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Mystical Gemstones: Malachite

Updated on September 23, 2013

The Stone of Transformation

Malachite is a rich green stone with multi-shaded bands swirling through it. It is highly sought after for its beautiful green color. No other green stone has such a lovely grass green hue.

People often wear Malachite for protection and prosperity (since the green shade reminds many of green money). The green is also a color of growth, healing and nurturing. Read further for more information about the history, healing uses, and resources about Malachite!

Malachite is a secondary product of copper, so it is often found near copper mines. When carbonated water reacts with copper, or a copper interacts with limestone, then the by-product is malachite. You see a similar reaction when old copper starts to turn green.

Malachite is a mineral that can easily be carved, so you can often find it carved into statues, figurines, or eggs.

The name Malachite originated in Ancient Greece - it was named after the green leaves of the mallow plant. Malachite is the mallow green stone."



Copper Carbonate Hydroxide.

In Ancient Egypt, malachite was one of the most popular stones. It was mined to decorate the palaces, tombs, and jewelry of the pharaohs. The green stone was also ground into fine powder to apply to the face as makeup. It was often worn to ward off the plague, as the miners who worked with malachite did not seem to get the illness. Malachite was the stone of Hathor, the Egyptian Goddess of love, beauty, and joy.

In Ancient Greece, malachite was also used as adornments and to decorate temples. The Temple of Diana has columns made entirely of the mallow green stone. There is also a room in the Russian Winter Palace called the Malachite room and also has columns made of malachite.

Malachite was also unearthed in Isreal from King Solomon's mines.

Gorgeous Shiny Malachite!

Gorgeous Shiny Malachite!
Gorgeous Shiny Malachite!

Malachite Display Video - See this gorgeous specimen of Malachite from all angles!

Heart Stone!

Malachite is one of the stones linked to the Heart Chakra

Malachite is one of the stones closely linked to the Heart Chakra. This Chakra responds to the colors green and pink. It is a wonderful healing stone.

Emotionally it helps to ease and balance the emotions. It is helpful when working to release the memories of old heartbreaks. Malachite also helps to encourage empathy toward others.

This stone is also a highly protective stone. It is said to protect traveler's (especially those who are flying), it guards against negative energy, and is said to protect children and those in childbirth.

Physically, malachite works well to heal matters of the heart and blood. It helps to boost the immune system, and has been said to aid with asthma, arthritis, tumors, broken bones and torn muscles.

Wear This Healing Stone - Keep the Healing Effects of Malachite at all Times

Gemstone Poll - What is Your Favorite Green Stone?

Tumbled Malachite
Tumbled Malachite

Is Your Favorite Green Stone Malachite or Something Else??

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Green, Swirly Malachite!

Green, Swirly Malachite!
Green, Swirly Malachite!

More About Crystal Healing - Interested in the Healing Properties of Gemstones - Check out these Great Books!

What Are Your Thoughts About Malachite? - Do You Enjoy This Stone? Do You Own Any Malachite Stones or Jewelry?

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    • awakeningwellness profile image

      awakeningwellness 6 years ago

      I have a lot of stones but I don't think I have any malachite, I would like to have that elephant though!

    • jptanabe profile image

      Jennifer P Tanabe 6 years ago from Red Hook, NY

      These malachite stones are so beautiful!