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My Reincarnation

Updated on December 8, 2014

I Died and Came Back

It was obviously a beautiful day with the sun high in the sky when my spirit left my body and rose above it. Gazing down on that of a man of around 45 years of age there was an overwhelming feeling that nothing of importance was being left behind, There he lay across the seat of a dray and a horse stood to attention in the stocks that bound him. As for me the freedom felt at that time was unreal and yet there was something that had to done.

Then there was blackness and a wonderful feeling of peace. Here I was in the spirit and with the Spirit of the Universe and there was something that nagged me. Then a vision of a line stretched out in front of me showed my next life would be full of ups and downs. One age stood out, that was 45, which was the age reached in my last life.

When that age was reached an amazing thing happened. The Spirit had a job for me and made it known in no uncertain terms.

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What is Reincarnation?

My parents of this life were married in December and it is a recorded date for a special event and one that cannot be mistaken. In the same way that hovered over my last body my spirit was now hovering above them as they were united. One month later exactly I was born.

Because of that there were things about my new family that were known to me but never spoken of. There was another daughter three years older than me and a boy 12 years my senior. But there were just as many things that were forbidden for me to speak of, such as my previous life and reincarnation.

My link to the Spirit was secret and we conversed, it and I, and warnings came about what should and shouldn't be told. Always there was 45 as a big number in my head and it seemed like an eternity would pass before it would be reached. Meanwhile there were things to put up with and other things to avoid.

As a baby many things are remembered, such as being breast fed. When only a couple of weeks old the country experienced one of the worst heatwaves on record. My little body was naked all but for a nappy and my pram was in the bathroom at my nana's with the window wide open to let in a draft. Suddenly feeling cold my only voice was to cry.

When as a toddler my mum took me past a building it refreshed a memory of what the inside looks like. "We used to live there." I blurted out. The shocked look on my mother's face never leaves me. "You can't possibly know that" she said. "You were only three weeks old when we moved."

But I did know it and can still recall exactly what it looked like inside, But now it was important to shut up because that look she gave me meant something else. She turned against me somehow because she realized that there was something strange about this little girl that was also a danger to her. She had secrets to cover over and consequently she was living in a fog.

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The Pain of Knowing

One might think that knowing about what death and reincarnation means is a great attribute. Quite the opposite is true, To begin with I had a different language to my parents and siblings and for a long time found learning English difficult. That other tongue was important to me because it was a form of protecting my memory and my link to the Spirit.

The Spirit and I conversed in that other language and it was something shared only between us. It would take me about eight years to become conversant in English although my learning skills were extraordinary, It would take all of twenty years to get rid of the accent.

My mother took me to school when I was four and a half and that was a tremendous shock. She marched in the gate of a Catholic school and there were nuns dressed in those horrible black gowns. Something in my past rebelled and refusing to let go of my mother's hand it was one of those nuns who came forward and wrenched us apart. She took me into a classroom where another nun took over.

Petrified of her my little foot suddenly lurched forward and she received a very strong kick in the shins. Grabbing my ankles she turned me upside down and belted me on the bottom. As soon as she let me go I was off, Racing for my dear life over roads and through the lightly crowded footpaths to my Nana's where finally my little body tripped and down I came on the driveway - screaming,.

My dear Auntie Dot put her head out of the window and told the two high school girls who had chased me to leave me alone. Of course, to my great disappointment my mum returned me to the scene of the crime,

In later years it came to my mind that maybe, just maybe, it was a memory of a tortuous time in a previous life that was sparked by the sight of nuns in their Muslim style robes.


In my experience there is no heaven and hell while devils, angels and saints are myths. But those who believe in them have settled their minds with dreams of something that are just that - dreams.

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12 Real Life Reincarnation Stories in The News: Global Evidence of Reincarnation and Past Lives (Help Me Angels Book 5)
12 Real Life Reincarnation Stories in The News: Global Evidence of Reincarnation and Past Lives (Help Me Angels Book 5)

Many have some knowledge of a previous life but they are silenced by religions that are threatened by the revelations. It's best to read actual cases and make your own judgement


A Death in the Family

It was still dark when my mother came and woke us up. "Auntie Dot has died." She announced as she hastily dressed us. I was 5 and my elder sister was 8 years old.

We raced up the road to my Nana's place and the early dawn light was appearing as we neared the front gate. We entered a room where the grief was unbearable. My dear sweet auntie, my mother's sister, was just 37 years old and seven months pregnant with her second child.

