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Moon Trine Neptune

Updated on October 1, 2014

The Moon

The Moon is one of the most important planets in our astrological chart. It governs our transiting moods and emotions about things. Everybody experiences different moods which rapidly shift from day to day. When the Moon is trine Neptune it is forming a particular aspect. This can create a personality quality in a person if the transit is occurring on the day of your birth. This can be found out in a natal chart. It is very easy to get a natal chart cast for free online. My favorite websites provides charts drawn in various ways for free. It is where I have learned a lot about astrology and constructing a natal chart.

A trine is when a planet is 120 degrees away from another planet. A trine has influence over another planet when it is within an orb of 10 degrees or less from 120 degrees.

There are many people born with this aspect of the Moon Trine Neptune in their astrological charts. The Moon is the fastest moving body in the zodiac. It stays in each sign for a period of 2 and a half days. Neptune is a slower moving planet and is also known as a generational planet. It spends about 7 years in each astrological sign.


Neptune is a generational planet. This means that you share certain things in common with people who are in your peer group. There are events in life which have an impact on an entire generation. Generational planets illustrate this.

Personality Analysis

People born with Moon trine Neptune are very compassionate and understanding. They enjoy music greatly. It may be used as a healing tool when they are feeling unwell. These people are very perceptive. They are tuned into the feelings of others. Their sensitivity is quite notable. At times this sensitivity can be quite overwhelming. They might feel a need to escape into daydreams. They are very sensitive to their surrounding. A beautiful room will help them feel happier and uplifted. Intuition is extremely strong and they might experience unusual perceptions. Sometimes their vivid imaginations can lead them astray. They would experience many hunches which might pay off. On the the negative side they may experience bouts of laziness, shyness, and passivity.

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