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The Mysterious Kituluni Hill

Updated on February 26, 2017
Magnetic Hill
Magnetic Hill | Source

We all know about the Law of Gravity. What goes up must always come down. Even the best of NBA players who have leaped at great heights have always ended at their starting point. Well, it seems in some areas around the world this fact doesn’t hold the case. In these locations the law of gravity is defied. When you expect an object to go down you kind of end up perplexed to see it going upward.

Orroroo, Magnetic Hill
Orroroo, Magnetic Hill | Source

Location of Kituluni Hills

One such location where the law of gravity is defied is Kituluni Hills. This area is found in Machakos town, Machakos County, Kenya. It takes close to 64 kilometers from Nairobi to reach Machokos County. Before you reach the hills, you’ll have to bypass through Mutituni and Kivutini areas from Machakos town. After you have passed these two areas, you’ll come across a tarmac road which passes along the hills. Mind you, it is a dangerous drive because there are a lot of treacherous twists and turns.

The hills cover an area of one square kilometer.

The Puzzlement Of Resistant of Law Of Gravity

This strange occurrence was first discovered by a white settler living in the area. The Whiteman parked his car at the side of the tarmac road and headed downstream to get water in order to cool his car’s engine. He had left his car in free mode (the gear in neutral position). On return he was dumbstruck to notice the car had moved fifty meters forward.

How is it possible for the car to move on its own when the gear was in neutral position? Why did it move uphill instead of downhill i.e. why did it move forward instead of backward? One would expect it to move backward because as one drives ahead the road keeps rising.

Numerous experiments have been carried out which have defied logic as to why the law of gravity is not obeyed in this location.


Park your car at the side of the tarmac road and switch off the engine. Ensure nobody is in the car. Then, wait and see. The car will begin moving uphill at a speed of 5km/hr at a distance of one kilometer. How is this possible? If you are driving your car you will feel a jolt as the speed of the car will have increased than the speed you are driving at. The increase of speed will not be indicated in the speedometer. It will show the speed you are driving at not the increase in speed that has occurred out of nowhere.

Another experiment that has been used is water. Pour water on the tarmac road. Instead of the water moving down it moves up at a distance of 20 meters before it changes its path drifting to the side. It never runs downhill.

Secrets of Mysterious Hills Revealed


So far there are two explanations that have sprung up. Nonetheless, none has been validated by the whole scientific community.

a) Supernatural Explanation

First View: Long time ago the local people used to perform sacrifices on one of the Kituluni Hills. This ritual was performed to either appease the ancestors, cast out evil spirits from the area or to ask for favor from the ancestors. When construction of tarmac road begun, the local people were forced to perform the ritual of sacrifices down the hill. The local people believe it as a result of performing the ritual down the hill that resulted to this phenomenon. When it began, no one knows.

Second View: A legend story. There used to live two people in this area known as Mwilu and Kyalo who shared one woman as a wife. Each one was living at his own house, one to the left of one of the Kituluni hills and the other to the right. A stream running down the hill separated the two houses. The woman who was regarded as very beautiful used to rest along the stream. She would decide of the two men who to spend the night with. It reached a time when the two men died and were buried. The woman was taken by one of her kinsmen. The locals believe the men are still fighting against each other over the woman in their immortal state. This results in the pull where objects are drawn upward.

True or False: It sounds funny but locals say it is a serious issue for they have witnessed it. Walk around the hill (where either the first or second story happened) and you are sure to a different sex. If you are a man you will turn into a woman and vice versa.

Magnetic Hill experiments
Magnetic Hill experiments | Source

Scientific Explanation

Your eyes might be fooled i.e. it is an illusion. On this account, Business Insider states, “All of these sites have one thing in common (other than their apparent disregard for gravity): the horizon is either curved or obstructed from view. This is key. Horizons provide us with a very useful reference point when we’re trying to judge the slope of a surface…false horizon lines can be deceiving to observers perceiving landscapes.”

This is supported by G Connect who says, “There is a remarkably common illusion that is found in numerous locations around the world. Usually it is a stretch of road in a hilly area where the level horizon is obscured. Objects such as trees and walls that normally provide visual clues to the true vertical, may be leaning slightly. This creates an optical illusion making a slight downhill look like an uphill slope. Objects may appear to roll uphill. Sometimes rivers even seem to flow against gravity.

What do you think? Do you believe it is supernatural or scientific explanation clearly clarifies this phenomenon? Still, there are just rationalizations. There is no hard evidence of which it can be termed as universally agreed by the scientific community in unison.


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