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mystery of the Blood of Christ

Updated on January 19, 2013

mystery of the blood Pt. 1

Mystery of The Blood

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The blood is enshrouded by a mystery to the unsaved as well as to the Believer and so getting an understanding of the blood will allow us to be better able to appropriate and appreciate the blessings that the blood has procured for us that are in covenant with God through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. The blood covenant is taken from the Hebrew word, “beryth”.

From the very beginning after Adam and Eve had sinned we see in Genesis 3:21 that “the Lord God made coat of skins, and clothed them”.

I. God covered them with coats of skins.

II. Symbolic of God’s grace

III. Represented a type of a blood covering for their sins until the arrival of the second Adam.

Adam and Eve were liable and did pay for the consequence of their sin, which was death. This included a cessation of life in the Garden of Eden and in the interim,

a) God made peace with them by the blood of the animal that was sacrificed for Adam’s clothing

b) God taught Adam how to offer a sacrifices of peace offering (Leviticus 3:1- ) that there would be now an acceptable way for sinful man to approach God.

c) Adam eat of the flesh for his first time

d) Adam was warned against eating of the fat or blood.

e) Symbolic of a blood covenant of peace and fellowship which had been reserved for the second Adam.

As we move on to chapter 4 we see the two brothers,

I. Cain; “Qanah”, meaning, “to set up, establish, gain, buy”.

II. Able; “Hebel”, “breath”, “vapor”

The brothers brought an offering unto the Lord, which instilled Cain to jealousy because “the Lord had respect unto Able and his offering”. From thence Cain became the "lamb rejecter", (Jude 11, Hebrew 11:4, 1John 3:12), and stands for all those who reject the blood offering of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Therefore, we can imply that Cain and Able, had known about blood sacrifice because they had learned it from their father, who had been adhering to it in memory of the Lord’s first sacrifice of peace offering towards the “Great Atonement”. Hence, Able was doing this according to the pattern that was showed him by his father.

Therefore, at the end of days (process of time) when it was time for the young men to give an offering to the Lord, they would have known that,

a. God required a blood offering, in other words, that there was the proper way approach God

b. Blood offering pointed to the great atonement

c. The great atonement would redeem mankind unto God.

d. It served as a substitution for sin.

The word “offering” comes from the word “minha”, and means sacrifice, animal sacrifice; the portion of meal offering which is burnt.

Therefore, we observe that,

1) Able offered by faith, for he looked forward to the great atoning blood (Hebrew 11:4)

2) Cain’s offering was one of convenience.

3) Cain was attempting to set up his own standards (under his father’s apostleship)

4) Cain sought to establish his way for gain.

Like so many sophisticated saints today who have gone their own way of worshipping God and fully well expecting the Lord God to tolerate their sins. The fruit of your own labor will never be acceptable unto God. It must be the offering that God has established as an innocent sacrifice. Christ was an innocent sacrifice and after him no more sacrifice is ever required not now or ever. People who take part in blood sacrifices do not know the way of the almighty God. They have not come to the recognition that there is no longer a blood sacrifice requirement and to do so is to transgress God's law for they are saying that the blood of Jesus Christ was insufficient for their total redemption.

Human Blood Forbidden

The main reason why blood was forbidden in the Old Testament except for sacrificial purposes was because God had made appointment with blood for the great atonement.

1. God had put blood on reservation for his plan of salvation.

2. God knew that he would send Jesus Christ whose blood would be the covenant of life between heaven and earth.

a. God commanded that blood be held in high respect, in so much so, that under the law, the drawing of blood could only be justified by the giving of another's life.

Cities of Refuge

That’s one of the reasons the Cities of Refuge were established so if one by accident, killed another, he could go to one of the Cities of Refuge and be protected and could return only on the death of the high priest. (Jesus our High Priest died but he now liveth to make intercession for our souls). So in this whole realm of humanity, anything that’s not in the blood is death and all things that are in the blood, is life or as God says, “Life is in the blood”.

  • Every thing that the human body needs is in the blood (transport oxygen, nourishment, etc.)
  • Every thing that the Body of Christ needs is in the blood covenant. So when we take the Cup of Blessing/communion, it is a celebration of the life of Christ- alpha to omega. This includes, protection, provision, restoration, security, etc.

Some Pharisees in Jesus’ day and all the Sadducees were prime examples of the “Cain spirit”. Some “Cain’s” today include the Mormons and Jehovah witness, Christian Science and among others, the Universal church, otherwise known as, Catholics and along with many main line denominations, who have added more content to the gospel message to include gays and lesbian marriages. The Church of God is called to be a carrier of life and not death, as was Cain.

I realize that in mentioning these names that advertisers will remove their advertisements from my article but I would rather step with Christ than switch for the devil.

