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Positive Thought for the Day

Updated on March 7, 2013

Positive Thoughts for the Day

Mary Audrey Pescatore Ross

April 3, 1943 - August 13, 2006

"Thought for the day" was started in 1996!

For years family and friends had come to love our Momma's "Thought for the Day" messages. They had always seemed to come at a time in our lives that we needed to hear what was being said in the e-mail that she sent out. Many times the "Thought for the Day" message could have been an answer to a prayer, a confirmation that you are on the right road, a word of encouragement on a discouraging day, or just gave us hope when we felt like all hope was lost.

It is my hope and prayer that as my mother's namesake... Audrey, I will do the 'Thought's for the day" justice. I am the 4th child of 6 and the 3rd daughter and am now raising teenagers. I don't have my mom here to call and ask her questions about raising teenagers but I do still have my Dad and I praise God for that! Of course the one I run to most is my heavenly father and without him I would not be here today.

My father is so full of wisdom and has helped me through some of my darkest moments with my children. I've come through some of the trials with raising teenagers and have gained some wisdom through the storms.

This page will be my thoughts on everything pertaining to life. Being a wife, sister and friend, raising children, following Christ, becoming a career woman, starting a business, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing and everything else that comes with life.

We can make it through with a positive attitude and that is my prayer for this Squidoo help those that feel like they can't go on anymore. You can and will and I'm here to help in ANY way I can.

My Positive Thought for this day...

August 29, 2012

The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it? ~ Jeremiah 17:9

So the other day my 14 yr. old daughter and I are getting ready to go shopping and the Lord had been dealing with me on something I had been seeing on Facebook with a lot of her friends. You know the whole, I love this boy but he broke up with he wants me back...I don't know what I should do. I know he cheated on me but I love him...he must love me if he wants me back. You know the back and forth of this very emotional situation.

"Follow your heart" is what I keep reading/hearing and for some reason it just never sat well with me.

So this is how our conversation goes.

Me: Hey you know how everyone tells you to follow your heart?

My daughter: Yeah

Me: Well you know how they tell you to follow your heart if you love someone. What happens if I follow my heart when I don't like someone? I mean, don't our emotions reside in our heart? So if we have that feeling of love that comes from there then we must have that feeling of hate coming from their also right? So…should we REALLY be telling someone to follow their heart or should we be telling them to following the one that knows best for our lives.

My Daughter: Mom, that's what you are thinking about? Where do you come up with this stuff?

We both LOL ☺ but it got her thinking and that is what I wanted.

It also got me thinking that I need not allow my emotions to control me and I need not follow my heart because it truly can be deceptive at times and who really can understand it?

My prayer for you today is that you would not act on any emotion you may be feeling without first seeking the one that wants the best for you, our heavenly father. That in the time of waiting he would comfort you and give you strength and show you things you never imagined. In Jesus name. Amen

Be Blessed,

Audrey  :-)

Read more of my Positive Thoughts for the Day!

Best Daily Devotional Ever!

When my mom past away I got her Streams in the Desert: 366 Daily Devotional Readings and it was so neat flipping through the pages to see what she had highlighted. It's almost as if she is right here with me showing me what is really important in life.

While she was sick and going through Chemo you can see where her hands were shaking but still she highlighted away. The last highlighted spot was on July 22, 2011 and it reads..."Our time is in His hands, and He will quickly avenge those He has chosen, swiftly coming to our support without ever delaying even one hour too long." ~ Andrew Murray.

How powerful is that? God is so faithful, even after her being gone 5 years, He still comforts me!!!

This has been the ONLY devotional that I have read faithfully all the way through and every day it speaks right to my heart. I encourage you to pick yourself up a copy and allow God to minister to you as he has me. :)

All 6 of us kids after traveling to Texas to see our youngest brother get married.
All 6 of us kids after traveling to Texas to see our youngest brother get married.

Mom's Legacy lives on...

