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Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Loki?

Updated on October 6, 2015
Nightcat profile image

Nightcat is a practicing witch who loves to write about Wicca and many of the Gods and Goddesses she’s had the pleasure to encounter.

For one brief moment as I worked to capture the moon I was distracted just enough to find the benevolence waiting to come forth from one of my oldest and most faithful friends.
For one brief moment as I worked to capture the moon I was distracted just enough to find the benevolence waiting to come forth from one of my oldest and most faithful friends.

Before I get into the God himself, returning visitors are no doubt going to notice changes as when I wrote this article the first time around I had been struggling off and on to write it, to try and find the words for a Divinity that is beyond words and kept failing. And the moment the words came I rushed to publish, even if they seemed all wrong. The fault was not on Loki's part, but on mine.

I knew who and what he was for a very long time. He's always been here and I've always known the truth. But I didn't want to face it, so I went ahead and wrote a truly horrendous article that looked like a train wreck even to me. Because I didn't want to admit the truth. I didn't want to see him as he truly is. He's always been my protector and my best friend. My provider and hero. But I just couldn't admit that at the time. Even those words aren't enough to describe what he is to me, but they'll have to do for now.

And I realized that Loki had let me go ahead with the article because he'll take any opening we give him. He knew if he waited long enough and was clever enough, I'd have no choice but to really stop and look at him and see the rather wonderful god he is. Because he is a God, and a good one.

Loki is loyal, and he's been infinitely patient waiting for me to face the truth about him. That' it's always been him, all this time in a number of clever disguises because that is what shapeshifters do. They take on the form they know we will accept until the day we're brave enough to face their real form.

That photo to your right and all others are my personal work, but the photo is important. The night I took it there were police helicopters flying overhead. And although only a fool would go out it was a moon event and I trusted Loki to take care of me because he loves me as I love him. And I don't mean that in the way we've worn down the words of trust and love.

I mean that for a brief second I saw Loki as he really is, even though my assumptions were not letting him be all he could be. Loki is a very wonderful god to work with, but even he can only take those avenues we allow him to. If you can trust him to be good, trust him to be faithful, tender and loving, he will be.

All videos, that I could find that didn't make Loki sound like a serial killing sociopath hellbent on ending the world are used for entertainment and informative purposes only. If you own the copyright and want credit and a link or want something removed, please let me know.

Please Note: These are only my personal views. If they go against your beliefs or how your Loki wishes to be treated, then by all means, make Him happy.

Rather Cute Fellah, Isn't He?

Funko POP Marvel (BOBBLE):  Helmet Loki Action Figure
Funko POP Marvel (BOBBLE):  Helmet Loki Action Figure

How a lot of my readers no doubt see him. Honestly, I don't care about the comics or films either way, except that He is not the unmitigated prince of evil. That said? The Loki I know finds the whole thing vastly amusing and he wouldn't mind a statue of him. Or three.

Now I know why Loki wanted this for the article the first go around. He kept showing me signs of his true nature and I kept ignoring them. Clever god, our Loki.
Now I know why Loki wanted this for the article the first go around. He kept showing me signs of his true nature and I kept ignoring them. Clever god, our Loki.


I said in the first edit that Loki is my best teacher, and indeed he is. But I was only allowing myself to see the version of Loki as a teacher I was happy with, and that version is a rather sad facsimile of the true teacher and loyal companion ever at my side.

Loki has taught me that even the pagan gods will honour how we humans see them. If I thought of him as wily, sly and insulting, that is the teacher I got. If I thought of him as a darker god, that is the teacher I got. But I was never letting Loki speak for himself, I was only letting him be the teacher I wanted.

Because the teacher he really is? He's just as scared as I am at times. Terrified that if I continue down the path of refusing to see the real Loki that we will end in disaster as we have so many times before. The real Loki, the real teacher is a kind man. Gentle, wise, clever.

He cares about me as a student, doing the best he can to lead me deeper into his teachings. And the truth is, as much as I fancied getting a dark and brooding god with a dose of snarkiness, I got a gentle god, that although a wee bit sarcastic if we've been binging on Dr. Who, is tender, as emotional as I am and caring.

