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Moon Throughout The Houses

Updated on October 18, 2014

The Moon is the fastest moving body in the heavens. It is a very transitory influence in astrology. These are minor aspects which reflect day to day life. They can be related to our various moods. The Moon traveling through the houses reflects what area of life our emotions are directed towards. The transient nature of the Moon means that most aspects only affect us for a few hours. There are exceptions to this rule. Eclipses are one major example. The Moon is also more powerful when it is full or new.

The Moon symbolizes many things. Women have menstrual cycles which are the same length as the orbit of the Moon. Women are symbolized by the Moon. In astrology the transiting Moon can be related to encounters with females. There are many other things that the Moon can represent in astrology. The emotions are one thing which we will understand by the position of the Moon.

Our emotions are transiting with the lunar pull. Each sign is a different energy. In each of our charts we have various aspects. These are affected by the transiting Moon. If the Moon is in a sign opposite our personal Moon we might experience an emotional conflict.

Moon Transiting The 1st House

House of Self

The 1st house reflects your self as a physical being. This house is akin to the ego as well. When the Moon is transiting the 1st house you may feel quite emotional. This is a time when you may self conscious about the way you look. You want to feel better about yourself. You might reach out socially for reassurance. Your friends might find you a little bit demanding at this time.

Moon Transiting The 2nd House

House of Movable Possessions

The 2nd house is related to possessions and items movable in nature. This is material wealth. When the Moon transits this house you may feel a compulsion to acquire objects to make you feel happy. This feeling is your way of trying to feel secure. It is an illusion which will pass away once the Moon transits the 3rd house.

Moon Transiting The 3rd house

House of Communications

The third house involves our everyday life. This house reflects speech, short distance travel, and encounters with relatives. You will feel your instincts coming through in your communications with others. This time is not always a time when we give other people the best impression. We may act too instinctively. This may turn people off. People may find our actions a bit too brash in this lunar phase. You will not be interested in any superficial connections with people at this time. You will be more interested in people with deep. It will be a time for relating to people on a deeper level. You may encounter a female relative who is able to teach you something new about yourself.

Moon Transiting The 4th House

House of Home and Family

When the Moon transits the 4th house we feel the need to retreat to our homes. This is an inward time where we may be drawn to reflecting on the past. The 4th house is associated with childhood memories. It will be a time when we will become aware of our past conditioning. We will notice the behaviors we engage in that are detrimental to ourselves. This is a good time to stay home and do work around the house. There might be a confrontation with another individual at this time.

Moon Transiting the 5th House

House of Creativity, Sex, & Love

During this 2 to 3 day transit you will find yourself feeling more outgoing than usual. It is a time to be creative and expressive. Your energies would be directed outwards. There is a strong desire to make yourself heard and stand out from the crowd. The desire to express yourself creatively will increase. Showing off your talents is a fruitful endeavor at this time. Your hobbies, love life, and activities you do for an enjoyment will take the forefront in your life. Amorous feelings will easily come to the surface ready to be expressed. You are inclined to express loving feelings towards those you care about. It is a time to indulge yourself in your desires.

It is important to be yourself at this time and feel the depths of who you really are. Your relationships with other people might be rather emotional. You may wish to reconsider friendships with those who do not accept the expressive side of your personality. Internally you will experience feelings of a greater emotional depth during this transit. If you are in a love relationship this could be a very passionate time. Beware of feeling too possessive. Relations with women would also be improved at this time.

Moon Transiting The 6th House

House of Service and Employment

The 6th house is associated with hygiene, service, and employment. This is counter to the emotional nature of the Moon. This energy does not work well in the 6th house. We may induce feelings of guilt on those around us. This would be due to emotional feelings which we are having trouble expressing. We may feel like we are giving way too much. This can produce feelings of resentment. We might also feel a little bit run down at this time. It is rare that this placement would signify a major illness. The Moon is a fleeting planet in astrology. The transit only lasts a couple days.

Moon Transiting The 7th House

House of Marriage and Partnerships

This placement entails strong feelings towards a partner. These feelings can result in a conflict. Most often this conflict would be with a woman. This transit can make us feel jealous and possessive of our loved ones. It can get us agitated about people who we consider to be our enemies. This house has been associated with contracts, open enemies, partnerships, and marriages. This house is opposite our house of self. This can mean a conflict. A conflict would be more intense if we have a planet occupying our first house.

Moon Transiting The 8th House

House of Death, Rebirth, and Regeneration

This transit can produce some very intense feelings. There are many people who will not notice this. It is most noted when another transiting planet is also in this same house. The 8th house is associated with the astrological sign of Scorpio. This reflects the Moon in a debilitated position. Moon in Scorpio is considered to be very upsetting in astrology. There are lots of flamboyant experiences when this transit occurs. You will be attracted to odd people. Powerful people will have a strong effect on you. You might also experience quarrels over possessions. These fights can be about jointly owned property.

Moon Transiting The 9th House

House of Long Distance Travel and mental Explorations

This house deals with faraway places. When the Moon transits the 9th house we may feel an urge for a break from our normal routine. This house is about higher learning. The Moon is a planet which likes to cling to the familiar. It is associated with the home. This means that this placement has some contradictory elements. They do not mesh together in a way that makes this transit easy to predict. You might find emotional comfort in exploring philosophical subjects. There might also be an encounter with somebody who is not from the same country or background as you. This transit only lasts a couple of days. It does not mean anything permanent.

Moon Transiting The 10th House

House of Public Recognition

The 10th house reflects our life in the public sphere. We are vulnerable to our secrets and personal lives being exposed to the public when this transit occurs. We will feel a greater sensitivity to the world at large. We might bring our personal life into the workplace. This transit can involve a visit from a relative at our workplace. It can also entail a day when we are working at home. This transit helps us bond to the people we work with. We might feel very sentimental about our job. There is also a tendency to add a personal touch to our work. Our work might involve the emotions on this day.

Moon Transiting The 11th House

House of Social Activities

This house governs our social activities, wishes, and friendships. When the Moon is transiting this house we may feel a need to emotionally connect with our friends. It can add a depth to our social relationships. There is also a tendency to feel possessive of a friend. We may experience jealous feelings if we are coming in at second place. This influence means that we crave to be part of a bigger picture. We might want to be involved with a community event. This is also a good time to examine our personal goals. We need to understand whether our desires are things we truly want instead of something which our peers suggest we want.

Moon Transiting The 12th

House of Secret Sorrows

The 12th house is one of the mystery houses. It deals with many issues that involve institutions, orphans, and other ideas which are about self-sacrifice. When the Moon is transiting this house we might feel like isolating ourselves and retreating from the world around us. We might have feelings which we are mulling over which we do not want to share with other people. There are things occurring in our unconscious which we might avoid dealing with. When we keep secrets from others it means that we are withholding information from our conscious mind. There might be many things we need to deal with. This is also a time when we are attracted to spiritual ideas. We might wish to spend time working with a meditational discipline.

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      Kenneth Avery 3 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama


      I love this hub and how you wrote it. You possess an amazing writing style.

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