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Mount Zion

Updated on December 1, 2014

God's Mountain of Teaching

There is one part of the bible that very few people have any idea about. That is Micah Chapter 4 where God promises things for the last days. If we are in that time then these things will be fulfilled.

But in the last days it shall come to pass that the mountain of the house of God shall be established in the top of the mountains and all people shall flow unto it. Micah 4:1

In Isaiah 35:10 it is predicated that the ransomed of the lord will come to Zion and they will be singing and rejoicing and all their sorrows will flee away, Well, Mount Zion is here now and it is knowledge from the one trained by God who has reincarnated for this purpose and her name is the Daughter of Zion.

It is not a physical mountain but a spiritual place for those who are spiritual. It is where the Spirit will reveal everything through her, as per the promises in the Old Testament. It is where the she will detail the plan of God and why these things have been hidden for so long. It is also the highest peak in the world because it is the Internet. Here every question can be answered in a flash and everyone the world over can access the information and hear the words of the Spirit spoken through a woman, as noted in Isaiah 42:14.

Nothing about the real God is a mystery any longer as the false gods of religious invention are removed. Now she is bringing in the harvest to God, the spiritual children of Israel who have been tried and tested throughout the course of the day of the lord. That time is at an end,

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Babylonian Ziggurat - British Museum
Babylonian Ziggurat - British Museum

The Rising Sun

Place of teaching in ancient times

In the biblical sense the mountain is where one meets God. At the peak they worshiped the sun-star which appeared as sunlight dispersed into the seven colors of the rainbow that moved perpetually outwards, Central to it was the right-angled cross. Mountains were, therefore, the place of teaching and where the laws were handed down from the sun through dying god-men as they hung on crosses. The one who interpreted their words was the high priest, because he lived on the peak.

People went to the mountain to be close to their gods in the ancient world and it carried over into modern faiths. That's why churches have spires, mosques have domes and other sacred buildings have similar symbols. The temples to ancient gods were built as pyramids to resemble mountains and worshipers climbed up to be in their presence.

In some religions people still climb to the top of high peaks, such as in Japan, to touch and embrace the holy shrine. Here they worship the rising sun. The old flag of Japan was an image of the sun star but it is now not used and might even be considered offensive.

The mountain is remembered in the joining of hands in prayer by Christians and many Eastern Asian cultures whereby the hands form a peak. Hands joined in this way and held out to strangers, such as in places like Thailand, is the equivalent of offering them a blessing or saying 'hello'. Hands held this way in prayer usually have the thumbs crossed as in the cross at the peak.

Every religion has its sacred peak or shrine and for Christianity, Judaism and Islam it is Jerusalem. This city that each claims as its heart sits on a peak out of the way of ancient trade routes so its purpose was religious, not economic. Its true purpose was sacrifice of god-men, usually by crucifixion. It was here that the 'Eye God' of Babylon appeared;

Taken by the Spirit back to Babylon to learn the origin of religions I was also shown how words come apart into sentences, 'S-x-o-l' is 'light's cross-circle of god' and many terms were derived from it including 'school'. The Scandinavian greeting 'skol' or 'skal' also comes from this source. It was where people met and greeted each other in the presence of the Mother God.

The English 'hello' is from 'el-o' or 'god's circle'. There was no [h] until the Greeks invented it years later as the symbol for the seat of Zeus. It stands, therefore, for mountain. It is the same origin for 'halo' which means the sun is on one's head. Christian saints supposedly wear halos as a reference to where the religion arose. Note in the image of the eye is an angel with wings serving it. This image is from Babylon and clearly shows the emergence of Christianity and other religions in the icons.

As a place of teaching it was a school and it was also where people learned to 't-or-k. Over the course of human history sounds changed and additions made determining the etymology of them more difficult. The Spirit taught me, however, and nothing is hidden from it.

'T-or-k' means 'cross of the sun's cross' and later it became 'talk'. The god-man talked to pass on the law which is also 'l-or' or 'god sun'. 'O-r' is 'circle of power' and that is the sun. To be in 'awe' comes from the same source meaning to be in the presence of the god.

