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Updated on January 2, 2017
Surrounded by dancing Fanatics
Surrounded by dancing Fanatics | Source

The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth

My Last Word


Craig Underhill Suits

Better Listen Up

I’m 75 now and probably won’t be around a whole hell of a lot longer so this will most likely be my last attempt to instill a bit of sanity in our religion crazed world and hopefully save it from self-annihilation.

Let’s get some things straight right up front.

Religion, or better yet, religious organizations have caused the deaths of billions of our young people sent to fight in religious wars since day one and probably billions more civilians displaced or killed simply because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.These wars have also destroyed countless cities, towns, and even whole countries that can take hundreds of years to recover if ever.

All these towns and cities contained all they had. Their technology, their art, and their cultural crafts that made them what they were. In general, the infrastructure becomes obliterated in days that took many hundreds or thousands of years to rise to the level of proficiency they once were before religious maniacs decided to destroy everything and kill all the inhabitants.

When these atrocities happen, human progress, which is always in desperate need of advancement such as the medical field, comes to an abrupt end and in many cases, never ever recovers.

Think about it…Where would we be today culturally and in all the technical fields if the second world war never happened not to speak of all the other wars that have damn near put us back into the stone age. It could actually happen you know, one day you could be sitting on your cave front porch making music banging rocks together. Thing is, if asked, you wouldn't have the slightest idea about your society hundreds or thousands of years ago. Everything was destroyed in religious wars including historic knowledge way before your time so you would have to agree that you are about as modern and up to date as it gets just like we believe we are today. But we aren't are we? Who knows how far back we've reverted simply because we destroy everything we learn and everything we build. A case in point is the once great library at Alexandria. Gone forever with the entire world's knowledge and history.

Hell, I could be sitting in my ultra modern, indestructible, titanium office, mentally dictating this letter to a super hot android chick with and adjustable cup size but I'll never know, will I? Neither will you but there is no doubt that humanity would be way more advanced if we hadn't blown everything up and killed billions of our kind over the years. Any one of those murdered people may have cured cancer hundreds of years ago or brought an end to unbelievable suffering and despair our world experiences today. But no, we'd rather build fantastic houses of worship, print bibles, collect riches, pray to invisible beings, and some of us these days wish to kill every human being on the planet unless all of us commit to their religious beliefs and follow the religious laws they believe in.

It's a wonder there are any human's beings left at all. In years past we've killed billions and destroyed countless cities and what do we do about it? We just have more children and rebuild our cities but those days have come to an end forever. Now we have bigger and better toys of war called weapons of mass destruction, hydrogen bombs, and pathogens that could wipe out all of humanity in a matter of days. When our radical religious morons that would rather die for their god than live get their hands on any of these weapons it's a good bet they will use them. It's just a matter of time.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to control your mind. As a matter of fact, I want all of you to think about and believe in anything you wish. Believe in the tooth fairy if you're so inclined, discoveries are made with diverse thinking but when you organize into powerful religious groups, that's when the s*** hits the fan and that's also when you lose your ability to think and act for yourself.

You become subservient to the organizations doctrine with little or no chance of ever speaking your mind lest you become a threat to the organization and wind up doing your praying on the street. Make enough noise and you'll probably wind up dead. Some of these organizations own half the world and they think nothing about sending children into the killing fields to protect their power and billions if not trillions.

The best advice I could give you is to keep your money in your pocket and stay away from all religious organizations. If we don’t end this complete insanity soon, it will end us all for sure. Don’t expect help from your god either. He hasn’t done a damn thing in the past and you can believe he won’t do a damn thing in the future.

Now…Let's get to the inner core of all this…your god.

No one can prove that there is or isn’t a god and I might remind you that absolutely everything we do, think, build, say, plan and teach, requires mathematical proof before it’s accepted, everything except religion that is, I wonder why.

My personal conclusion after decades of thought, observation, learning, and discussion, is simply this: There is no god of any kind, at least not one that the bulk of humanity believes one to be like. However, I do believe there is a much higher intelligence that once was in contact with earth and probably involved with the beginning of life here but it doesn't seem like they are around anymore. It's always possible that all the unbelievable designs of life developed by chance but if you study any living entity you'll soon be overwhelmed with its complexities that are way beyond our abilities to understand or create

Then there’s always the ultimate question, what exactly is life or consciousness? What is it? What starts it? What stops it? Is it a thing that comes and goes? Looking at myself, the absolute bottom line question is what is consciousness? I haven’t a clue but it seems that all living creatures are aware or at least know they are aware or conscious.

