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My Reincarnation Memory

Updated on May 10, 2015

One is Reborn Again and Again

The idea that one can be born again after one dies is not generally accepted and this made me cautious and shy about sharing this. In fact, knowing the things that are remembered from my last death, what happened between lives, and my return in my current body presented me with a huge puzzle. It means that my spirituality is a little different to how people usually assess it and this wears on me rather like guilt. How dare I be different! But that was then and this is now. Armed with knowledge and a lot of experience in the area it is now easy to talk about it.

Recently someone was talking about his research into religion and spirituality and stated that he had never met anyone who claims to have connections with God. But of course there are millions who; like me, speak about it every day but not too many are listening. It seems to be something they either put in the too hard basket or tend to let it go in one ear and out the other. This amazes me but occasionally there are people who stop and listen and want to know more.

That's the purpose of this lens. It is my desire to help everyone understand that Spirit is real and reincarnation is a fact that should not be dismissed too lightly. By putting my experiences out there it might at least provoke thought into other possibilities. So there are duel boxes to indicate your feelings.

FREE e-book on Norma's Reincarnation Experience

My Reincarnation from Previous Life

What happens after death?

The memory retained from my previous death allowed me to bring certain things with me into this life. Knowledge was just one of them but changes to my body were something else to be overcome. It is a fact that as a man in the last life and being a female in this one left me with strange sensations that were hard to deal with.

To begin with my strength was different and my actions would often imitate those of men. It took a while, years in fact, before these things were overcome. Then there was the reincarnation itself, because there was no one to discuss it with except one - the Spirit.

My biggest handicap was the other language that also came with me. Strange but true it was completely different to anything spoken around me and it put me at odds with my peers and even my family. It did, however, preserve my memory as through it there was evidence that reincarnation had indeed taken place and my somewhat gifted talents and confidence were right up there. In fact the school did not know what to do with me so they allowed me to jump ahead a couple of classes where I was still outpacing my classmates. .

The out of body experiences that so many have reported as 'near death' passages gives some idea of what it is like to die and be reborn. My body was beneath me when floating above it and that allowed me to see that it was that of a man of around 45 years of age who obviously died suddenly while driving a horse and cart across a paddock.The full story is here if you have a mind to read it.

Your Thoughts on Reincarnation?

This is a controversial subject but it is time to air it publicly.

Do You Think Reincarnation is Possible?

Reincarnation is a Closed Religious Topic

To a world tuned out

My childhood was one of trying to decipher what the human race is all about. While it is impossible for me to deceive most of those around me lie their heads off and think nothing of it. While it never crossed my mind to take drugs or alcohol many around me are besotted with them. While it was not in me to do harm to anything, let alone another human, many will murder or maim for the sake of money and power. While it was very simple for me to solve problems most around me would struggle with the simplest of things and fail to find an answer.

That brought many to me, and still does. People will ring me just to pick my brains and to ask me to solve some puzzle in their life. Because of this it was logical to take on counseling of people needing help to find their spiritual links. This happened in the last few years as the Spirit and I became ever closer to being one. Once they feel the Spirit within them they change their lives and often that of others. The truth comes with the power. It is, therefore, quite true that "the truth will set you free" because nothing of this world can stand in its way.

But there is so much that tries to prevent the knowledge that comes from spiritual connections and links getting out. The main one is prejudice against anything anti-religious and the other is one's own imagination. Heaven and hell are favorite weapons of the religious groups and they are fed from the imagination, for there is no substance to them. The religious can condemn to one and promise you the other for loyalty to their cause and belief in their dogma. That is the quickest way to lose the spiritual connection if you ever had it.

So, armed with knowledge and the power of God the big question was how to talk about it to the general population? Could my books be published by establishments run mainly by Catholics? But the Spirit had shown me the Internet in visions and it is not my desire to profit from the things of God, although money is required to keep the web sites and other things going. For that the Spirit provides. We work as a team and I could almost guarantee that if you are reading to this point then you are searching for answers and probably feeling power from it. Perhaps God is calling you through these words.

Do You Have Spiritual Links? - Are you curious about what happens after death?

There is possibly nothing more controversial than this and it has sent mankind into a spin since he first got the notion of a divine creature. So where do you stand?

Are You Interested in spirituality?