Doagh Holed Stone
Doagh Holed Stone

The Mountain of God

The daughter of Zion is the Teacher

It is a teaching of spiritual things and it was intended to be delivered in the last days by a woman. She can explain everything from beginning to end. She is educated by the Spirit and not by man.

The mountain is called 'door tor' (origin of daughter) and it was here that men thought they could enter the realm of Mother god and become suns. 'T-or' means 'cross of the cross' or 'sun's cross'. Metaphorically dreamed on passing through the circle in the rock that displayed the sun's power and dispersed the light into the seven colors of the rainbow to be with her.

This was the hole's eye, which is the origin of 'hol-i' or 'holy'. Until very recently it was considered healing power to pass through the hole in the stone and to be made well. 'Well' is from 'V-el' meaning 'Living god'. 'H-l' or 'hill of god gave us words like 'heal', 'hell', and 'hail'. Vowels were unstable and any vowel could be used and, therefore, slightly change the meaning over time. 'Hell', 'hill' and 'heal had the same etymology but religions have changed the meaning. But they kept the symbolism. "He descended into hell" is even in The Apostle's Creed.

To die on the hill was to go to hell and because it was the place where the sun's power was expressed in the light it became a religious term for suffering at God's hands. Later it was refined to mean eternal punishment in fire, which is ridiculous. To feel pain one needs living nerves and the dead have none.

The teacher of the mountain of God is the 'daughter' or 'door to the mountain' which is Mt. Zion, According to the prophecies for this time she is breaking down the barrier between the Spiritual people of God, called Israel, and the truth. She is overthrowing the one nominated as 666 in Revelation 13:13-18 because he invented Jesus Christ and established the Roman Catholic Religion in 325AD at the Council of Nicaea. To bring him to naught along with his religion and all the opposing forces against the Spirit will open the door for the return the children of Israel to the Spirit.

This is promised in the Old Testament to be done.

How long wilt thou go about, Oh you backsliding daughter? For I have created a new thing in the earth, a woman shall compass a man. Jeremiah 31:22

The number for the sun is 7, being the seven colours of the rainbow. But the number for the man who went through the door was 8, formed by 2 circles adjacent to one another. He became the second circle and his body was eaten as part of the absorption of his spirit by the observers. Thus we have 'ate' which is the same as 'eight'. Religious buildings display 8 in their symbolism as a sign that it is the place of the god-man.

The picture depicts an ancient church with the circle in the center of the hill and the eight windows within symbolises the crucifixion of the god-man within the circle. The appearance of the cross in front of it is another form of the same expression.

Stoning the Devil

One would think that if this had true spiritual meaning and that their god was on side with this event that such catastropihies would not happen. But it is all from the workings of 666 and cohorts who exploit, murder and con everyone into believing the ridiculous.

Have you ever looked into the origin of religion?

Or do you just go along with what others tell you?

Rama - chief God of the Vedic Religion
Rama - chief God of the Vedic Religion

Religions Hide the Real God

The Spirit is not in religion of any form.

When taken back to Babylon and to the start of all religions the first beast was there in all his glory. In a vision a man left the beautiful city of God and he went off to the left and built another similar. He then put up detour signs and people flooded to it. When they arrived they found the outside is a veneer and within is the jail in which they are trapped. They are reaching through the bars and calling "Jesus", many time over.

The man built a wall between God and the children of the spirit. Religions have added to it over the years and the length of it is called the day of the Lord. He is the one who sought to rise higher than God and to sit in the clouds as God and to be greater than God. He almost succeeded until the real God spoke out and educated me into who he is and what he has done.

His name is 'Ishmael' in Genesis, the son of Abraham. The Jews added to the original name and changed it around for it is Islam. In an effort to hide their roots they tried to camouflage him by altering his name. He was sent forth into the desert to be an archer, that is a hunter of men and a killer. It was he who built Babylon, the home of the Islamic religion from which all other religions have sprouted.

