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My True Reincarnation Story

Updated on October 7, 2014

A Return to Life - A True Story with evidence

Few people can recall their reincarnation and many who do tend to forget it as the noise of the world kicks in. Children who are able to reflect on what they were in their previous lives are usually told they are dreaming and that it didn't happen. Not wanting to upset those whom they love they may drop the subject and in many cases it can eventually be forgotten.

The nagging memory, however, can return at any time and in adulthood people are often devastated because they cannot openly discuss it or find answers. It is hard to represent reincarnation because of the way society is brainwashed into avoiding the subject. Religious leaders demand their congregations avoid discussing it by promoting claims that it is blasphemy and satanic.

Some, however, can't forget it so easily. In my case I was a man in my last life and recall vividly how my spirit elevated above my dead body to take in the scene. Next I was in total darkness with the Spirit of the Universe. There is nothing else. There is no heaven or hell as these are myths. So too are stories of devils, angels and saints.

Led by the Spirit my life started with me holding onto a different language to those of my family along with memory that has stayed with me. It was the Spirit's intention to use me for the release of new information that will overturn the lies of religion. From my birth until now the search for answers has never waned. The Spirit took me in hand at the age shown between lives and taught me the things that are now being released to the world, beginning with the identity of 666 and his influence over it.

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Why It is Taboo

Breaking Down the Wall of Resistance

When Constantine established the Roman Catholic Church in 325 AD he employed the greatest weapons of mass destruction ever invented - heaven and hell. He invented Jesus Christ and put the Mother God of Babylon into it as the virgin mother - Mary. This is described in full in Revelation 13:13-18 and in Revelation 17, where the woman of the church is called BABYLON THE GREAT, and the mother of harlots.

She is dressed in purple, according to these words, because the man who reinstated her wore the purple. She also wears scarlet because that's the colour of the costumes worn by bishops. She is the great city that sits on seven hills and she has the blood of the martyrs of Jesus on her hands.

He then built the Vatican over the temple of Jupiter. That is 'Ipita' in Italian and conveniently became the identity of the Apostle Peter, the rock of the church. When you look into it you can easily see the origin of the distortions.

There was no Christianity before his time because Christ was the figment of his imagination. But it is based on Chrishna (Krishna) the third person of the Indian Vedic Trinity. He was supposedly born of a virgin and was taken speedily to Egypt to avoid the slaughter of babies by Cansa, the evil king. He returned to India at the age of 12 and his first miracle was changing water to wine. His story is based on the sun which wanes and is reborn on December 25th, the birthday of all avatars whose existence is based on the same tale.

Constantine's religion claims that it holds the keys to heaven and anyone who is not part of its organisation is condemned to hell. The problem is that no one has ever seen, felt, heard, smelt or tasted the place so it has no presence. The trick employed here is that you have to believe by 'faith' that it exists.

The dead have no living nerves and they feel nothing. My experience of reincarnation proves that heaven and hell are based on ancient myths. Constantine used them to get people into his organisation and to put a lock on the door to prevent their escape.

'Faith' is belief in the ridiculous without evidence. Millions have some recollection or experience of reincarnation so it has to be real. Religions, however, cannot survive in the face of it. If there is no heaven then there certainly are no devils, angels or saints. These things are window dressing for the shallow, hollow, promises that will take believers to extinction.

Be Aware of a Child's Claims

It may concern their previous life memories

Many young children openly talk about their other life when they do not understand how much it affects the adults around them. One mother told of her young son's comments one day while she was brushing his hair. "Mum, when I was a girl." he blurted this out as a flashback to something he recalled from a previous life. The woman told me that she almost dropped the brush.

Many children recall their previous death and some even know where and how it occurred, as I do. Flashbacks condition our lives as fear of certain places or incidents are pronounced when it happens. Also deja vu is another give away that indicates one has lived before and visited the area. The instant attraction one feels towards another is another form of connecting to the past. Often we meet people in life that are 'soul mates'.

Visions come in many forms and sometimes seeing something unexpected can often lead to it happening in the future, e.g. seeing yourself in a new job and them getting the job.

Why Some Hide Their Past Life Experiences

Many Discussions Prove it is Real

Many have either an inkling or memory of having lived before. While I write extensively of my own experience there are many who can never mention their own to anyone. They are silenced by fear, threats, and insecurity, mainly the result of belonging to some religious body.

The first thing to realise is that reincarnation is opposed by religions that promote heaven and hell. These are weapons of terror, as we can see by what is taking place today. Some can be so incensed by dreams of an eternal lifein the clouds that they lose their reason. They are more than willing to go out and become a suicide bomber or blow others up on the grounds that they are serving their god.

