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my Out of Body Experience

Updated on November 27, 2011

I once read a book that explained that we all have out of body experiences or OBE's. An OBE is what happens when your spirit leaves your physical body and moves through out the spiritual plane or dimension, often times in the form of dreams. Dreams where you are floating and are able to control your movement with just your thoughts. Awaking with the feeling of falling and your body jolting from the sudden shock. Dreams where you are looking back on yourself while you are a sleep. Are a few experiences that are said to be OBE's. Most OBE's are dismissed as dreams, mostly because we very rarely remember them. In my reseach I have learned that it is possible to maintain awareness and memory of these trips to never-land.

After learning about these dreams and what they might actually be, I was pretty damn excited. I believe I have been having OBE's most of my life because I have frequently have had floating and falling dreams since as far back as I can remember. Yeah , I know what your are thinking. “This guy is loony, a few floors short of skyscraper. Joke all you want, but this explanation makes sense to me.

With my new found knowledge of OBE I have tried to recreate and retain a memory of my experiences. But, I have found out that the harder you try the less chance it will happen, so I gave up.

About a year ago I was lying in bed on my side, the room was dark. I was worrying about something and I thought to myself. “Will this all work out for the best”? Instantly after ending the thought the room was flooded with light and I could see everything perfectly clear for a moment, then it was back to dark. I never opened my eyes, I was able to see the entire room without opening my eyes or turning my head. It was amazing.

For almost a year I had no new OBE's that I could remember. Then about 2 days ago I was curled up and drifting in to sleep. Then I had a strange feeling of weightlessness. I felt as if I was a whisp of smoke lingering in space above my bed. I could see myself and my girlfriend lying next to me. At the moment I became aware of this feeling and vision my smoke self was sucked back into my body and the heavy feeling of my psychical body returned. Luckily I was able to tell my girlfriend right away since she was still awake. After a few moment of wow I was back to relaxing into a sleep state when it happened again, each time I was returned to my body after I became aware of what was happening. This repeated about 4 times before I finally drifted to sleep.

Many books I have read state that since spirit travel is controlled by thought, the moment we think our body, our thoughts send us back in. Experts say the best thing to think yourself far away as quick as possible. I hope to accomplish this in the future but until then I am happy with my little OBE's.

Thanks for reading my crazy bed time stories. I welcome your comments and shared experiences.


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    • Ben Zoltak profile image

      Ben Zoltak 7 years ago from Lake Mills, Jefferson County, Wisconsin USA

      Very cool man, I've had a few OBE that I can remember, similar to yours. They always felt to me like "travel" though I can 't exactly explain why.