His father's name is 'O-b-ram' (corrupted to Abraham) which means 'circle bearing the ram'. 'Ram' is from 'ra-m' or 'power of or for the mother'. It is the root of Rama, the chief God of the Vedic Religion. Note in the image that he is a hunter with bow and arrow. He has the sun disc on his headdress to show that he represents the celestial body on earth. He is in 'Ramadan' and he is a representation of the lord of the day.

'Rama' reversed is 'Amar' and as vowels were unstable prior to dictionaries it is also 'Amor'. This was the name of the inhabitants of Babylon and followers of sun worship. They migrated into all the world and took their Mother God, Mari, with them. Their next capital after Babylon was called Mari, and it is situated 10 km northwest of Abu Kamal in Syria.

They were hunters of the worst kind and they raided, murdered, stole, enslaved, and overthrew governments, kings and people in all the regions where they went. After their exploits in Egypt and the death of the last legitimate pharaoh, Tutankhamen, one of their own, Ai (Eye), took the throne.

They went into Italy and built a new capital after Mari was destroyed by earthquake and they called it Roma (reverse Amor). They conquered all the regions around the Mediterranean driving themselves as far as the west coast of Britain in the west and to the borders of India in the east. Their mark is on everyone in all areas where they touched, They are, of course, the Romans who built a staggering empire of size, people, and riches. By early 4th CAD it required 5 emperors to rule over it.

The British emperor was Constantius who reigned for 17 months before his sudden death. His son, Constantine, was immediately put in his place by the army of his command. In English both these emperor's names are 'CONSTANT' and when the Spirit put the words CONSTANTINE IS 666 up in large black letters before my eyes it was up to me to find out why he is so described.

Constantine is Constant II

He was destined to do great things

From the outset contemporary authors had him in their sights. Sozoman wrote that he was a man with the purpose of attaining sole rule over the empire. "He had in mind from the first what he wanted to do" he wrote. That goal involved achieving it at any cost and over the bodies of hundreds of thousands who stood in his way,

Maxentius, his brother-in-law, was the first to fall at the Milvian Bridge outside of Rome along with his massive army, all of his family and anyone else who could have claimed his throne. Riding over his body into Rome Constantine had the Babylonian cross born in front of him and then erected crosses throughout the city. It is claimed by some that it was because of a sign from Christ to go forth and conquer using it as a talisman. That is a highly unlikely story as the facts state a different scenario.

The Romans wore the cross on their uniforms and it was painted on some of their shields and even their chariots. Over time this was hidden from the public who were led to believe otherwise.

As brutal and ruthless as any of his type Constantine achieved sole rule when his eldest son was murdered on his orders. Crispus had been raised to the position of emperor to aid his father in defeating Licinius, the last of the other 5 emperors present when he acceded to the throne. The young man was accused of treason and was executed by his father's army.

Constantine then established the Roman Catholic Church as a continuation of the Islamic religion of Babylon and the Amors. He invented its prophet, Jesus Christ, and reinstated the Mother God, Mary, as the Mother of God. He kept constant the things of the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed (Revelation 13:13-4).

He built the Vatican over the temple of Jupiter (i-pita in Italian). It was designed on the vagina and womb of the Mother God, which is expressed in many ancient temple sites, such as the Nuraghic temple pictured above. This is along the lines of the Newgrange temple and burial site in Ireland. Its entrance faces east and at winter solstice the light penetrates it to the actual chamber. This was when the 'birth' of the 'Christ' supposedly took place three days later on 25th December.

The idea of laying the dead chief's body in her womb followed the belief of rebirth. Christians believe you have to be reborn to be saved. The birthday of Christ is the same as that of the sun in Babylon. Those who resurrected in this way were deemed to be 'suns of the sun' or 'Sons of God. 'Sun' and 'son' have the same etymology.

Constantine took charge of commerce and industry and to this day everything that happens in the world is the result of 666 and the controlling forces he put in place. His religious organisation is the richest in the world and it still promotes heaven and hell are its weapons of success.