On August 13, 2006 when Mom took her last breath I am sure we all felt like all hope was lost.

NO ONE was to ever recieve another "Thought for the Day" from Audrey Ross EVER again!
After months and months of horrible grief I had come across a 3 ring binder that my Dad had given to me that was my Mom's. You see, there are 6 of us kids; Melissa, Rhonda, Raymond, Audrey, Angela,and Ben. When our mom passed away, Dad just started handing things out to each of us.

To this day we are still learning who has what! LOL

Anywhoo, when I opened this binder the flood gates opened and I began to sob so deeply that I had to close it. Inside was her treasure box of all the inspirational quotes that she had ever used along with thousands of quotes that would have never been seen by those that loved my mother so dearly... until NOW

It has been almost 3 1/2 yrs now since our Mom went home to be with her heavenly father. I have struggled with the question of whether I dare start where Mom left off. After much prayer I have decided that her legacy must live on.

These Thought for the day Quotes had helped many people and in Memory of our dearly missed mom I pray that you can find peace and hope in these wonderful quotes.

What the "Thought for the Day" messages have meant to us and them...

Along with the "Thought for the Day" message, Mom also has a prayer list going on and I always enjoy reading the prayers that have been answered and the prayers that are in the making. It seems like Mom knows how to speak right to my heart, of course what Mom doesn't right? I love to recieve my "Thought

for the Day" messages and when Mom is away and I don't receive them I feel like something is missing in my day..

Love ya Mom, Audrey - Daughter

Your mom is wonderful. Even though I do not know most of the people on her prayer list, it is wonderful to see the power of prayer at work. It is through your mom that I have renewed faith in God and His goodness.

Linda - friend

Moms thoughts for the day has given me direction in a time when I had none, it has given me hope, determination, aspiration, patience, love, understanding and most of all the strength to believe in the Lord through the good and bad. The great thing about the thought for the day is that my mother started it for my sisters and me before the internet made it possibly to spread the word to many people by the click of a button. Mom started this legacy when we were in grade school by writing verses on our brown lunch bags everyday. Being a young man

trying to uphold an "image" I was embarrassed to say the least. On occasions I would also get teased by the other kids for the verses being written on my lunch bag. But as I look back on it I knew and know now that I am loved. God bless her! And he does everyday.

I Love you mom, your son Ben

I forward "Thought for the Day" to each of my children. Audrey has an abiding love for God, family, and friends and it is reflected in her daily thoughts. She is also a wonderful friend.

Mary - friend

For some reason, it often seems to be talking to me. My family has had an unbelievable amount of deaths in the past five months (eight to be exact), that are somehow connected to us. They are either family members or friends, many were elderly, but some were our age. My faith has been surprisingly strengthened

over these months, not weakened. When I read the "thoughts" I think of how Audrey, even as far away as she is, and someone I haven't seen much since she read at my wedding almost 19 years ago, can still talk to my heart and lead me to God. Thanks for you faith Audrey.

Bobbie - friend

What are your Positive Thoughts for today?

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    • LivinLyfe profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Florida

      @ideadesigns: I have no idea where my reply went but I know I responded to you. I wanted to Thank you very much for the encouraging words and let you know I just love your lenses. Looking forward to reading all of them. :)

    • LivinLyfe profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Florida

      @ideadesigns: Thank you so much! That means so much to me. :)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      What a powerful and positive lens. Good thoughts and inspiring.

    • profile image


      12 years ago

      WOW!!! That is wonderful Audrey. I have a little black book that a mentor gave me years ago while attending Business school. Ever since this person gave me this thought for the day messages I have always taken a liking to that. I just found a few weeks ago there was a thing on facebook that you could put a thought of the day on your page so there I went to download it and for some reason I can't get it to post. Then here you come with this article about your mom two weeks later. The power of suggestion is amazing. That is great that you have found within yourself that the Legacy must go on. God Bless


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