Spiritual Guidance and Protection in My New Life

Teaching from God for the Job Ahead

When first back in the world it was very hard. Frankly it was something quite distasteful to me. But there was a job to do and the Spirit showed me in visions what that entailed and how and when it would be accomplished. So as an instrument to allow it to happen the Spirit guides me at all times.

It also protects me and when something nasty is on the horizon. There is a warning, a feeling, and action is taken to avoid disaster. Then there are those whom the Spirit wants to reach and It tells me where to go and when. This results in meeting someone who is searching for help or in need of healing. So many are touched in this way that the miracles and things are written about in my books and on my sites. They are also here in this lens

But the Internet is the ultimate source of knowledge and the words race around the world in a second or two. People from all over can tune in and read for free what has been given to me. It gave me a new perspective on why it came into being. When the exact point in my life shown to me between lives was reached the Spirit visited me.

Three commission were given :Tear Down the Wall of Churches, Go out to the People, Bring Back the Young. Then I saw 3 visions in rapid succession. In the first my face was on a screen similar to this one. I took it to be a television as the Internet was not known to me at that time. In the second I saw a man resembling the image of Jesus Christ talking to a huge multitude of people from a hilltop. In the third I had replaced him and was the one addressing the crowds. Now I know that happens through the Internet.

The visions now have true meaning because the Internet is the biggest hillside there is and the giant crowds are far greater than anything that has gone before. Up until now western cultures mainly allow people to hear of the role of Jesus Christ as the Son of God. But now there is an alternative and it has been given to me to be that voice. That does not make me special or any more important than the next guy but what has come before it and will now take place when I am gone is from God.

Now everyone has heard of the great spiritual outpouring that has been occurring around the world for the last 100 years or so. As it increased so did religious violence and then major catastrophes, like the Great Depression, two world wars, several major wars like that in the Koreas and Vietnam. Now its the Western Asian and North African regions that are under fire. Population growth increased and famine, wealth, drugs, greed, genetic manipulation and now global warming and climate change have impacted. Why? Its all prophesied to occur because there is a plan in place that can be read here.

The Visions of Suffering for the End Were Frightening

Prophecies for the End Times

During the 1980s the Spirit showed me what is to come and why? For 2 years the bible was never out of my hands as things were highlighted in it to show what is spiritually connected and what is man made rubbish. It was no surprise that the New Testament is a conglomeration of made up stories aimed to create a religion that satisfied Roman Caesars lust for more power and control.

In the visions were scenes of untold suffering like the world has never witnessed. There were huge waves from the sea inundating the land and washing people out. There were floods taking over agricultural land and killing off the food that humans depend on. There were massive fires engulfing major towns. Famine and disease affected millions and good farming land turned to desert. Little children were held hostage by terrorists and great tall buildings fell to the ground without a war weapon in sight.

Panic was everywhere and governments turned on their people to get back control. Many were burned alive in prisons and locked in sheds. Mass executions were everywhere and corpses piled up rotting in the streets with no one to bury them. In one particular vision people were crawling on their hands and knees in their own excreta and vomit around streets where thousands were dying. Death, pain and suffering was everywhere. Finally it was too much and begging the Spirit to stop showing me the visions they finally ceased. But the pain stayed with me.

It was important to record these visions so they could be tested by others. They were written down in book form and sent to every religious denomination and media outlet. After that the work got more intense as I struggled with the burden of the knowledge and how to let others know. But what should they know? What could anyone change? It was written in stone as it were that we are coming to the end. When and how is probably a lot more obvious now some 25 years later.

Are We Nearing the End of Human Life - Will it happen in your lifetime?

Everyone guesses at this and many are prepared for it but are they wrong?

Spiritual Visions led to Healing

Spiritual dedication for the job

To begin the work it was essential for me to stop working. Prior to this I was a Company Executive in Canberra and my income was very high. With 3 teenagers in private schools it was no mean feat to just walk out and live on a pension. But that's what the Spirit wanted and it complied with the visions shown to me between lives. Would I have taken this course otherwise?

My spiritual job requires me full time and without the worries of earning money, paying taxes, making ends meet and stressing over other things. Now my life belongs only to the Spirit and to the work and I answer to none other. It was now that friends, family and acquaintances could see that something besides me was taking over.

Then the miracles happened. One after the other people were healed. My son was the first and he had a broken thumb. Then came those with addictions, injuries, cancer, depression, relationship problems, and so on. No one was denied healing if they were genuinely seeking the truth about God. Before long there was a pattern emerging about who was able to be healed and who wasn't. But it has nothing to do with me. The power comes through my head to know what to say and do then through my hands to enter the other body to heal. There are times when as it comes through my hands if I hold them over someone it is dripping off me, rather like water.

