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OH, What DO the neighbors think !?!

Updated on July 20, 2011

Originally Written 02/23/09

Just a thought to ponder, "What do the neighbors think", or friends, relatives & etc... and do we or should we care?

What do others think or interput that you stand for? Let me elaborate, I'll try to do so "lightly" as I tend to get a bit "wordy". What do you get excited about? I mean in expressive ways, do you go bonkers when your favorite sports team wins "THE" game, the division, the "title". Do you get all worked up when your favorite actor / actress has a new movie / show coming out? You know the "I've got to see that", what about your favorite music act with a new cd or a tour. Where would those around you think / say your priorities lie, how are you when you get a new car? Is that important to you and if so do you make it known? Or it could be name brands & labels, perhaps an I've got to have "Gucci" outlook.

If your a Christian, how do you respond to your neighbor across the fence on Sunday morning? Is it " I've got to go to Church now", sounding like a dreaded obligation or is it a positive upbeat " I'm on my way to Church", said with perk & zest? When you talk to others about your Church or organization, do you do so in a way that would make them want to be there? Or does it come off sounding rather dull.

Now the big one, do you get as excited about your relationship with God as much as you do these things listed above? I'm not a judge, you don't even have to answer me, you don't have to post on this thread, just work it over in your head & heart, I didn't like a lot of the answers I had. Why when I reach a new level of fellowship with God do I not announce that? Why when I see Gods amazing work in play do I not shout it from the roof tops. Why when great Christian organizations are doing something wonderful or a local Church is just on Spiritual fire in the community it's not celebrated as heavily as "our sports team" winning. Just a thought, do those around us know us more for our worldly interests or our Spiritual interests.

The sports analogy worked best for me, not because I'm a big sports fan (I'm not), but because it's about "teams" and thats the point, whether you compare it with sports or music, which "TEAM" are you pulling for in others eyes. People don't need to be broadsided with the word, the old "hittin um over the head with a Bible", but do the people around you know "WHAT TEAM YOUR ON, WHAT GROUP YOUR APART OF" & "WHO YOUR A FAN OF" or are you the guy/gal that likes the (insert team or group here). Are you known for your commitment to your career, money & material gain? Or is it your commitment to your God & family. Just a thought. Thanx for reading.


In Christ

Jimm Bacon


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