He teaches me to embrace my feelings and that he has them too. Just because he's a god doesn't mean he can't feel emotion. Loki's best lessons, his truest lessons have been about the infinite capacity he has for love. And the fear I was causing him the fear of loosing me if I never faced that was the toughest lesson of all, and I apologize to my beloved teacher for making him face it.

Ah, those beloved of Thor may bristle at seeing Loki given fire in the following song and his lineage is wrong, he is Odin's blood brother and a creator god in his own right, but we do see him associated with fire in various stories and a holder for bellows, associated with fire, bore Loki's image. I like it because rarely if ever is Loki presented as both protector and gift giver. Though he is both.

Loki: Norse God of Fire, Mischief and Chaos

Wedding rings, rings, close enough. He has an odd sense of humor, trust me he does.
Wedding rings, rings, close enough. He has an odd sense of humor, trust me he does.


Or wife, as he may choose for it is not my place to judge Loki. He is a god after all. But many pagans are upset about the influx of wives and husbands of the God, mostly to them being based, they believe, on the Marvel films. Well, do you know something rather wonderful? All stories are just that, stories.

Whether we choose to hold the old tales of Loki as sacred we must remember they are meant to be thought on. So, however we choose to view him from the old tales, whether we love him or not, Loki is still a god and as the gods are wont to fall in love and take mortal spouses, what right do we as humans have to judge them or say no?

I would not advise leaping into marriage right away if he proposes, and yes, it ought to be up to the god, simply because the sweetness of the courtship and getting to know your beloved as s/he chooses can never be replaced. That, and I feel the bond is as sacred as any other union.

Take your time if you find yourself being courted for the marriage bond to any Divinity is a lasting one. Just because things don't end well and you take off your ring doesn't mean you won't forever long to return to your beloved or that Loki won't forever yearn for your return to his side.

And yes, I am indeed married to my Loki. And despite whatever lies I told myself I married him because my heart saw him as he truly is. A god of infinite love, one I could trust and the one that adores me more than any other.

Ah, since those who serve and are not married to him point marriage out at times, I feel the relationship we have with Loki is up to both of us. He isn't going to fall in love and espouse every mortal, and he isn't going to have the same relationship with all who serve him. No one relationship is better or more or less than any other.

And to spare my readers the obvious question, yes, he can be anything to you. Friend, mentor, lover or spouse but it should be a discussion the two of you take time for. Also, and here is the important bit: if your only experience with Loki is through the films, yes, he will take that chance to be close to you. He's the God, not me, it isn't my place to set rules or limits on him.

So, if he has plenty new lovers and spouses based entirely on his film persona, then good for him. Loki is a canny god, and he will take whatever paths we leave open to him. So, no, I do not believe you are delusional or mistaken if your Loki, looks, acts, and behaves like he stepped off a film set. That's honestly just Loki being Loki.

Loki Norse God Statue Bronze Finishing Cold Cast Resin Statue 10 3/8"H
Loki Norse God Statue Bronze Finishing Cold Cast Resin Statue 10 3/8"H

I had to literally wade through fourteen pages of results to find a statue and of course the price is hidden. I love Loki, I adore him, and it's a neat statue, but the hidden price is classic Loki being, well, Loki. And as mine often wears armour I rather like it.


Hidden By Myths and Illusion

Trying to find the real Loki behind the myths and lies about him can be hard, but once you do you'll have a loyal and loving friend forever.
Trying to find the real Loki behind the myths and lies about him can be hard, but once you do you'll have a loyal and loving friend forever.

Loki: God of Chaos Or Change?

One of the biggest illusions of chaos is that there is seemingly no order in it, yet there is. Loki can find the order in chaos and harness the energy in a useful way, and yes, sometimes that includes what seem to be destructive or often malicious intentions. But he never is evil and malicious, he simply brings needed change and that can be a frightening thing.

We all long for a utopia where we don't have to face chaos, but as frightening as the experience can be at the time, as seemingly cruel a light as Loki can be cast in, he never is. He's a loving god who knows when his ability to bring in needed chaos is called for. He sweeps away the stagnation in our lives, and yes, that can hurt.