Before I state my reasoning about the existence of a god or not please don’t think or give me the standard answers to religious questions you or anyone else cannot answer such as; “It is not for us to know my son.” “God has a plan.” “God is way too complex for us to understand,” and “Have faith brother.” These are just lame excuses one hears constantly when asking questions no one has the answers too.

The following is a pretty convincing list of things that cannot be scientifically proven but for one, it’s all we’ve got and two, it’s pretty damn convincing, sane, factual, and realistic even if it is all circumstantial.

1…This first observation is the only one that can be unequivocally proven to be untrue and that is the common belief that god is merciful. Actually, he is anything and everything but. Brutal, violent, and uncaring is closer to the truth. You can get a huge jumpstart in understanding by going to YouTube and punch in the phrase "animal fights." You will see hundreds if not thousands of animal and or insect fights that usually wind up in death.

All living creatures on earth including humans are generally either predators or prey. Sometimes the prey gets lucky and the predators die horrible slow deaths. Creatures large and small die horrible deaths every second of every day and that includes the human species. It is appalling to be aware of this global suffering.

Most of us westerners don't have to worry about being attacked and eaten by hungry animals anymore nor do most of us have to kill anything to survive. But that doesn't mean we are no longer a part of the food chain and Gods master plan of death and suffering. The only thing that has changed is that we've killed or controlled most of the dangerous predators where we live and we hire other people to do the killing of domestic animals for us. This is evident at any supermarket meat counter and throughout the store in cans with animal products killed by others. Nonetheless, we are still under attack by a myriad of creatures we can hardly see like cancers, fungus, bacteria, viruses, molds, and many other life forms only looking to survive at our expense. We still die horrible prolonged and painful deaths just like the thousand pound critters from other countries.

Trees, insects, flowers, you name it, all living beings are being preyed upon by other creatures and the sick part of it is that the losers are almost always eaten alive sometimes taking hours or even years to finally bleed out or die from exhaustion and fear.

Natural disasters humanity has had nothing to do with are killing us and all other creatures by the millions or even hundreds of trillions if you count the little guys each and every year. Hurricanes, lightning, floods, earthquakes, volcano's, asteroid's, diseases, and the rest of Gods weapons of mass destruction have no mercy. When disaster strikes, all creatures die including humans. Priests, monks, devoutly religious people, babies, doctors, old people, women, and little children, no one group is ever mercifully singled out.

And what about Noah's ark? God gets pissed off and drowns every single life form on earth except a handful of diverse creatures. Several years ago a little girl from Ecuador was buried up to her neck in a torrential landslide and managed to live for 6 days until insects and dehydration finally took her life. God must have been on vacation that week.

The global suffering is staggering. So who invented this vicious, violent and despicable system we live in?

Last I heard God did in just six days flat. Maybe he should have spent a little more time on the drawing board because this system sucks. In order to live, one must kill. That’s not what defines mercy where I come from.

2…How many bonafide gods have there been in the last 10,000 years? At least hundreds right. Some societies past were much bigger and longer lasting than ours such as the Romans, Egyptians, South Americans and so on. They all had different gods and the Romans had more than fifty. Doesn't it sound a bit strange to you that as far as your concerned, all of these gods never existed? Only you’re present god is real, right?

And why did every god from the past always, without variation, exhibit the same MO’s? None of them ever came down to earth to hob-nob with their congregation (must be a union regulation or something). Why has no one ever been able to talk to any of them? Why do they all demand riches or sacrifices from their followers? Why have they all demanded you believe in them with just blind faith? Why have they all always been invisible and live in a sky somewhere? And as the late great George Carlin pointed out, God has rules that you absolutely must follow. If you don’t he will send you to live with the devil in a place called hellfire and damnation with screaming torture for everyone at 200 degrees for as long as you live…….But he loves you!

3…Here’s one that is as close to proof as it gets. In both the bibles, the Quran, the Tanakh and all other religious books of history, none of them ever happen to mention the sixty million years dinosaurs roamed and flourished on every corner of the planet. These books are supposed to contain all knowledge and history so did they collectively forget the dinosaurs or what? The fact is, after sixty million years, somebody should have at least mentioned a T-rex don’t you think. It turns out even Jesus, Gods son, never heard of them either. They were pretty spectacular critters to omit in thousands of years of recording the words of the Gods and others. Nope, not a word and do you know why? Dinosaurs were first discovered in the mid 18 hundreds. Before then, no one knew they roamed everywhere on earth for 60 million years, even the gods apparently.

So the Christians invented a Devil in order to keep the peasants in line. Little did they know all they had to do was use a T-rex. A hell of a lot scarier than some humped up red guy with warts and an arrow on his tail and real too.

