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15 Lessons on the Ministry Gifts of God

Updated on August 18, 2014

Small Group Study on the Ministry Gifts Used in the Church

Kenneth E Haginâs book The Ministry Gifts is a 15 lesson study guide that delves into understanding what these spiritual gifts are, how they operate and why they are needed.

It is laid out so that it can be used or taught over a course of weeks or a specific season such as summer or fall, because itâs not too intense, even though the subject is somewhat deep.

Each lesson begins with a passage of scripture followed by an outline of points to help understand more about the ministry gifts given to man by God. It is an easy handbook to follow.

So relax. Sit down over a nice hot cup of coffee, invite some friends over and get started learning about the gifts God has set in the church. Discover how wonderful the gifts are and which ones belong to you.

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Poll: Which gift do you operate in as part of the Body of Christ?

Which gift do you operate in as part of the Body of Christ?

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All the ministry gifts are still in operation today.

Kenneth E. Hagin describes how each gift

is a vital part of fulfilling the call of God

on and for the church.

The Ministry Gifts Study Guide

An informative study guide that discusses in detail the biblical marks of the ministry gifts God has placed in the church. The five fold gifts such as the apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, teacher and their position in the Body of Christ.This bible study will help you understand the gifts on your own life and how to operate in them. Each is backed up with the word of God with scriptures that pertain to the specific gift.

The Ministry Gifts: Fifteen Lessons (6th Edition)(Spiritual Growth Series)
The Ministry Gifts: Fifteen Lessons (6th Edition)(Spiritual Growth Series)

Easy to follow study guide for understanding the gifts God has given

to the church. Paperback/120 pages.

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God Placed the Gifts in the Body of Christ (the Church)

Lesson 1

In lesson one we learn how Christ has provided for His church with these wonderful gifts He has left for us to utilize here on earth.It further discusses why Christ gave these gifts, when He gave them, where they game from, why we need them, how long they will be in operation and the overall purpose of having ministerial gifts as part of the function of the Body of Christ.

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How God Equips those He Sends

Lessons 2-4

Lessons 2-4

When God calls someone to operate in the 5 fold ministry, He gives them the tools to fulfill the call. In other words, God equips the person for the task that is assigned.

Our job is to remain faithful to the call as God works it into place for His purpose.

Lesson 2: The Divine Call

Lesson 3: Who God Calls, He Equips

Lesson 4: Faithfulness to the Call

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The Gifts of the Five Fold Ministry - Lessons 5

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Lesson 5

This lesson defines the 5 fold ministry as the balance that is needed in the church. Each position has its own calling (see page 25).

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Five Fold Evangelism - Lessons 6-10

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Lessons 6-10

These lessons go into detail describing the gifts individually and how they are to operate as part of the ministry of Christ.

Lesson 6: The Apostle

Lesson 7: The Prophet

Lesson 8: The Evangelist

Lesson 9: The Pastor

Lesson 10: The Teacher

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Ministry Gifts Besides the Five Fold Ministry

Lessons 11-15

God has not only given the fruit of the spirit placed in every believer, but He also gives other ministering gifts outside of the 5 fold ministry.

The last part of the group guide discusses other ministry gifts that people may have and not be aware of how they are used in the church.

Lesson 11: The Variety of Ministry Gifts

Lesson 12: The Office of Helps

Lesson 13: Ministry Tongues and Interpretation

Lesson 14: Gift of Exhortation

Lesson 15: The Ministry of Giving

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More Resources on the Gifts by Kenneth Hagin - I have used these resources and have found each to be beneficial in my studies in understanding spiritual gifts a

The Holy Spirit and His Gifts, He Gave Gifts Unto Men, The Gifts and Calling of God, Concerning Spiritual GIfts

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