But he is right there with us, walking calmly by our side in the midst of it all, willing to reach out his hand for ours, willing to be our hero and protector if only we will place our faith in him. And you can and when you do Loki will calm the chaos. Because in most cases it was something we manufactured ourselves with our fears and the illusions those fears created.

Loki can rescue us from the chaos, but only if we allow him to do so. He has actually brought calmness and order to my life, he's cut through the illusions and chaos my own vivid fears created and saved me from myself. If he ever has used illusions it was to lead me away from danger, to lead me out of the forest of thorns I'd place myself in.

And if we trust him enough, truly have faith in him he will carry us out of the forest himself. Loki, after all, knows what it's like to be trapped, to feel fear and pain. To feel lost. Although I don't take any tales of the gods as gospel they do give us a hint of their divine nature. And Loki, before he was converted into the evil god by Christian scholars was a loving and benevolent god.

So perhaps it is better to say that like any trickster or magician diety he brings needed change. It seems like pure chaos from the outside looking in, because we humans don't like upsets in our lives, but trust Loki to know what he's doing and he will carry you through the change himself.

See? Not so bad

Is He a God?

Of course! Granted, his godly bloodlines are rather muddled and often smack of having been hurriedly sketched in. What I believe him to be is a far older god who survived the rise of the new gods, and being far older, he's far wilder and more unpredictable in behavior. Some claim he is a creator god along with Odin, but perhaps he comes from a time before that.

A god we humans forgot the original name of, who took Loki because it was as good a name as any other, and he's not stupid enough to give you his real name; a tricky and wily god who exemplifies all that a pagan male should be. Clever, magical, cunning, capable of deception when it comes to saving his own hide or those he loves (If people are using violence against pagans, the canny male masks his true nature) and not tied down to any one mindset, yet honoring those he chooses to love and being willing to fight to the death to protect them.

He is a trickster god, much like many others, but that does not mean he's evil. He is just more attuned to the darker side of his energy than most. So yes, he can be frightening, he can certainly appear in dreams (he used to give me vivid nightmares as a child even before I'd heard of the pagan gods) and he is a shapeshifter, trickster and magician.

He didn't mean to give me nightmares by the way. He was just being Loki and trying to be friendly and run right at me for a hug and I didn't know who this muscular guy with the red hair and beard was or why he hung out near a roaring fire and dressed in what seemed to be animal pelts and some kind of hammered cuffs, but the power I sensed from him frightened me. Poor Loki couldn't figure out why. I think Odin finally convinced him to turn it down a notch. Keep in mind, Loki knows I'm half German and born pagan as he put it, so he seriously expected some sort of recognition. He got it all right, but since I didn't know why or how I knew him, he was scary.

EDIT: For those more fond of Thor I realize that sounds like a description of the mighty Thor as well. Red tresses, fire. I think associations have overlapped with time, and yes, I know the story about Thought fighting Fire. My Loki was meh about flames until he heard he could have them, so whatever makes your Loki happy, do it.

Mysterious, hidden, and yes, a dark god, he still will lead you through his darkest paths.
Mysterious, hidden, and yes, a dark god, he still will lead you through his darkest paths.

God of Pleasure

Loki is often despised for the fact that he will actively and at times seemingly wantonly seek out pleasures. Good food, lovers, entertainment others find frivolous, you'll most likely find Loki there front and center. He's more all-you-can-eat buffet then mindful portions. More carnival foods and fast food than anything healthy.

That said, even he only takes hedonism so far and there is nothing like having the god of excess (if there was a god of hangovers it would be Loki) bring you to your senses. Pleasure is fine and to be throughly and unashamedly enjoyed in his view, but only to the point where it is still enjoyable.

That said, he is Loki. If you invite him to say, a night of drinking and partying, well, there nothing like the mother and father of all hangovers to teach you a lesson and wasn't ending up in jail fun? He of course will be laughing because he's honestly amused when we mortals think we are more clever than he is.

Oh, and he will most likely drag the family along. If you thought Loki could leave you disoriented after a night on the town, wait until his beloved nephew Thor and blood brother Odin show up.

