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Monkey Zodiac Characteristics

Updated on December 23, 2010

Monkey Zodiac Personality Traits

Being the sign of inventor, motivator and improvisor, Monkey people are witty, capable and always eager to try to learn new things. No challenge will be too great for the Monkeys. These fast learners possess above-average intelligence and can solve intricate problems with ease. Hyperactive and strong minded, they are always hungry for knowledge and will generally excel in school. The Monkey can master anything under the sun and will be successful at whatever he chooses to do. The downside is that, Monkeys have inborn superior complex. They don't have enough respect for others. They can also be extremely selfish, vain and egoistic. There is also a jealous streak in Monkeys that surfaces every time they see someone gets a promotion or something that they don't have. With his innate versality, these people can be a good actor, diplomat, sportman, writer, lawyer, stockbroker, teacher etc.

Monkey Zodiac Sign

Monkey Zodiac Sign
Monkey Zodiac Sign

The Male Monkey

The male Monkey is extremely competitive. Audacious and astute, in his view, he is the center of the universe. Active and full of energy, he can make his own rules and also break them anytime he chooses. The male Monkey has impressive stamina, he can wake up at 5 am, spend 4 hours playing golf and then go to work, sit through meeting for another 6 hours and then drive to the next city for 2 hours to give a presentation after that go for a dance at night until 3 am with all his friends. Sometimes those aruond him cant heIp but wonder where he gets all his energy. The male Monkey relates well to women. His great conversation skills allow this naughty Monkey to say the right thing at the right moment and his girlfriend will have plenty of fun with him. Although born charming and has many admirers, very few of them end up in the chapel. It takes more than patience and love to tame this fickle Monkey.

The Female Monkey

The Monkey girl is Miss Sparkle herself. She is a natural show woman. The Monkey girl brings excitement, joy and stimulation wherever she goes. She will adapt easily to change and has a good head for figures. Few people will be left unstirred by her provocative beauty and liveliness. A great party goer, gracious hostess, entertaining speaker and tactful confidant, she must never never be underestimated. She may be nosey, but this smart clever Monkey wont be giving away any of her secrets in exchaenge for your well-guarded information. The female Money is one of the most up-to-date women in town. She can be flirtatious at times and when her mischievous side surfaces, the Monkey girl enjoys provoking jealousy among her many admirers and watching the fireworks. Calculating and practical, she wont work for free.

The Monkey Child

The cute Monkey child will be captivating. He wont keep still for a moment. Competitive, mischievous and jovial, he will steal his way into your heart. Unpredictable, curious and skilful at flattery, he is extremely good at playing up to your weaknesses, this incorrigible little Monkey will always get what he is after. He is never contented with what he has. This naughty and ambitious Monkey child will always have his eyes on other people’s possessions. The grass always look greener to hhim on the other side. One of the impressive and amazing thing to have a Monkey child is that he can spread his attention to several subjects and able to master them all. Optimistic, full of energy and forever hopeful, he will never concede defeat. He will keep on trying until he succeeds. Crafty, pretentious and excitable, he will be oblivious to any regulations that restricts him.


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