The Spirit is like water and is often described in the bible as rain, dew, water or something along those lines. It is often felt as shivers that create goosebumps or that make your hair stand on end. This usually follows when you hear or see something that is real and the Spirit wants you to know it is from God. This may confuse some into believing there are a lot of spirits, as I have heard said.

As the Spirit directed me to religious leaders as well as others some were highly resistant to anything spiritual. Some called me the devil and some sent me packing. Some welcomed me with open arms. Many were waiting for God to send someone to tell them what to do when my order came to go to them. That's when they shed tears.

It got to me that so many are carefree and untouchable by common sense even. It makes me ache all over that the Spirit, which gave us so much, is ignored by most as nothing. It drives me to distraction to see religion hijacking God's children and spoiling them with lies.

Those who cannot be touched are in the dark and it is easy to recognize them. When close to someone their spirituality lights my body or their darkness repels me. It is an insight from the Spirit that changes many a person's life.

Some arrive out of the blue or meet me in shopping centers or even arrive at my front door. Others make contact by phone for one reason or another. Email is another way that people are in touch and often healed when they hear back from me.

Then it was time for a change and one that shocked me a great deal.

Have You Felt Spirit Power? - Be it healing, goose bumps, shivers, or other

Did you recognize it as Divine power

Taken to the Past to Learn the Future

How it all came about

One day the Spirit told me to write. Taking paper and a pen my hand began to write words on the paper without any control from me. The message was deep and one that many have puzzled over for several millennium. The context went like this.

If you leave earth and travel ten thousand light years in space and stop what you see will be no different from what you see from earth. Then go another ten thousand light years and another and another. Each time you stop you will see the same scenes over and over. There is no end to the universe and there is no beginning.

Wow. I put the pen down and felt a hand touch my shoulder but there was no one there. It was like when you get a friendly pat for doing something good. That day held more surprises and many more beginnings of things related to researching the past.

The full story of that time and what was shown to me of the past is in my books available here. How 666 Stole Jesus is a detailed account of what was shown to me about the origin of Christianity and of the deceit and fraud perpetrated by those who set it in motion.

The book they produced to give the religion credibility is the bible and within its pages are descriptions of what is about to occur to the earth. It also holds prophecies that confirm what was shown to me about the spiritual people of God and how they, and they alone, are to be spared. This is even more frightening but one can see it in the ways of the world and in those who take everything and spare nothing for others.

The greed and hunger to be successful depends on the wealth generated within their lives but what was shown to me were things so far back in the past that they make money and man's inventions monstrosities and reveal why and how they are killing us. Yes, I went back to the past, way back, and learned the first sounds of philosophy which promoted religious links and set mankind on a destructive course to bring the world, as we know it, to an end.

Changes That Changed Everything

A test of God's Power

God;s power is everywhere on show. Its in the hills, the trees, the clouds and the air we breath, among all the other things. But it is also in those who are spiritual and everything so far shown to me when between lives and since brought this sharply into focus.

The urgency to do a university course would not go away. With great excitement the day came to sit a STAT test to gain entry. It was many years since my last university foray and this was essential to make sure my intelligence warranted a place. It did and archaeology, anthropology, linguistics and philosophy were absorbed with gusto over the next three years. Everything the Spirit had shown me in visions were tested in the academic world.

University is not a place where spirituality is allowed to shine through. But some there are spiritual and they found me or I found them. My thesis Death and Resurrection proved the origin of religion well beyond anything that had been known before. It uses linguistics to show how ancient sites, like Stonehenge, can be read like a book. It compares this to sites in other places and follows religious trends in many cultures to link them to a time when original thought processes of a philosophical nature began.

The thing that stood out about the academics is their restricted knowledge. It is like they are in boxes where they concentrate on what is within their area and nothing else. This made my time there difficult. Many lecturers could not follow my debate because archaeologists are not linguists and anthropologists are not archaeologists and linguists are none of those things either. So to find someone who could mark it my work went to England where it was highly praised, compared to a PhD and was commented on as being irrefutable evidence of a shocking side to humanity.

