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Moving Mountains ( Manifest Destiny)

Updated on March 5, 2013

Manifest Destiny

Moving Mountains

"Life is what you make it" , is the old "cliche". Said to to help take the pain away , no further explanation they have to say . If only we realized how true these words can be when put into manifestation.

"Mind over matter" , the "power of the mind" , all spoken like fairy tales that don't exist ."Manifest Destiny" the "in" word of the day . Truer words were never spoken , if only they were uttered with intent and full of faith .

Faith keeps me going my Grandmother always said to me . If only we realized all these "words of wit" were as real as we make them , we would live in the perfect place . Words spoken to sooth the soul not knowing the real truth of the sayings .

"Believe with all your Heart" and you can "move mountains". Narrow minds and shallow thoughts make it sound impossible .

With eyes wide open and faith as solid as a rock , anything is possible . An open mind and beliefs that cannot be shaken . This is what "moves mountains" and "manifest destiny" into the dreams people dream .

The doubters feel forsaken , prisoners of the passed down teachings of others not enlightened , all products of closed minded thinking . People stuck in the reality they feel they were chosen to survive ,never knowing it was all only in their mind .

When the time is right and the universe ready a new thought of what "if" slowly changes a generations mind . The door will close to the old way of thinking giving full graces to what their thoughts could be making .

Breaking the molds and blazing new trails , changing the accepted mind sets , taking a chance and having blind faith . They "manifest destiny" without giving a thought . The power they have has always been there , filling their hearts with faith and eyes wide open accepting what the universe has to offer .

Now realizing what our ancestors had been missing and what a small world it is when true faith and open minds do not exist . The world is without restrictions , time without beginnings nor ends ,timeless and endless bring on new meanings .

Life is truly "what you make it" as you have always heard . No longer sounding like hollow half believed words . Let the healing begin , "peace", "love" and "happiness" are yours for the taking . No longer a secret only known to a few , our limits are boundless our futures as we dreamt , always accessible whenever we want .

"Moving Mountains" no longer a chore , your faith and will can do even more . The light so bright no longer blinding , the night so dark no longer frightening . "Manifest Destiny" a common thing no longer viewed as an impossible dream .

Faith is no longer an invisible safe haven for thinking so narrow that life remained the same . In a world without blinders on , all is revealed , above all just how wonderful our "maker" truly is . All of the doubt and blind beliefs of how life should be were manifested from fear and deceit .

"Hells fire and Brim stone" the common teaching , "toeing the mark" , not straying to "sin" , "temptation" not ever to be let in . The power of the "mind" a powerful thought kept generations captive on a single thought plane .

"Faith" most powerful of all , not even the mind can alter its stand ! It believes without questions not having to see , it follows the heart and "manifest destiny" ! It makes waters part it knows no boundaries , life is of its own choosing refusing to doubt .

A free thinking soul with only one goal . "Manifest Destiny " is all anyone knows , realizing the steps to cleanse the soul en lights the spirit and anything goes . God Bless the universe and all that is light , without blinders there would be nothing to en-light !

Vagabond Mystic 2011


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    • profile image

      Brenda Durham 6 years ago

      I voted this UP and interesting, for the fact that it is interesting.

      But, if I may say so without offending you, it needs some typos corrected. And I'm confused as to your overall meaning. Are you promoting psychic abilities, or are you trying to tie mysticism to Faith? And "manifest destiny"?