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My Edinburgh Ghost Storys

Updated on November 17, 2012

My Ghostly Experiences In Edinburgh Scotland

Edinburgh is one of the oldest well preserved city's in the world and has a lot of ghostly history and legends. I have made this lens to share my story's from when me and my wife went up there to visit two haunted locations which are the Edinburgh vaults & the Edinburgh Castle Dungeons.

Hope you enjoy my two story's form these amazing haunted locations...

Edinburgh vaults location one - let's get started

Edinburgh vaults meerkat tours
Edinburgh vaults meerkat tours

I have always been in love with the paranormal ever since I saw the figure and disembodied voice of an elderly gentleman sitting in a chair within my bedroom when I was about 10 years old. It was at this point that I knew ghosts existed but never really took it upon myself to go looking for them until I watched an episode of ghost adventures where they visited Scotland and the Edinburgh vaults.

Me and my wife were heading to Scotland anyway to go and see some relatives in Cumbria so I made a suggestion to my wife that we should pack up some of our ghost hunting gear and spend a few nights in Edinburgh before we head back which my wife happily agreed to as she is a fond lover of the paranormal also. Whilst we were in Cumbria with the relatives I went onto Google to have a look at what was available to us and found a tour agency called meerkat tours who also had the availability of ghostly Tours within Edinburgh so I promptly booked us a place on a tour of the Edinburgh vaults.

Me and my wife where scheduled in for the tour at 12 PM on Saturday afternoon so we drove down to Edinburgh and checked into a hotel ready to take the tour. Before we took the walk down the Edinburgh mile to meet with the tour guide I popped down to the car and open the boot and placed the voice recorder into my wife's handbag and also my portable FLIR Thermo Camera. We then met the tour guide at the meeting point that had been arranged it was a nice lady and a very good actor to boot and then showed us a few little hotspots and a few stories on the way to the vaults which included the story of a lady who was thought to be dead and was buried with a piece of string in her coffin which was attached to a piece of string which she rang three days after being pronounced dead and then went on to live 70 years longer and died peacefully in her sleep.

Me and my wife did not know this at the time but the entrance to the Edinburgh vaults was actually through the meerkats tour office and then down some creepy stairs and into the vaults. The vaults are very scary and look exactly like the crypt and the tour lady then told us about the main ghost who they call Mr Boots who has been known to push people scratch people and shout abusive words to visitors. Whilst we're on the tour I reached into my wife's handbag and started to record on the recorder and we then moved to the back of the pack and I started to ask questions to see if I could pick up any EVP voices on review when we had finished. My wife then felt as if she walked into some cobwebs and asked me if I had just moved her hair or stroke her hair which I had not so she started to get suspicious that there may actually be a presence in the vaults. We were shown around three different locations in the vaults which were known to have apparitions and were told the story about a little boy and the lady who seemed remain in the area and at this exact time me and my wife heard shuffling behind us as we were at the back of the pack and what seemed to be a child's voice saying want to play?. At that point I said to my wife and I hope we caught that on the recorder because it was quite distinctive.

Before we left the vaults the tour guide turned all the lights off completely including the candles and started to tell a story in the dark about Mr Boots so I took this opportunity to have a quick scan on my thermal camera and I saw a figure in the right corner show up which did not appear to have the same temperature as all the people that were in the tour group and there was also a figure to the left which seem to be behind a metal door so I assumed that these were all people from within the tour group. At this point we were not aware that this was part of a little scare tactic that the agency use to scare people before they leave the vaults where they place a hooded man behind a metal door and then get him to run out screaming in the dark to put the heebie-jeebies up people.

The tour ended and then me and my wife headed for some food and then back to the hotel where I thought I would have a look to see if I picked up any evidence on the equipment I sneaked into the vaults. First off I reviewed the video footage and the figure I mentioned to the right which seemed to be a more purple colder color than the rest of the tour group was in fact a ghost but whether this was Mr Boots I am unsure and the reason we know this is because the next day before we were going to make a second ghost tour at Edinburgh Castle dungeons I went back to the meerkats tour agency and asked them if there was anybody in the right corner of the main vaults area when the tour lady was giving her story about Mr Boots and they then told us that there was nobody in that corner only a man behind the metal gates was there to scare people but she was located on the left. Anyway back to the evidence I then checked the recorder and clear as day you can hear a young boy saying play with me quite clearly as a disembodied voice which believe me sounded quite freaky.

Edinburgh vaults appears on the most scariest places in the world - Take a look

Here is a quick video of the Edinburgh vaults that appeared on the most scariest places in the world TV series for the Syfy channel.....

Edinburgh vaults
Edinburgh vaults

Edinburgh vaults wrap up & conclusion

My thoughts on the Edinburgh vaults

The real name for the Edinburgh vaults is actually the South bridge vaults and is the mass of Chambers covering around 19 acres buried beneath Edinburgh and had been completed around the year 1788. It was used for around 30 to 40 years and contained Cobblers tradesmen and had mainly been used as a storage facility for illegal material and there were prostitution claims and violent attacks taking place on a daily basis.