His cohorts included Jerome who at the end of the 4th CAD compiled the New Testament and attached it to the Septuagint, which he labelled the Old Testament, and enforced the idea that Peter (Jupiter) is the rock on which the religion is built. He then took the laws, festivals, calendar, instruments and garments used in the Imperial Roman (Islamic) religion and brought them into the Catholic Church as its own.

The gods remained the same albeit with different names. The symbols, such as the cross, also remained as the most holy sign. Mary became its chief god who is prayed to by its patrons. The angels and idea of saints also stayed. The priests still wear the insignia of the gods of Babylon and the robes of Christianity, Judaism and Muslim remain identical to this day.


Symbols from Babylon

The Fish God

Dagon was the chief god of Babylon. He was half man-half fish because he was the 'sun' that was taken from the water to be reared in secret. This is the basis for the Moses story and also Bacchus.The priests of Babylon wore the fish cloak to show that they spoke as the 'suns of the sun' and that the law they handed down was that of the Mother god.

Note the cross on the top of his head because that is the insignia of his authority, The cap represents the circle and to this day priests of all religions born of Babylon wear circles in one form or another on their heads. The Jews use the kippa (kippah), and 'kipper' is an English term for fish. The Muslims cap is the Tufi. The Catholic clergy wear the soli deo which means 'sun's eye god'. Kings are crowned with circles and cross on their heads to show they represent the Mother God as her spokesman.

This is the pope raising the sun image and the radiating rays of light as the 'Eucharist'.during the mass. He is wearing the soli deo on his head signifying his right to speak for the sun.

Catholic hymns venerate Mary as the Star of Heaven, the Queen of Hope, and the Mother of God but how anyone can conceive an idea that the great power of the universe had a mother is beyond justification. The facts are that the Queen of Heaven, Mary, remains the powerful force of worship in all areas of religious faith.

She has many names and identities, including the cow married to the bull or 'Ba-al' of Islam. He also has many names but the term 'bull' is in 'bullion' for the ore named after the sun. A bullish market is a rising one because the bull was the image of the resurrection of the crucified God.

Amos 2:16 states that when you hear the truth "you will call me Ishi (Issi), and not Ba-al". The corruption of the name is understandable as the Jews and Greeks added [h] to just about everything. 'I-s' is 'eye of light' and doubling terms increased potency. The Light of the Spirit is brighter than the sun and Issi or 'isis' expresses that. There is no [j] in Italian or Latin but when it is added the name become 'j-is-is' which is 'Jesus' in English. Constantine took that name for his invented Christ.

The sacred cow god of Egypt is venerated in countries like India where they are allowed free range and no one can kill them. The image of the cow was used to place sick people inside for healing. 'C-o-w' is from 'x-o' which means 'cross of the circle'. It was used as a symbol for resurrection, which is why it is placed on top of Christian graves. Crosses also marked the place of the markets where the 'mark' of the beast saw good exchanged.

'Mar-duk' or 'mardox' is one of the gods of Babylon. The name means 'mother's power-food-circle cross'. Here he is the messenger of the Mother God represented by the horse. It has feathers, wings and claws of the bird, scales of a fish and arms and hands like a man stylised to include the claws, and the head of a horse with horns.

Mardok has the wings of the bird but otherwise is quite human in his appearance. He wears a sword and is the personna of an angel in the religious sense, The weapon indicates that he is a killer like Ismal. On his wrist is the circular sun disk.

This is an image of the sun stylised with a face like a woman and the bursting rays of light surrounding her head. Her consort became 'duk' or 'duke' which is a royal title for a male consort. To 'duk' means 'to hide' or 'get out of the way'.

It is clear that the religions of Christianity, Judaism and Muslim came from Babylon as branches of Islam, the worship of the sun god. Constantine made the 'dies solis' or 'day of the sun' (Sunday) the holiest day of the week and it is still upheld as such. He abolished the ritual of crucifixion of god-men to preserve the image he put up as the Son of God and he forced everyone to worship the image or be killed.