4…I don’t know much about the origin of other gods but Jesus was most likely a real person even though the name Jesus was as common back then as Smith is today. Was he Gods son or not. I really doubt it based on several undeniable facts. First, it’s pretty obvious from the above facts that if there is a god, he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about humanity so why would any father for any reason allow his son to be tortured and murdered for any reason at all. I wouldn’t, would you?

Jesus claimed he would return so where the hell has he been for more than 2000 years? That’s a bit much for any religious nut case to believe but most still do. Why?

The reason is simple. You’ve been hustled every day since then by organizations that know a good thing when they see it. Ask the Vatican for a financial statement and you’ll see what I mean. Ask them why they hoard the second largest collections of jewelry, and fine art, and own more real estate than any other entity on the planet while knowing full well that children are starving to death almost anywhere you go. Take the money out of religion and the religion will soon disappear.

Jesus was an Arab with most likely dark skin, a curved nose, and black hair. Have you ever seen a crucifix in any church in the west where Jesus was honestly depicted? Not likely. All we see is a handsome brown-haired man with light skin and even blue eyes in many cases. Again, you're being hustled by those that know a good thing when they see it.

Just for the sake of argument, be honest now, what if archeologists just found proof that Jesus was a very homely man with black hair, dark skin, and a honker the size of a banana? That would be the end of your religion, wouldn't it? Like I said, be honest, you know it would. No? OK, then give him a beer belly and lets see how many times you go to church this year.

And what about all the golden accessories and tons of other super expensive items one finds in 90% of all churches these days. The Jesus I read about would have torn these places up, wouldn't he? Instead, he just sits back and watches them collect trainloads of riches, give back practically nothing and lie to everyone about important issues they claim to know and you don’t.

Let's face the truth, Jesus was simply a self-ordained profit that was dumb or unlucky enough to get himself killed and that's all there is to it. He will never be back because the man is deader than Kelsey's onions.

5…So let's get back to is God a figment of man's imagination or is he a real being?If he is a real supernatural being that did some pretty impressive creations we know about he must be able to transverse the universe with ease. If this is true, why does he need legs, or at least in the case of Jesus, why did he have nipples and legs?

You see, we are really a primitive race and we have no idea how to picture a god or anything else that advanced as compared to us so what do we do, we conjure up images and stories that we can understand and believe me when I say, most of the world is a lot more primitive than you or I reading and writing on computers. Can you imagine how gullible the average peasant was 2000 years ago?

6…The following is the biggest BS con of all time and most everyone on earth still believes it. Are you ready for this? The Immaculate Conception, every time I think about it I can’t help but smile and shake my head from side to side. People will believe absolutely anything if you tell them about it enough times.

I’m thinking that a very long time ago, a handful of religious hustlers decided that it would be a handy and convincing thing if God had a son that looked like a normal being and could walk among the peasants doing magic tricks and impressing the populous for various reasons but there was a huge problem with this marketing ploy. God didn’t have a wife and it was unthinkable he would show up on earth just to have sex with some local hottie so where was this so-called son to come from? The idea of an Immaculate Conception was the idea of a master marketer. Wow! The peasants will love it they thought and they were right on. 2000 years later the peasants still love it and the money and power still fills the pockets of the modern day religious hustlers.

Why do you suppose God had to go to all that trouble with a peasant girl called Mary who by the way has never been depicted in the west as Arab-looking either when all he had to do was zap in as many kids as he wanted like he did with Adam and Eve? Realistically, I can see Mary waking up one morning only to discover she was pregnant with Gods child but trying to explain that to Joseph? Nah, I don't think so. Not unless ol Joseph had the IQ of a box of rocks. "Gee! Really Mary…duh."

I would like to know who God is and where he came from. Even if he's a super-being that's been around the cosmos for billions of years there still has to be a way for his associates to identify him. All powerful or not he had to come from somewhere. Does he have a family, a mother, and father?

7… Praying…a colossal waste of time that absolutely does not work. Go back over the millennia and think about all of the huge civilizations like the Egyptians and the Romans that collectively must have prayed trillions and trillions of hours to their gods only to eventually find out that their gods didn't exist. What a waste of precious man-hours.

Actually, there have been many scientifically controlled experiments done in modern times to try to determine if praying works or not. One group of several praying scientists tried praying for sick people in their rooms at a hospital and then did the same prayers for the same people many miles away without the sick people knowing about it. The prayers had no effects what so ever on the patients except there was a slight but temporary improvement in the patient's moral while they were being visited but no improvement while the scientists were praying for them from a remote location. One might say that praying gives people hope if nothing else. That could be a good thing except that in most cases, believers that pray for some sort of positive intervention never pursue alternative solutions to their problems and that is a monumental negative. If studied in depth, praying to gods that don’t even exist is probably one of the biggest and most devastating mistakes mankind has ever made.