After the vaults started to deteriorate through the damp and quality of the air being so dangerous the poor people of Edinburgh decided to move in which then caused diseases to spread and the number of people who died down there is probably never going to be known but one thing I can tell you is that if you want to experience one of the most scariest places definitely in Scotland or maybe even the planet then I suggest you go and visit the Edinburgh vaults.

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Find a story and go investigate it.....

Edinburgh Castle dungeons
Edinburgh Castle dungeons

Edinburgh Castle dungeons location two

My Edinburgh ghost story part two

The reasons for me and my wife choosing the Edinburgh Castle dungeons as our second location is mainly the same as the first reason but this time it was different program (most haunted). It was now the next day after we had been to the Edinburgh vaults which was a Sunday so I checked on Google and found out that the castle was only open between 12PM and 4PM so we had to be quick as we needed to be back in the UK by 8PM.

Same as before I then packed some of my ghost hunting gear into my wife's handbag and then we proceeded to the Edinburgh Castle dungeons and when we arrived the castle was beautiful it is one of the most magnificent and scariest looking places you will ever see coupled with the fact that there have been so many deaths in the castle and also the dungeons we were hoping to have some fun and catch some evidence. We then went in the front entrance and purchased our ticket and then headed down a very old and scary looking stone staircase and into the dungeon area. Me and my wife were the only people down there at this time and it was only 12:30 in the afternoon but we could quite clearly hear disembodied voices when we stood still and listened so I decided to get out the recorder and have an EVP session where me and my wife asked various questions to see we could get any disembodied voices which we are sure we definitely caught. By then took out my K2 electro-magnetic field reader which will light up if the energy of a ghost is nearby. We started to get hits on the meter so we decided to use the meter in a way which the ghosts or spirits can say yes or no by lighting up the lights. The first question I asked was if anybody else was in the cell with us and the lights lit up so I then proceeded to ask if the spirit was male or female I asked if it was male and the lights lit up again which seemed to be strange so I then asked if the spirit was Scottish or English the lights did not light up when I asked if the spirit was Scottish but they did when I asked if it was English? So then my wife asked if the spirit had been tortured down in the dungeons and the lights again lit up. We had the recorder running at this time and we heard what appeared to be moaning sounds coming from down the corridor so we decided to take a walk down to the end cell but as we were walking me and my wife saw a brick shooting past our feet as if it had been kicked by spirit so I whipped out my K2 meter again and the lights were completely filled that if there was a presence right by us. When we arrived at the end cell I took out my FLIR thermo camera and pointed towards the bench that was in the cell and there appeared to be heat patches as if someone had been sitting on the bench but as I said above there was nobody else in the dungeons at this time.

Me and my wife were in a rush to get back to the UK so we did not review any of the evidence until we got home and sure enough there were voices which were distinctly talking all the way through the recording but the main two voices that were caught appeared to be saying I'm innocent and they're coming quick hide which we found very amazing. We were so sad to leave Scotland but we have had an amazing two days and visited some special places that will stay with us forever.

Edinburgh Castle dungeons investigation - Nice video

Here is a quick video so you can see what it is like in the Edinburgh Castle dungeons......

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Edinburgh ghosts ghost adventures
Edinburgh ghosts ghost adventures

My Edinburgh ghost story conclusion

My thoughts

I would just like to thank anybody who has come to this lens and I really hope you enjoyed reading it as I said my love for the paranormal began when I saw a ghost and I really would like to start ghost hunting if I had the time but unfortunately I do not so I have to resort in watching episodes like ghost hunters, ghost adventures, and my ghost story to keep me and the wife entertained for the foreseeable future.

Edinburgh is one of the most fascinating and scary places any ghost hunter could ever visit I have even tweeted the ghost Hunters crew and the ghost adventures crew to tell them to get their ass over to Scotland and start investigating I know that they have but I think there is a lot of locations that they should still go to including Edinburgh Castle dungeons as they will not be disappointed.

Me and my wife are planning a trip to London for a weekend and we hope to do the same in various London locations that have been deemed haunted so maybe you will see another lens from the reporting back with my evidence and my story.

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Have you visited Edinburgh? please leave your comments and stories or experiences.

Please leave a comment - Your thoughts

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    • tazzytamar profile image


      4 years ago from chichester

      Awesome lens - I really want to visit now!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Haven't been to Edinburgh but looks interesting. Great lens with lots of interesting ghost products for sale!

    • Projectlazy profile image


      5 years ago

      I did a couple of the tours a few yearsback. Lots of fun.

    • TolovajWordsmith profile image

      Tolovaj Publishing House 

      5 years ago from Ljubljana

      Love the ghost stories:)


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