Don't drink? I don't either but Loki and company still enjoy downtime with me and insist I get my share.

Got Apples?

Loki might not need the apples the other Gods do, and my, how he loves to point it out. In stories hon, in stories.
Loki might not need the apples the other Gods do, and my, how he loves to point it out. In stories hon, in stories.


Loki can and will get territorial over those he loves. He isn't going to chase your other gods away, but he isn't going to sit in the corner quietly when danger comes calling either. Now I have plenty of gods and goddesses about, some you'd think would be more suited to loving and caring enough to protect people, (and you'd be a fool to think it) but no one can outdo Loki when it comes down to having the disposition of a rattlesnake with mouthrot if anyone he loves is in danger.

He is a dark god, a god of chaos, and yes, malicious to the core when fighting for those he loves. He isn't called a breaker of worlds for nothing. Loki can be mean for the fun of it if you cross him, hence the mindless terror he can inspire in some pagans. Yet, he will shelter those he loves in the safety of his protection while he lets his chaos spin around them. He can be frightening when he does this, but never in a cruel way towards those he loves.

Hence people claiming that those serving him are fools at best, and predicting that Loki will one day destroy them. Well, he's taking decades to get around to it if that is the case. The idea that he will kill those that adore him the most is honestly, I think Christianity tainting modern paganism.

He's not the Christian devil. He'd rip up such a pathetic watered down version of himself in the blink of an eye. He had horns long before this ridiculous being that started out as a symbol for man's inner conflict was made into whatever he is supposed to be. Loki isn't a supernatural boogeyman waiting in the dark to get us either.

He's certainly not afraid of the dark or the underworld for that matter, his beloved daughter Hel reigns there, but he isn't planning to drag off unwary souls either. Can he mess up your life and destroy your world? You bet, but then so can any other God. I'm not saying he doesn't have a dangerous side, he most certainly does. But like the fire he is connected to (be it spiritual, romantic or literal) if we get burned it's our own fault, not his.

I Share Her View, Pretty Much

Bronze Seated Norse God Loki Pendant
Bronze Seated Norse God Loki Pendant

oh my gods. This is just utter perfection. The trickster god we all know and love now comes in pendant form. Also references to his children are included on the throne and it is obviously one of those labor of love sort of things.


He Has A Way About Him

I've got to admit, only recently did I start honoring our relationship by following his advice on something. Then out of the blue one person I hadn't talked to in a while called, took me shopping, made me lunch and gave me designer label clothing. No, I'm not kidding. Then, as soon as I got home from that adventure another person called, took me shopping bought me a treat, and a little something special for home.

Now I know Loki had something to do with this. Mine uses two, to represent his dual nature to show he is acting and present in something. And as wonderful and generous as his inspiration made the day, I quite missed the boat by not looking a little deeper. I saw things. Food, clothing, trips to places it is hard to go to myself. When what I should have seen were his real gifts, his endless love and devotion to those he cares about. Loki wasn't just saying that he will always provide for me, he was saying that he loved me and it made him happy to care for me.

He was showing his concern in a way he knew would get my attention, and if you feel he's done the same for you, even if it would make sense to no one else, he has. Loki has a fine sense of humour, as well as a good heart and he will show his care and willingness to provide for you in ways that make sense to you.

And most likely only you which is a good way of knowing Loki is about and working for you. He may or may not admit to his actions, in my experience he doesn't want thanks in return, just love and trust. So don't worry if his way of showing he is around you does not match anything you have ever read or seen.

Don't worry if he doesn't look like any description or acts so unlike Loki (according to the myths) that people mistake him for any other god when you describe him but Loki. He was once known as a gift given and not in a malicious way either.

Gods, he loves this. No, I have no idea why. But I love him, so here it is.
Gods, he loves this. No, I have no idea why. But I love him, so here it is.

Horned God?

Loki has been shown in carvings wearing or having horns. A sign of kingship and perhaps Divinity, but yes, I thought more about the helmet from the film myself.
Loki has been shown in carvings wearing or having horns. A sign of kingship and perhaps Divinity, but yes, I thought more about the helmet from the film myself.

