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My Secrets To Happiness

Updated on July 14, 2015

My Secret to Happiness

Life is going to knock us down and kick us around, even when we are already struggling. But we were all given our individual lives because we are strong enough to get through everything that we were chosen to endure. Although life has beat us down when we were already struggling at one point or another, for every time we physically get up and take everything one step at a time, that shows not only strength, but true resilience. I have not necessarily had the best of cards dealt to me, but I'm learning every day to love what I have and power through each day. As a background of some sort, I have had severe depression and anxiety for about 4 years now. To this day I'm not sure how I'm going through each day, but for some awesome reason I am, and as I keep on trucking, I can't help but try to make sense of everything that is happening around me and to me. Out of this comes my writing, some of which you are reading right now. I have been hospitalized 5 times and have been to 13 treatment facilities, and because of my travels I have met a lot of people that have changed my life as well as having the privilege of learning along the way. I have learned a few secrets on how to be happy. They might not work for everyone, but they have worked for me. But to preface my secrets, I would like to take this opportunity to say that no matter what struggles you are facing, no matter how hard everything gets, I hope you always find a reason to smile and keep going. I have had the blessing of getting to know a few people that have in the end, committed suicide, and as devastating as those times were, I believe that they were brought into my life for a reason; as a lesson to teach me how to keep going no matter how bad things get. And I hope you can do the same, reader. So here are some secrets that I have learned that have made me a happier person, one that I strive to become daily. Little did I know that while sitting on the bathroom floor of my middle school that 4 years later I would be blogging about how to become happy. And we begin.

-Find little things, really little things in life that are subject to make you happy. Some examples for me are my friends and family, dancing, pink lemonade, anything chocolate, public transportation and making other people feel good. What would yours be, reader? Would they include cooking good food, making memories with your loved ones, cheeseburgers? What about shoveling snow? I can say with much confidence that shoveling snow wouldn't be on the top of many people's lists, especially with the massive snow piles that the plows leave us as a wonderful present each morning during a blizzard.

-Looking at old pictures: Try this in your spare time, reader. Look at a baby picture of yourself. Take a minute and realize that the little girl or boy that you see in the picture is the same person that is holding the picture containing amazing memories of our past. Then ask yourself, would the person in that picture be proud of who you are today, your actions, how you treat people, your outlook on life? What have YOU done to make YOU feel proud? It's never too late to try. It's not about making other people proud and happy, it's about what we do to ourselves to make ourselves proud and happy and putting smiles on our faces before we can do that for someone else.

Those are just 2 of my many secrets that I have up my sleeves, so comment on this and let me know what you have learned in life!

Much love



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    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 2 years ago

      Awesome ideas. Love this hub.