Looking at their distraught faces I slipped away and entered my auntie's bedroom. There she lay with a candle burning at her head. The first rays of sunlight were entering the room as well. At her head sat one of the neighbours watching over her. She looked peaceful and in my heart I knew where she had gone.

If she had the same experience as in my case she would be with the Spirit and awaiting a new life. There was nothing to be sorry about as far as my mind was concerned so why were they all crying? Then the word "heaven" was mentioned and my body cringed.

Suddenly someone realised that I was standing there and they quickly ushered me from the room. This was my auntie with whom my days had been spent as she taught me crafty things and we had great times together. Now she was no more but her face is almost as fresh in my mind as it was in the days we spent together during her time when her leg would be resting up on a pillow.

No one told me until later that she had a clot, a deep vein thrombosis, and during the night it moved to her heart. In those days such a clot was often a death knell but today medical know how and advances can help dissolve it.

Past Lives, Present Miracles: The Most Empowering Book on Reincarnation You'll Ever this Lifetime!
Past Lives, Present Miracles: The Most Empowering Book on Reincarnation You'll Ever this Lifetime!

Here again are more stories of reincarnation. While not having read the book the stories in it appear to hold a lot of details about true stories,


Selective Choice

My early recall is that my new family were at first rather strange. To begin with my language was different to them and anyone else. It was the mean by which my knowledge of reincarnation and of the Spirit was retained because the things of this world had no effect on them, My mother was not someone to whom I bonded but my dad and nana were and they were the ones who influenced me the most.

It was impossible to speak to them about my memory as my Spirit within warned me against turning them away. This was exactly the right thing to do as in recent times when speaking of this my own children have not been as receptive as they might have been.

When leaving my last body there was an overwhelming impression that I was leaving nothing of value or importance behind me. All that came through was the job ahead and then the return to life to complete it. While this is something of a mystery to some it is a great source of derision to others who fail to understand because of religious or social brainwashing.

Reincarnation happens and there is a strong case to believe that those who experience it are spiritual folk who have a mission in this life. That mission for me is explained in other lenses and it is one that takes precedence over everything else.

Born Again: Reincarnation Cases Involving Evidence of Past Lives, with Xenoglossy Cases Researched by Ian Stevenson, MD
Born Again: Reincarnation Cases Involving Evidence of Past Lives, with Xenoglossy Cases Researched by Ian Stevenson, MD

This doctor actually went into the field and recorded some remarkable cases of children who recalled past lives and could lead him to the evidence



Not everyone reincarnates and, in fact, it's probably a very low number. There is a case to suggest they are the spiritual children of Israel that were promised the inheritance of the Spirit at the end of days.

It is also told in the bible that they will go through seven troubles before living on a restored earth in a spiritual state, There are many things in life that are not understood and reincarnation is one of them. Perhaps more people need to listen

Soul Survivor: The Reincarnation of a World War II Fighter Pilot
Soul Survivor: The Reincarnation of a World War II Fighter Pilot

This is a remarkable story of a young boy who described exactly how he died as a fighter pilot. If you did not believe in reincarnation before it just might be the turning point,


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The Evidence is Too Strong to Ignore

When speaking of reincarnation and my knowledge that heaven and hell are man made myths that have tricked people into religions the outburst of rejection is enormous. But that's what my memory has revealed. If one thinks about it rationally then look up and see where heaven might be.

Man has traveled to the edge of the universe through spacecraft and cameras sent forth. Unlike in the past we know that the world is round and is in orbit around the sun. That conflicts with early religious ideas that the earth is flat and that heaven was in the blue atmosphere that rose above the earth as a continuation of the sea. This idea resonates in the Egyptian beliefs of a Pharaoh travelling down a river and having to pass through the monsters that guard the entrance to the after-life.

When Galileo developed the telescope and looked into the heavens he was punished by the Catholic Church who tortured, imprisoned and ridiculed him. His books were burned and only his apology remained. The same has happened to many scientists who have discovered things that are outside of the religious teachings.

In my case mud is thrown all over me by those who want to preserve their dreams of an eternal paradise in the sky and of being able to cast people into hell. This is so way out as to be ridiculous, whether you believe in reincarnation or not.

The mud does not stick on me and the rubbishing has no effect because I know from whence I came and the purpose of my being. That is a wonderful thing and my journey continues to bring awareness to others of what the Spirit of the Universe wants them to know.

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Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist, His Young Patient, and the Past-Life Therapy That Changed Both Their Lives
Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist, His Young Patient, and the Past-Life Therapy That Changed Both Their Lives

Another lot of stories and another chance to learn the facts about reincarnation and how memory goes from one life to the next.


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