With the degree and everything out of the way it was time to start writing and that has hardly ever stopped. But how does one record everything in a book. Well, 2 and then 3 books later, it was time to do the Internet thing and here I am. My face is on the screen as I was shown and now the great crowds are gathered to hear my words, as the visions showed. But now too there are lenses, blogs and articles being written also.

Since I started publishing stuff on the Internet many others caught on and now there is heaps of stuff out there reinforcing my work. Its like a light has gone on.

Whether you agree with what is said here is not the point. Most will disagree with emotional outrage I should imagine but the facts do speak for themselves and I have tried to be as simple in the explanations of what my experiences in the Spirit are. Hopefully this will encourage others to listen to that voice within, sometimes it is very soft and at other times it is extremely loud. However you hear it the message is to obey. It is leading and guiding you as it has done me for so long.

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© 2009 norma-holt

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      GreenMind 4 years ago from USA

      Wow. You really have a unique view of the world and your place in it.

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      Shinichi Mine 4 years ago from Tokyo, Japan

      Great lens. I honestly enjoyed every word you wrote as I've been trying to reconnect with my spirit in recent years.

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      mel-kav 4 years ago

      Excellent lens. I tried responding to several of your questions above, but I think there is a glitch right now that won't let me respond.

    • DeborahDian profile image

      Deborah Carr 4 years ago from Orange County, California

      This was fascinating and I have never been sure what to believe about reincarnation. However, I never discount the possibility. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    • shadowfast7 profile image

      Sure Temp 4 years ago

      lots of good info! :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Reincarnation is not an easy subject for a lot of us and I tend to keep what I know about myself to myself as no one wants to talk about it ever. Very nice lens and well put across your other lives. Thanks very much for sharing it with us too.

    • norma-holt profile image

      norma-holt 4 years ago

      @darkflowers: Great that you enjoyed it.

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      Thank you for sharing this very beautiful and interesting Lens! It was a pleasure reading it!

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      More interesting stuff. I am interested in things spiritual. Honestly, I do find my spirituality in Christ, but the views others have has always been interesting to me.

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      @JoshK47: Thanks Josh, Hugs

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      SteveKaye 5 years ago

      Fascinating lens. Thank you for publishing it. I admire the way that you think and write. Wish you the best.

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      I think my spirit guided me here. Thanks for sharing this with us, because I'm researching spirituality now for several days in a row. I want to connect with my inner voice, to clear my chakras and feel the power of the One. I would be really happy if you can contact me through my e-mail to talk about this subject. Do it when you'll have the time. Thank you!

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    • ChrisDay LM profile image

      ChrisDay LM 7 years ago

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      This is such a huge subject for those of us who hover on the periphery.

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      anonymous 7 years ago

      A very complex and a controversial topic nicely explained in the lens. We are capable of expressing our views about reincarnation and other aspects to the level we have achieved which is nothing but our maturity and knowledge of spiritual levels. When we learn more and experience the truth, we are bound to have extra-terrestrial experiences which words cannot express.

    • greenspirit profile image

      poppy mercer 7 years ago from London

      It seems that those of us who have challenging experiences early in life have a great advantage. Finding yourself 'different' is often the start of a long painful journey towards freedom from ignorance and illusion. Whatever our particular journey, it can be lonely, and frequently beyond words, so it is good to read of others journeys. Thanks Norma for your honesty and openess, and for your kind comments and visits.

    • Jhangora LM profile image

      Jhangora LM 7 years ago

      While I am nt very religious I believe that nature is all powerful and very beautiful.

      We should live in harmony with nature. It makes out lives much more happy and enjoyable.

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      Thank-you for featuring Caring For Mystics here. I grew up in a house of lies too, and did my fair share of lying. That framed what love isn't, perhaps so I could discover what is. The reach for truth went way beyond the body to make that discovery- the motivation was there, the pain served its purpose well. Much love and many blessings to you.

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      Feb 2, 2010 @ 4:29 pm

      Do You Think Reincarnation is Possible? I just chimed in here: @pippie #Spirituality

      Many Blessings to You!

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      Norma, thanks for sharing your spirituality, your journey and your message. Blessed by an angel.

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      norma-holt 8 years ago

      [in reply to BevsPaper] Thank you for the blessing, Bev. For anyone who would like to inquire

      about healing or anything else related to this lens please do so. I will answer all emails. The power is strong for Bev right now.

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      I believe I was supposed to find you today. I found this fascinating and enlightening. Blessed by a Squid Angel today.

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