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Real Ghost Stories That I've Experienced

Updated on July 4, 2014

With The Paranormal, Seeing and Experiencing Is Believing!

Real ghost stories from my life.
Real ghost stories from my life.

I've had so many encounters with the paranormal that it's hard for me to imagine that anyone in this world could not have had an experience. However, the more I read about skeptics and their viewpoints, the more I realize that I'm in a different boat then them.

Anywase, I'm not sure how I ended up there (because I started with a question about neighbors I guess), but the story 'The Ghosts Next Door' got me thinking about my own personal encounters.

So here are just a few of my ghost stories - true ghost stories.

Note: I'm scared already, but luckily I have my husband to cuddle me tonight.

Picture this woman - but pissed off and facing you.
Picture this woman - but pissed off and facing you.

The Floating Old Scary Woman

This one involves my husband, and besides an encounter with a deer (which I will have to write about later) this was one of the coolest and craziest things to every happen to both of us.

We were spending the night at my best friend’s house. She had us sleeping downstairs, where she often felt like someone was watching her. This did not make me happy, but after a couple of drinks I was at least tired enough to fall asleep without freaking out.

As soon as I started to drift off, I felt the mattress that we were on start to shake. I was instantly awake and terrified! My husband was still sleeping, and I was too scared to utter a word, so I reverted to my childhood when things like this happened and plugged my ears, closed my eyes, and waited for it to end.

Unfortunately, when I closed my eyes, I saw the face of an old, scary woman with big eyes and long grey hair floating towards me, mechanically, almost as if she was a face plastered on a card. And she was titling her head back and forth as she drew closer to me. She looked angry.

I opened my eyes immediately, and then closed them again out of fear. I saw her again, opened my eyes, and then laid there like a helpless lump of scaredy cat. Thankfully, the bed was no longer shaking and soon (about an hour) I had become untense enough to try to go to sleep.

It's funny how we cope with things.

Anywase, the next morning when my husband and I woke up, I told him I wanted to leave the house. We got up and left, and as soon as we stepped outside I started to tell him about what happened that night. He interrupted me to tell me that he also had a weird thing happen to him, and then he told me about his dream where an old, scary woman with long grey hair and big eyes was floating towards him and how it was just her face. After comparing features and the way she floated, we knew we had seen the same woman.

My friend figured the old woman was trying to scare us out of the house, and it worked. We never slept there again. Now that we think about it, the face was just an old woman with long hair who was mad. And it as scary!

A few months later my friends youngest son (who obviously was never told about the experience but has become very intuitive to paranormal stuff), saw an old, scary man with big eyes and long grey hair in the corner of his room watching him.

I never want to hear footsteps above me again!
I never want to hear footsteps above me again!

Footsteps Upstairs

I had a good friend during my twenties who seemed to attract weird things to her just like me. We had so many frightening experiences together that I could write a book just on a few of the years we were friends. But one sticks out in my mind the most - the footsteps upstairs.

We spent pretty much 24/7 together, and that night we were the only ones in the house as everyone else had gone out for the night. We had just gone to sleep in the basement (where her room was) and I was terrified because something always happened at her house. This time though I wasn't just terrified, I was also pissed off. I didn’t want to be scared anymore - I just wanted to go to sleep.

We were in the same bed and I was just starting to drift off when we heard BANG, BANG, BANG from upstairs. It was someone walking around loudly, and we both knew instantly that it was something paranormal.

First, there had been no other noise of someone coming in the door.

Second, the noise started in the middle of the kitchen (directly above us), not by either one of the upstairs doors.

I threw a pillow over my head and my friend ripped it off. She said, "If I have to hear this then so do you!" - I was even more pissed off at this point. The banging/footsteps happened randomly for about another half an hour, and then just stopped.

The next morning, just as we thought, nobody had come home for the night. And talking to everyone confirmed that even further. It was as if the ghosts were testing my defiance.

This was the exact same closet door I had, but in better shape.
This was the exact same closet door I had, but in better shape.

The Tooth Fairy

This is something I will never forget - and to this day, I am scared of my parent’s house partly because of this story and partly because my window shades (the old ones you had to pull down to go up) used to go up on their own until I moved out.

Anywase, I had lost a tooth and put it in my tooth-pillow that my mom had made me. I put it under my pillow and turned to face towards my closest. The closest was an older one that reflected light and shadows off it. I used to make shadow puppets with my hands - bunny rabbits and stuff.

I was laying there when all of a sudden I saw the outside light shine against my closet. I heard the curtain lifting up as well. I closed my eyes tightly and waited for the Tooth Fairy to come to the bed. I remember picturing a little fairy floating towards me.

I felt the pillow lift up slightly and then gently went back down. The curtain must have stayed open because I heard it start to lower and I opened my eyes (the fearlessness of a kid) and watched the outside light disappear.

I laid there for a little bit longer just to make sure the tooth fairy had gone, and then all of a sudden I heard my mom open up my door. She came over to the bed, lifted up my pillow (not gently) and then let it drop back down. Then she left the room and closed the door.

I will never, ever forget that, and even though I wasn't scared at the time - I have to wonder what the hell wanted me to think it was the Tooth Fairy?

Ghost In Disneyland? Not Mine, But I thought It Was Neat!


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    • Recently Awakened profile image

      Recently Awakened 5 years ago

      These stories were very interesting. i can't wait to read more of your hubs. I am voting up!