He released prisoners from jails to serve in the priesthood and he changed the date of Easter from the March equinox to the next full moon. 'Equin-ox' is from 'eye queen-ox' and it is the marriage of the Mother God to the bull that is celebrated with fertility rituals, eggs, rabbits and so on. The name comes from the 'i-star' which is 'easter' and the 'oestrous cycle' is named after it as it relates to reproduction.

God=man in circle
God=man in circle

The Daughter of Zion

End Time Prophecies state that She will be the teacher

This is the promise for the end.

Be in pain and labour to bring forth, O Daughter of Zion, like a woman in travail, for now shall you go out of the city and you shall dwell in the field and you shall go even to Babylon, There shall thou be delivered; there God shall redeem thee from the hands of your enemies

Arise and thresh, O daughter of Zion: for I will makes thine horn iron, and I will make thy hooves brass: and thou shalt beat in pieces many people: Micah 4:10,13

"Horns' is symbolism for knowledge and the hooves are the means by which you kick. With knowledge that is ironclad and hooves capable of murder the Daughter of Zion has been well prepared for the teask ahead.

One of the first thoughts that came to me when the knowledge was given is that many would try to kill me to silence my work. But they did not know that God has many ways of completing the task set out. One of them is the Internet.

Notice that the god-man in the circle is a shepherd herding sheep. That's the image portrayed of Jesus Christ, the model of Constantine, and the sheep are those who, like sheep, are easily led.

Babylon is the origin of religion and language and only the Spirit could have led me there.

Spiritual Outpouring

I will pour out my spirit on the house of Israel. Ezekiel 39:29

It's happening around the world as the Spirit touches people and they feel its connection. They are pouring out of traditional religions in droves. The churches have never been emptier.

But around the world are new types of meeting places and they are being highlighted in a bad light but isn't this where the Spirit really is today?

This from one group on Kangaroo Island, written by the leader

"Every Holy Spirit led and empowered service went on for more than 3 hours as the spiritually led Children received a touch from the Spirit of God at the prayer all thirsty people drank deeply from the river of God's presence! Many were so surprised that they actually stayed so long at a church service! Pastor Daniel said, "I get so excited when I see people breakout of the bondage of the religious traditions of man and come into a real life transforming relationship with Jesus, the Lover of our souls! All Glory to God for visibly breaking their chains and setting His precious people free to worship Him in Spirit and Truth!"

These people are following the old ways of the bible but they are waiting because they are gathering like so many millions of groups around the world for the day when they will understand and be truly free. But religions are trying to prevent that from happening. To do that they are putting on pretend shows and trying to convince people that they have the Spirit, which they don't.

You easily know when you are in the presence of God. You can't stand when the power hits. It is hard to talk and almost impossible to think. That's why you see people rolling on the floor and overjoyed or bawling their eyes out. The tears are from excitement, joy and love. They have probably never felt it before and now they are overwhelmed.

If you would like to experience the power you can if you are truly seeking. Simply ask Jesus to fill you with the spirit right now. Prepare yourself by removing all distractions, take the phone off the hook, put the dog outside and stop anything else that might interfere, If you are ready then sit quietly and say to the Spirit (whose name is Jesus):

Jesus take control of my life

Jesus fill me with your spirit

Jesus heal me

In Jesus name.

If you feel the power let it pour over you. If you don't feel the power you are either not ready or not of Israel. Suggest you keep pouring out your heart until you get filled. The key to success is to understand that religions of all persuasions are from Babylon and not from God, If you have anything of a religious nature in your house or on your person get rid of it. It will block the power.

The people who mostly are immediately filled with the Spirit are those who are seeking truth and can receive it without argument when they hear it. So read all the lenses above and get with it. In Jesus name.

What Religion Doesn't Have

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    • Bellezza-Decor profile image


      7 years ago from Canada

      From my understanding of what I read prior to this lens is a feeling that the Zionists, who are (Ashkenazis of former Khazaria), a people calling themselves Jews, who are not Jews, have hijacked so much in the Bible story that this Mount of Zion story seems to be shrouded in some degree of mystery.


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