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Nonlinear time

Updated on September 18, 2015

Linear time

I will start by looking at what linear time is, in order to better explain what nonlinear time is. When we experience time in a linear way, we see moments or rather information about moments in a sequence. there is a sequence going backwards from our present, that we call the past. And there are multiple potential sequences going forwards from our present. The potential futures are how we believe the future can be like based on previous experiences and goals we have for the future.The awareness of these sequences are all present in the now, and give us an impression of where we are in time. And this awareness is a key part of how we make decisions from moment.

In linear time, the decisions we make and the actions we take have to match both the past and one of the potential futures. If we want to do something specific for instance, we need to be in a place where it's possible to do this thing, we need to have learned how to do this at some point in the past and we need see ourselves doing it in a potential future.

To put it simple. organizing and using information about moments in a certain way to create the moment we see as the present. To see time in a nonlinear way we need to see time in an unorganized way.

Nonlinear time

In nonlinear time, there is no past,future or sequence of events. There is simply an awareness of what is. The next now, is not created based on a past and a future, but rather it is created by comparing our current focus of attention with the information accumulated in all the previous moments and then making a decision about what we want to focus on next. It's a bit hard to explain, so I try to use an example.

When we think about information, we tend to think in a more nonlinear way. If for example we are trying to solve a math problem, then we can say that our current focus is the math problem and our knowledge of math is a collection of information that we have collected in previous moments that we see as a whole rather than a sequence of events. When we try to solve the math problem, we look at the problem and compare it to our collection of information about math, and then make a decision about what our next focus, which is what the answer, will be.

What is important to understand about none linear time, is that there is no concept of before or after now. We see all of the accumulated information as a complete whole. we then compare parts of this whole to all of the whole and make changes to the whole. But we are just aware of the present whole and have no knowledge of any of the previous wholes. So each change we make is made freely based on the whole rather than being based on where we are focusing within a sequence of information.

To live in a non linear reality would be a bit like living inside our imagination. One moment we can be picturing a beautiful sunset then all of a sudden we can be picturing a rainy night. We simply call of different pictures in our mind based on images we have knowledge off. And we do so without concern of order sequence. The fact is that despite the fact that we live in a world bound by linear time our minds tends to think non linearly

Time both linear and nonlinear, is ways of using accumulated information to make changes to the present. It's a way of seeing part of the whole as separate from the whole in order to make a change to the whole based on the contrast between part of the whole and the whole.


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