8…If I gave you a travel brochure with a beautiful four-color cover page but nothing on all the other pages, would you consider booking a vacation there? I wouldn't even if it was free yet most of our world would do anything to be able to go to Heaven after they die. Why, to be with God? OK, that might be unique for a day or two but then what? No one on the planet knows anything about Heaven and what everyday life would be like but they can't wait to get there. It sounds like an incredibly boring place but I don't know any more than anyone else so why do you want to go there when you know absolutely nothing about the place. The answer is simple. One is that going to Heaven guarantee's that you'll still be alive after you die and two, you've been brainwashed by religious hustlers since you were a child. Just another way to keep you coming back with more and more money. Apparently God needs lots of money, especially these days.

Well, I suppose I don't have much to worry about because if I'm wrong about what I've said here so far when my time comes and I'm trying to buy a ticket through the Pearly Gates…"Ahh, Mr. Suits I see here, we've been waiting for you son. You see that big red bus over there?"

9…There has been a great deal of religious marketing over the centuries and some of it has been astoundingly brilliant such as “confession.” What a great way to know what’s going on in your community on every level so you can control it. Make your constituents come to you and tell you all about everything, then leave some change in the process, absolutely brilliant. It also serves to maintain your higher civic status in your community which is a must for all religious hustlers and that’s precisely why they all dress up with unique uniforms, do a lot of slow walking in processions, surround themselves with expensive props from gold chalices to stained glass windows and always fill the air with impressive music to complete the capture and control of all your senses.

Another great marketing procedure is to send an 18-year-old to seminary collage for four years. When he graduates, he gets to wear a black cassock with 33 buttons and the entire world is expected to call this kid "Father" and kiss his hand. Are you kidding me? Wow, that's like sticking a loaded pistol up someone's nose. Talk about instant subservience. And while I’m on the subject, where the hell do these priests and all other holy men get their knowledge of God, Jesus, Allah, Budda and all the rest of them concerning the morality of mankind and the creation of the universe.

Give them a microphone and they will tell you what God said along with hundreds of other ancient people mentioned in the holy books and what they meant when they said it. Can these guys read the minds of the dead or is there some sort of secret library of knowledge of everything I’m not aware of?

The answer is all religious leaders only teach the religious doctrine they were taught with their own personal opinions added to fill in the gaps. None of them know anything more about the truth than you or me.

Ok, that's about it. I could go on and on but what's the point? Over the years I've learned that you can put black and white irrefutable proof in front of most believers and it won't faze them in the slightest. They don't want to hear the truth and will believe what they have been taught since childhood no matter what. That's called mind control where I come from.

The belief in gods and their support organizations has been the very worse thing I can think of in respect to the prosperity of the human race. Organized religion had kept us all in a cocoon that we can't seem to break out of. Our precious resources, our time, our intellect, our progress, tons of our money and billions of lives have all been squandered and wasted from the first day when two religious believers got together and decided to form an organization. Today, thousands of years later we're still in the cocoon and seriously, it looks like we're going to annihilate our species by our own hand before we acquire the will, the knowledge, and the chutzpah to escape.

Ideally, we, or you actually, must remove the religion from the staggering amount of houses of worship worldwide, many of which are huge, extremely successful and powerful corporations and convert their abilities and assets into beneficial endeavors that would help the entire world become educated, cure diseases, build decent cities, take care of the elderly, feed and clothe the children, teach a common language, and in general, make this planet a safe and decent place to live and raise a family not just for a privileged few but for everyone. If you could convince bible thumpers to get off their knees and to stop begging for help from some invisible man that lives in the sky, you and the organizations, already highly functional, could make this world a beautiful, five-star place to live. Oh and don't forget, there would be no more religious wars. Can you imagine the assets you could acquire if you no longer needed a huge military and no longer needed to cough up trillions to support them in moronic wars? You could rebuild every third world country on the planet, make sure everyone got a higher education and on and on but I warn you, you may already be out of time. If our current religious fanatical insanity continues much longer, some maniac will surely light the fuse on an H-bomb or pop the cork on a test tube full of deadly pathogens that can and will kill the majority of humanity in less that one week.

To quote the late great George Carlin once again;

"Keep thy religion to thyself."

Honestly, the most intelligent one-liner I have ever heard…


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