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My Review of Unmerited Favor by Joseph Prince

Updated on January 13, 2014

Joseph Prince's book Unmerited Favor helped change my opinion of God and what it means to be a Christian. For me, this book had to be digested over the course of several weeks. I think I had such a hard time reading this book because the concepts were almost too good to be true. The concepts in this book messed with my theology; and this was a process.

There were three big takeaways for me. The first is that I am successful right now because God is with me. In Unmerited Favor the author looks at the life of Joseph. He showed how that the Bible proclaimed Joseph as successful when he was still a slave. The book re-defines success and explains how we, as Christians, are successful people simply because God is with us. Regardless of what is perceived with our senses, we are successful because God is with us. This definition is far from the American dream type of success, which is the type of success I had spent a lifetime pursuing. This was life altering.

The second mind-shifting lesson was that I cannot earn or deserve God's favor.I always thought that there were things I had to do to please God. I thought if I didn't go to church, read the Bible, pray, give tithes and offerings, and serve in some capacity, God would be disappointed in me or mad at me. Learning that God's favor is freely given and cannot be earned has been liberating.

Third, I am not righteous because of what I do but because of what Jesus did at the cross. The reason this helped me so much is because if my righteousness was dependent on me it could certainly be lost. But, since God freely gave me righteousness through Jesus, there is no way I can lose it.

Unmerited Favor is a good read that improved my life. If you give it a chance, I think this book will do the same for you.


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