In fact, they are more than weapons of terror. They are weapons of mass destruction and when organised those who are so driven can do incredible damage as we see from history. The events called 9/11 are a recent example but there are also many others. The Inquisitions and witch hunts in Europe brought many people down in horrendous circumstances. People were burned alive or had other torture enacted against them because some bishop decided on it,

If there is no heaven and hell the power behind the religions disappears. That is happening now as my reincarnation is only one of millions and eventually it will all come out. One can't put a lid on the truth for long as people power is rather strong to say nothing of the Spiritual power pushing to bring religions to an end.

Everybody who ever Lived is Back

The Return of everyone who ever lived explains overpopulation

The massive number of people alive in the world today is testimony to the promise in the Old Testament prophecies that everyone who ever lived will stand again in their bodies at the end of days. This is so that judgment can be carried out. Some will be redeemed and their spirituality will be strengthened by their longing to know the truth and to come away from the lies of religions. Others will reject everything and continue to believe what they have been taught from birth.

Men invented the gods and the prophets that are part of the conspiracy to hide the truth so that a few achieved power and control over the masses. These are the lies and they hide the real God. Without a sense of spirituality those who can't accept it won't and they will fade away into the distance never to be heard of again. Those who can see and hear will be saved and inherit the restored earth after the devastation that is about to hit it.

Only God can judge who is spiritual or who is not. They are visible, however, as they collect into groups where icons and idols are forbidden. They are jumping for joy and singing songs of praise that have value and meaning. Isaiah 35:10 proclaims that the redeemed of God shall come to Zion singing with happiness and joy, They will know no sorrow as their pain and suffering is gone.

Do You Believe in Reincarnation? - The billions inhabiting the earth are testimony to it.

Do you think you have lived before?

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Why Religions Forbid it

Returning to life opposes existence of heaven and hell.

Most religions forbid any talk of reincarnation and would say that those who have memory of it are working for the devil. This is one of the lies they hide behind. Isaiah 28:15 notes that because people have said they have a covenant with death and are in agreement with hell they shall not listen to the alternative, "For we have made lies our refuge, and under falsehood have we hid ourselves" just about sums it up.

It was my job to find the roots of those lies and why they have stood in the way between God and the spiritual people for some 4,000 years, the length of the day of the Lord.

Religions promote heaven and hell. These are the weapons that give them power. The first drags people in and the other is the lock on the door preventing them from leaving. The hierarchy earn their living through the lies they promote and they have no power except what their followers give them.

The story is huge and is being told bit by bit. That is why my lenses are good to read. As you go through them you will see the answers explained in a way that they make sense. If you are religious and fear giving up your faith then it is best not to go to them. If you are searching for truth and an answer for why you are here then definitely read them.

Religions Don't Want People to be Educated - Do they block your ears and blind you to reality?

What is the power behind religion?

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God Kept Secrets and a Great Treasure was Hidden

It is now Uncovered and I am the one to Expose It to the World.

What kind of God do you believe in? Is it the Great Spirit that is in touch with its people, which has our welfare at heart and is now redeeming its own? Or is it a distant man above the clouds who cannot be spoken too without an intercessor and a hierarchy of priests, bishops and higher to do its bidding.

The Spirit that I know is mighty and it fills the universe and every part of it. That means it is without end as the distances of space prove. Humans are destroyers for the most part and they change things they do not understand. They invent to replace nature and they take without thought as the world struggles under the impact of what we do.

The treasure God hid was the truth. Unbeknownst to those who set up religious dogmas and who altered and buried facts beneath a mountain of lies there were places they could never touch. One of these was language and within every word we speak the truth is to be found. Archaeology, anthropology and philosophy are other places where it lies as well. The past has been unearthed by me as the Spirit led and guided me to do it.

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Before You Leave

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© 2013 norma-holt

Before You Leave

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I was born Roman Catholic and become a born again Christian at the age of 22, but I am not sure what I believed was right, I had a strange dream, and that dream happened a lot of times even when I was so young, and I remember it till today so vividly. This was the dream. - "I would be standing in a empty place, so big that I couldn't understand how big it was, I roam around and come to a large wooden shelf almost like 10 floor building, and each shelf I would see different cosmic objects like galaxy in shelf, a nebula in one and so on." - then I wake up, I know it's weird, but I had these dreams even before I knew what are those objects, which I understood when I came to the 12th grade. But I had those dreams and many questions even from that age ( 5 yrs ), about human existence, who we are and till today I am searching for it. From that young age I was sure of myself that religious teachings are completely false. Then I believed life must have been seeded on Earth by civilizations from other worlds. Of late I stumbled on research of Ian Stevenson and NDE cases and started believing reincarnation must be true and not sure yet.

    • RoadMonkey profile image


      4 years ago

      Very interesting. I have never experienced anything like this but it's interesting to hear from others who have.

    • norma-holt profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      @VioletteRose LM: The noise of the world drives such memory away. The fact that you have experience Deja Vu tells me that the memories are recoverable. One man wrote of his granddaughter's claim that she was murdered when she was a teenager. Although she was very young (probably only 3 or 4 years at the time) she named the city and state. When he checked the records he found that a teenage girl was indeed murdered in that place in the way she had described.

