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Mundane Astrology

Updated on June 8, 2014

Mundane astrology is also known as Judicial Astrology. It is the most ancient form of astrology out there. There are ingresses in astrology. This is when a planet enters a particular astrological sign. Ingresses are extremely important. In Mundane Astrology it is the most important event. The Vernal Equinox is the ingress associated with spring. In many traditions of witchcraft this is considered the beginning of the year.

For Mundane Astrology you would draw at natal chart depicting the ingress of the Sun into the astrological sign of Aries. The very 1st minute the Sun goes into this sign you would use to draw up a chart. This chart would tell you what to expect in the coming year in the world around you. Mundane Astrology focuses on world events that change the entire cosmic consciousness. This is not a personal approach to astrology. It is a political astrology.

What Sign Is On The Ascendant?

The sign on the ascendant is very important. The ascendant is also known as the rising sign. It is the sign on the horizon as the Sun makes it's ingress into Aries. There are different types of signs. They can be divided into quadruplicities. The quadruplicities are called cardinal, fixed, and mutable signs. These tell us how chaotic a year is going to be. If you cast a chart and a fixed sign is on the ascendant it will be a year which stays pretty much stable as time progresses. A cardinal sign means you will need to draw up 4 charts. Each chart would be draw up as the Sun enters into a new season. These are the signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. The mutable signs are only requiring 2 charts. There would be one for Aries and a second for Libra.

Significations Of The Planets

The Sun - Rulers, Monarch, President, Prime Minister, Aristocrats, Magistrates, Authority Figures, Judges, and other people of distinction.

The Moon - Everyday People, Females, Masses Of People, Public Matters. The Moon shows where the general public will be most concerned in the coming year.

Mercury - Literature, Media, The Press, Publications, Ambassadors, Commerce, Intellectuals, and Communications.

Venus - Women's Issues, Birth Rate, Marriage, Artistic Matters, and Musicians.

Mars - Military, War, Terrorists, Disputes, conflicts, Strikes, Fire, Arson, and Opposition.

Jupiter - Religion, Justice, and Banks.

Uranus - Riots, Political Tension, Right Wing Politics, Free Enterprise, Fascism, Individualism, Science, and Anarchy.

Neptune - Communism, Left Wing Politics, Collectivism, Fraud, Vice, and Mobs.

Pluto - Sewers, Excrement, Things Hidden From The Public, Death, and Organized Crime.

Houses In Mundane Astrology

1st - The Nation, General Prosperity, and The People.

2nd - Wealth, Money, Stock Exchange, Banks, and Financial Institutions.

3rd - Railroad, Cars, Communications, Telephones, Magazines, and Neighboring Countries.

4th - Land Owners, Mines, Building, Democracy, and Political Opposition.

5th - Entertainment Industry, Sports, Children, Gambling, High Society, and Ambassadors.

6th - Health, Army, Civil Servants, Trade, and Unions.

7th - Foreign Matters, Marriage, and Divorce Rate.

8th - Death rate, Financial Matters With Other Nations, and Public Mortality.

9th - Shipping, Airplanes, Distant travel, Religion, Churches, Universities, Philosophical Ideas, and Publications.

10th - Government, Monarchs, Authority Figures, National Trade, Celebrities, and Power.

11th - Parliament, Town Councils, and Legislation.

12th - Prisons, Criminals, Espionage, and Hidden Enemies.

Videos On Mundane Astrology

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