He Wants Love, Not Heavy-Hearted Service

I've noticed a lot of people who write about Loki went through exactly what I did. We grew up hearing the stories that had been twisted to fit a Christian world view in school and when Loki showed up in our lives we acted like the Christian Devil himself had shown up. And poor Loki, dismayed that we couldn't take him on his word suffered for it.

If he has come to you, what Loki would really like better than any altar would be trust. Trust that he is who he says he is. Trust that he really is the friendly, loving and protective god that he presents himself as, because he is. Loki has a reputation even among pagans as being untrustworthy and that's a crying shame, for he is the most trustworthy god you'll ever meet.

Is he a trickster? Yes, but tricksters are not bad gods. They simply bring us up short before we hurt ourselves. Loki hasn't come into your life just to trick and hurt you. He isn't cruel, he won't hurt you. Yes, you may be experiencing the opposite of that right now, but only because you'll give him no other way in.

Think of the story where he had to get into a locked room to fetch a certain necklace. Not even a god could get into that room, but Loki did, and even then he barely made it. Do I think he was thrilled to become a fly or a flea? No, but remember stories are meant to make us think.

We can take away the fact that Loki becomes what he needs to to be with us and take away that which needs to be taken away. Loki can enter even the hardest of human hearts. And as for Odin of all people judging Freyja? Mine still finds the idea funny.

But back to the god you came for. Loki will accept what you are willing to give. If you don't feel an altar is right, wait. You may never have one, you may not feel that way for him. But if you do let it grow as your relationship grows and let it be meaningful to you, not a carbon copy of what you've seen on the Internet.

My Loki now has an altar when I can see him daily and we are happy with it. It might be small, but he likes the idea of a place where we can be together. He really doesn't care about amassing things. And the funny thing is, now neither do I. No statue, candle or gift can win his heart, but your devotion and how you live you life can.

Lovely Thoughts on Tricksters

Ten Things I Believe About Him

  1. The whole thing about him getting caught and tied to a rock? No. One, you'd never catch him, and two, seriously, it smacks of Christian propaganda. Loki has never been a god of evil and he never will be. Many dispute, and rightfully so, the story as in the oldest myths Loki was not to blame.
  2. He isn't evil. Nor are his children. He's a trickster, yes, but not evil. Those of us who work with him are not serving any sort of devil or the pagan equivalent of Satan. Hel runs the underworld and she does a great job of it without his help, thank you kindly.
  3. He's isn't wantonly cruel. He never has been with me. Loki is actually quite loving and gentle.
  4. That whole red haired thing while dead on (he used to terrify me in my dreams as a red haired and bearded man) is entirely optional. My clever Loki now wears a decidedly un-Norselike appearance. He will also appear as the film version because he's, well, Loki.
  5. He is connected to other things besides fire and mischief. Mine has heavy, and I mean heavy woodland ties. And don't bother asking him if it is some lost mystery wisdom, he may just be fond of trees for all I know.
  6. He loves salmon. Kind of ironic considering his supposed capture, but mine is a heavy fish eater, especially salmon sushi rolls. And black coffee and oven baked chicken. Yeah, none of it is Germanic but there you go.
  7. Loki wants one thing, well two. Trust, even though he is the trickster god he'd like a little faith. He did give us fire, didn't he? And love. Not gooey-mindless devotion, but a little love would be nice.
  8. He defends mankind. He does. He's a trickster, he's a sly and wily god, but there are forces that would do mankind ill and as he is rather fond of us he will defend us. So yeah, he's a warrior and a brave one too. He fights alongside Thor and sometimes Odin, doing what needs to be done. These gods travel in a wolf pack, get used to it.
  9. Far from the coward he's often portrayed as he's the bravest and most ferocious god I have the honor to know. He's pretty feral, and so are his kids, but in a good way. Think of him/them as the Equalizer. Or The Doctor.
  10. Loki is devoted to those he loves. He is faithful until the end, full stop. He'd die in the defense of his family and he can inspire the same intense devotion in those who love him in return.

Wild Alaskan Whole Pink Salmon - 30 Pounds, 9 Whole Cleaned Fish
Wild Alaskan Whole Pink Salmon - 30 Pounds, 9 Whole Cleaned Fish

There is apparently a Loki fish company. And they sell salmon. Loki no doubt finds this endlessly amusing. Mine loves salmon though yours may be different in his tastes.