Today, some have denied the power of God and have set up their religious institutions for gain, while some have brought the fruit of their own labor thinking it’s the very best that they can do but it is unacceptable to God because it is not what He requested. Some even committing fratricide because of ungodly counsel towards humanity as was foreshadowed in Cane and Able.

Note the question of God in Genesis 4:10,

And he said, “What hast thou done? The voice of thy brother's blood crieth unto me from the ground.

1. Cain expected to suffer death for the murder he had committed that means that there had been an established law

2. He knew he had done wrong and so in his guilt; he hid his brother’s body in the ground.

3. He was like some Christians who commit sin and thought they got away with it because nobody had seen them in the process. But the eyes of God are in every place beholding the evil as well as the good

4. Blood has a voice

Hebel, the younger son of Adam, served as a type of Christ in the sense that he lived a life which was a worthy sacrifice unto God, but because of his righteousness, he was murdered.

Hebel cried out from the ground not for revenge but for redemption of his brother, for he was of,

· A pure heart- God had proclaimed him a righteous man

· He cried out for the salvation of his brother

· Like Stephen in the book of Acts, he was saying to God, “Forgive my brother”. But he was also saying something that Stephen could not have said, that God would send redemption so his brother could be saved

We glorify the living God, in that he did send a better sacrifice than that of Able; the man Christ Jesus, who has come to be the Redeemer that Hebel foreshadowed.

Hebrew 11:4

“By faith Abel offered unto God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain, by which he obtained witness that he was righteous (right wise),

Note here what Apostle Paul is saying,

God testifying of his gifts: and by it he being dead yet speaketh.”


  • Speak of his obedience to God
  • Speaks of his fellowship
  • Speaks of his brotherly love
  • Speaks of the sacrifice
  • Speaks of the great atonement
  • Speaks of the coming salvation of Christ.

Principle: That offering on which God testifies that it was righteous becomes a memorial, which is continually speaking to God. (Acts 10:31)

Christians are daily speaking to God because of the blood and God has ever forgiven them the unrighteous things done in ignorance and they have been covered under the blood because of the grace of God.

God is quick to forgive!

In other words, God forgets our sins by looking at the more excellent sacrifice which implied listening to the voice of His son who spoke better things than that of Able.

Hebrew 12:25 says,

“And to Jesus the mediator of the new covenant, and to the blood of sprinkling, that speaketh better things than that of Abel”.

Peter also says, “By the precious blood of Christ, as a Lamb without spot and without blemish”, 1Pet. 1:19

But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin” 1John 1:7

Notice that there is a condition: that is that,

  • We walk in the light.

The blood of Jesus is provisional for those who are walking in the light and not for those who walk in darkness.

Ignorant Sin

We mention the word “ignorant sin” mentioned in Numbers 15:27 -31, where the Lord tells us how under the Law ignorant sin was dealt with and also about sins done presumptuously of which He said, “that soul shall utterly be cut off; his iniquity shall be upon him”.

How the Blood of Jesus Relates to Man

The blood of Jesus relates to man not by the Law but by giving grace and peace through,

1) Redemption (Emancipation, Release, Deliverance, Liberation Buy-back)

When the Negro (African-American, colored, Blackman) was delivered from slavery in America, the southern landowners took an incalculable loss. They were seriously hurt in the sense that the labor that before hand was not taken into account had suddenly become a substantial overhead. Unable to deal with this release of the Negro that he had in bondage for 400 years, he made a choice to war against the Northern states, which had become sympathizers of the Blackman’s bondage. The Blackman had made an “altar northward before the Lord” (Leviticus 1:11); he had prayed for deliverance and the Lord, from the north, gave them release. When Israel was in Egyptian bondage and cried out, God sent deliverance from the “north”. Ephesians1: 7, 7In whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace; God made a covenant with them by blood and called them into a new day. God said that this would be the beginning of months for them. In other words this would be the commencement of their new life as free men. The blood makes you free from bondage.

2. Propitiation; Rom. 3:25, mercy-seat

3. Cleansing; 1Jn. 1:7,

4) Forgiveness Ephesians 1:7.

5) Access to God Eph. 2:13.

6) Reconciliation (Bringing together, Atonement, Restoration to Divine favor)

Col. 1:20

7) Justification Heb.13: 12 by the vicarious death of Jesus Christ we are declared righteous and made righteous. Romans 5:9, says, “I have been justified by his blood”.

8) Sanctification

The death of Jesus and the shedding of blood, sets the Christian apart therein to function as God has intended for holiness. Hebrew 13:12.

9) Conquest of Evil Col.2: 15, tell of Christ triumph over Satan, the one having power over death, (Hebrew2: 14) but now he has been overcome by Christ taking the death consequences for us.

10) Substitution for sin - In the place of- 2Corinthians 5:21, 1Peter 3:18.

In section two we will go over these 10 things in detail.


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