      LOVE this and the drink!

      LauriePOP Ideas That POP

    • profile image

      Donna Bullaro 

      9 months ago

      I have been drinking Dr Pepper for over 40 years! Just can't stop, I never knew the flavors before.

      This is an excellent way to look at the wonderful works of Our Heavenly Father.

      This would make a great outline for a Sunday School class.

      Thank you for posting

    • MotherWisdom profile image

      Katherine Parker 

      5 years ago from Indiana

      I love this article. Believe it or not, dr pepper has been my favorite for years. I have always been a proponent that diversity is strength. We do compliment one another, and become strong when we respect our difference. God knows how to cook and put a feast together.


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