    • VioletteRose LM profile image

      VioletteRose LM 

      4 years ago

      This is interesting! When I was so young may be less than 4 years, I used to see dreams of the same patterns for a long time and I also have felt many times that I have been in a place or seen something before, while in fact I was seeing that for the first time. Recently I learnt that this is known as Deja Vu. However, all of these faded in time and I was no longer seeing the same dreams or having these kind of feelings after 6 or 7 years of age. I can't explain all these, but that was interesting. Thanks for sharing this lens!

    • norma-holt profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      @flinnie lm: If it makes you think about the Spirit as opposed to religious distortion of the truth then it has done its job. Thanks for your visit.

    • norma-holt profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      @dellgirl: Unfortunately people are reluctant to think about it because religious teachings call it satanic. In fact anything of spiritual power is declared as such by those who don't have a link to God.

    • norma-holt profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      @WriterJanis2: Then search harder for your spiritual link to the power. I can help you if you want.

    • norma-holt profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      @writerkath: Not everyone has memories because the world's noise drives it out while they are very young. It is God's great treasure that those who are spiritual will live forever but not in heaven or hell. Those places are myths for power and control

    • norma-holt profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      @tazzytamar: People often remember the things that happen immediately before their death. The fact that you are walking away from your mother may reflect how you left her unwillingly as your spirit left your body. Waking up in a cold sweat means that something horrible took place or that you died of a fever. Your mother calling you to stay is reminiscent of how parents react when cradling their dead child in their arms.No one dies before their time and everything happens for a reason so don't think about it anymore,

    • tazzytamar profile image


      4 years ago from chichester

      I get a recurring dream where I'm not me as I am today. When I say recurring dream I mean that I have this exact same dream at least once a fortnight and have done since I was about 9 - I'm walking along a very old stone wall near to my home (weirdly, I'm pretty sure I'm in France) and someone who in the dream I think is my mother is shouting at me to come back to her, but I keep walking... Then I wake up. It always leaves me feeling completely terrified and I wake up in a cold sweat but I have no idea why as it isn't a nightmare! I'm sure reincarnation is real, some people are just old souls! Amazing lens

    • writerkath profile image


      4 years ago

      Although I don't have any specific memories, I enjoy hearing stories from those who do.

    • WriterJanis2 profile image


      4 years ago

      I really believe.

    • flinnie lm profile image

      Gloria Freeman 

      4 years ago from Alabama USA

      Hi thanks for sharing this with us. Your story give us lots to think about.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I have heard of it, but never gave it much thought. This is some really thought provoking information.

    • norma-holt profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      @Zeross4: Unfortunately many have any memory of such driven out of them by religious prejudice during their formative years. Videos done by psychiatrists of young children definitely prove it is right.

    • Zeross4 profile image

      Renee Dixon 

      4 years ago from Kentucky

      Very interesting story, definitely makes you think! I've never experience it myself, but I don't deny the possibility!

    • norma-holt profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      @Steve Dizmon: Thank you for the comment. We are fast approaching the end and the Spirit promised that all things will be known by that time. It also promised that heaven and hell will collapse as they do not exist and that religions will be done away with. These are in the Old Testament where few want to go to seek out the facts.

    • norma-holt profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      @evawrites1: Thank you Eva for the comment. Reincarnation is mostly remembered by young children who are shut up from explaining the experience by those around them and the noise of the world. Religions frowns on it as it is a threat to their claims of heaven and hell, etc. Believe me no such places exist.

    • norma-holt profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      @Lynda Makara: Thank you for the comment. Heaven and hell are based on myths devised by ancestral humans hundreds of thousands of years ago. They could not easily be done away with as they were entrenched in the human psyche. My passage from life to life clearly showed that no such places of things like devils, angels or saints exist. Isaiah 45:4-8 clearly states that God is one and there are no other spirits or entities besides. It also states that the Spirit is the creator of all things including good and evil. Pain and suffering is from the Spirit not from any other source.

    • Steve Dizmon profile image

      Steve Dizmon 

      5 years ago from Nashville, TN

      Nice Lens and nice to see someone willing to speak out and share their story. I have had some connections with past lives but none so vivid as yours seem to be.

    • evawrites1 profile image


      5 years ago

      Very interesting. I don't know if I believe in reincarnation or not, definitely I have no memories I can recall but I can believe you do - who knows?

    • Lynda Makara profile image

      Lynda Makara 

      5 years ago from California

      This is a fascinating subject. I don't see why someone can't believe in both reincarnation and heaven and hell, unless you also believe there's no such thing as good and evil. Anyway, I believe reincarnation is possible but I have no recollection of it myself.


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