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You Can Ask for God's Blessings

Updated on March 26, 2015
"God blesses those who realize their need for Him"
"God blesses those who realize their need for Him"

Is it ok to ask God for His blessings?

I believe that it is OK to ask for God's blessings. I was in a bad state of affairs in 2009 and things around me seemed to be falling apart at alarming rates.

In 2009, I was convinced that we were in a desolate economy. Prices at the gas pump were up, home values were down in our neighborhoods, unemployment was at 9.4% and retail sales were down again. Our country had disappointing results with the Federal bailout money and companies keep cutting back their work force. Major corporations kept declaring bankruptcy. Banks had gone out of business and churches were closing. Foreclosures hit another record high in July, the third month out of the last five that has happened. The United States military had a presence in Iraq, the Philippines, Afghanistan, and the Horn of Africa. What about our war on terrorism?

It's now 2015. Besides all of us getting a bit older, what has changed? What significant changes have you seen? Prices at the gas pump were about $2.60 per gallon then, but actually lower now at around $2.35 per gallon. But they currently have risen after reaching lows of below $2.00 per gallon rates. Retail sales have gotten off to a slow start and are generally losing ground to online and e-commerce business .Unemployment is at 7.5% but according to "the guardian", an online US financial and money blog, a prominent economist there says companies are becoming profitable by paying workers less. That has led to rich corporate profits and a lot of low-wage, temporary jobs flooding the labor market. Actual home foreclosures were about one half what it was in 2009 which is great, but property values have taken a nose dive. A once solid equity growth in your home all but assured, has now become a luxury only few can realize.

Prayers Help

In summary, conditions around us are always changing. Some things we cannot control or determine an outcome for. Many people, when in serious difficulty or trouble, turn to God and pray for His help. Except usually, we aren't very good at praying. We tend to pray to God as if we were writing out a wish list of things we want or think we need.

It is perfectly normal and acceptable to express our deepest concerns to God. We admit that we need His blessing and ask for His help. But just as you wouldn't ask a total stranger for aide or assistance as you would a close friend, you must have developed some sort of relationship with God. There are many ways you have to do this if you haven't already.

Just remember, the answers may not be what you wanted or even seem apparent to you. The outcome would be God's will. God may have purposes far beyond what we could even imagine and could understand. The more we believe and trust in God, the more we will be able to gain the strength, patience and ability to cope with whatever has us troubled.


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