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Moslems attacked church in Cairo, Egypt

Updated on May 16, 2011

Religious clash in Cairo,Egypt

Rumors that turned into human tragedy!

Victims of violence in Egypt, both the dead and wounded is still confusing. Local television stations said there were as many as 10 people were killed and 186 people injured. This differs from what was said by a spokesman for the Ministry of Interior of Egypt, Mahmoud Alla, who said the six victims were killed and 120 injured. Actually it is not how many dead and wounded the world cares about, but to why the riot happened.

We still remember when people united in an effort to overthrow the government of Egyptian, President Hosni Mubarak recently. All are united and protected each other from attacks launched by the troops and followers of Mubarak. When Muslims pray, Christians protected them by creating a line around their Muslim counterparts. Conversely, when Christians prayed, Islamic protected the Christians. Now the compactness of it as if torn, faded. It would be nice if the unity, unity and mutual respect as before can be maintained and continued.

Reportedly, the riots sparked rumors of a Christian woman who converted to Muslim. Because of her desire she was held at the Church of St Mena, a Coptic Orthodox church in Imbaba, Cairo. It is not known whether these rumors were true or not, which soon flourished. Then, according to several witnesses, members of the Salafist Islamic armed group came to the church which is one of the oldest churches in Egypt. Riots finally broken, an attack by Muslim groups against Coptic Christians using firearms, Molotov cocktails and stones. Two churches and several houses around it burned. Military and firefighters took several hours to extinguish the fire and the situation under control. But a witness, a blogger who called Mahmoud said, that the attacker had been more like thugs than the group of Salafi Islam.

Mina Adel, an eye witness said: "I saw three people were killed and dozens others injured, there were no security forces at that time. People attacked us and we must protect ourselves .."

Are the rumors true? Is she really held in the church? What is called rumors should not be trusted. If you do not know the origin of rumors, they should be ignored. All parties regretted the occurrence of the riots.

There seems to be third parties who play and create rumors. These third parties want to take advantage of the chaotic situation that occurred. The same thing often, not once, but often also happens in many countries. In other countries these third parties often use economic issues, religions and life status as their weapons to create unstable situations. Most of these tricks take places in developing countries such as Indonesia, India, Philippine, etc. These third parties usually wish the situation remains not conducive, not stable. From a situation like that, the third parties get their opportunities and benefits they want. In Egypt, these third parties might be foreigners in Egypt or Mubarak’s followers who want Mubarak to sit back in his position as president of Egypt. There are also suspicions that the riots in Egypt were triggered by using religion rumors.

The Egyptian government must now get up and move towards improving the situation as quickly as possible. If the situation continues like this, it is feared that the Egyptian people will eventually think that the previous government is better than the current government and ultimately predictable, they want Hosni Mubarak's return to power in Egypt. This is of course highly undesirable by the people and the reformers of Egypt. The people and the military government of Egypt are trying to bring this country switched to democracy.

Two days after the riot occurred, precisely on Monday (9/5/11), Christians in Egypt, prayer in-field near Tahrir for three consecutive days. They did not attack back, but do the prayer together.

The riots that occurred between the two religious communities, when at the time of struggle to overthrow President Hosni Mubarak united, is very unfortunate. After the fall of Mubarak regime, Egypt is struggling to restore the situation in the country. The Egyptian government has also promised to crack down any unrest and especially attacks on houses of worship. But it seems the promise cannot be met by the Egyptian government today.

Some Islamic leaders in Egypt condemned the attack and warned of the dangers of tension that will continue to happen if this sort of thing does not stop. Especially after the fall of Hosni Mubarak the situation is not very conducive in Egypt. Sometime after the riots, Prime Minister of Egypt held a special cabinet meeting to discuss the incident. Essam Sharaf finally decided to postpone his trip to the Gulf countries (Bahrain) to discuss the situation.

We all hope that events like this will not happen again. Not only in Egypt but also in other countries. Anyone who emerged as the winner in the riots is not real winner. Since there is no winner in an event of unrest. Both the losing and winning would be equally devastated.

Egyptians are trying to create peace, political stability and economic stability after the overthrow of the government of President Hosni Mubarak's regime. Egypt has been tired and bored with the situation which continues indefinitely. Now is the time for them, the Egyptians, to reorganize the state struggling to recover as usual. They want the certainty of law, politics and economics.

Let’s pray for the people of Egypt.


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