He's Pure Truth

If you read the old stories there is one about Loki being excluded from a feast, and most people read it and take away the face value. Loki gets labeled the father of lies because when he does show up he insults every guest who dares to speak to him, and our perfect gods and goddesses couldn't have done anything wrong, in evers. Seriously, have you read all their stories? First things first, all religious tales are meant to be thought about and not taken at face value. So do I think this feast actually happened? Not really.

But if it did, Loki is actually the truth bringer. Sure, he does what he wants, and that is actually always a moral path, but he is open about it. He's not going to hide behind excuses. And he will force hidden secrets and all the garbage about ourselves we don't want to face out into the daylight because that is in his job description.

You are not getting an excuse to run wild if you enter a relationship with him, and I can't stress that point enough. Loki is extremely truthful, all tricksters are. Their job is to bring you up short. And remember, there are not ten bazillion divinities running around, there is just one, and this aspect, Loki, is one of the hardest to come to terms with.

He can be the kindest and most loving God you ever met, and he can frighten you within an inch of Hel's realm if you need it. He will force you into facing your fears. He will force you into facing the bad parts of you and making them better. He path is one that is often filled with thorns and pains as it is vital that that pain to burn out the spiritual rot inside of us.

He's the God I've had the most problems accepting as he truly is, but he's also the most loyal and truthful Divinity I've ever met. And before you run screaming, Loki is compassionate. Not to the point of not teaching harsh lessons, but he will help you if you turn to him in the fallout.

Pretty much Him, Seriously

In Closing

I'd take a bullet for him, even though the expression makes him wince. Loki has been nothing but good to me, even if I've repeatedly pushed him away. I've been the selfish, self-centered idiot, yet Loki has remained loyal and loving towards me. He's provided for me, shown me compassion and love when I didn't deserve it, and he's a far better God that I have the right to know.

The following song started to play in the store (the one involved in the day I told you about) and I knew it was Loki, loud and clear. I've abandoned him repeatedly, I've had serious issues trusting him and not the horror stories about him, and all he did was love me in return.

Loki wasn't showing anger in his song choice, he's too good a God for that. He was just showing his sadness over being repeatedly abandoned and distrusted. So I owe him this and the Hub. I can't say I've ever done right by him, but I do love him and I go ballistic when people call him evil. Because I've known him all my life and I know the truth.

You see, it often turns out that right when things are going perfect for us, I loose him though my own actions. I don't ever want to loose his loving presence ever again. I feel safe when he's near me, loved. And I want him to know that, even if admitting I adore him and am devoted to him might cost me my pagan readership.

I love him and I'm proud to admit that. If you learned anything from this Hub, I hope you learned how amazing and loving he really is. Yeah, he's a complex God, he's a billion different paths and all at once, but even his darkest paths deserve love and reverence. If you are walking with him may your journey be blessed.

I Owe Him This, Trust Me, I Do

Feeding the Flame: A Devotional to Loki and His Family
Feeding the Flame: A Devotional to Loki and His Family

I have this on my Yule list. Honest! The preview on Amazon looked amazing and I like and respect her videos. Besides, there aren't too many Norse texts that don't make Loki sound like the Joker on speed.


Did you know?

Some strongly feel a better translation of his name is Spider and he is seen to many pagans as Thought not Fire.

A Dream

In the dream I'm both in the camp of the Gods and out of it at the same time. I'm making a stew with my wolf brothers, using the ingredients I brought and all the Gods and I mean every single one will be able to feast before we ride out all though the stew won't be physically touched.

I keep flickering in and out of the camp, between realities. It's absolute night, all darkness save for the torches the Gods carry. The Gods, led by Odin are going to Loki's rescue. All the Gods and that part is vital. someone has somehow stolen our precious Loki away. And it's like He's there watching and judging me, as a God of pure night and absolute dark, yet He isn't because He's been stolen away. By a wolf? I don't know. But the whole universe is black, forever night because Loki is gone.

And we're all suiting up for war and all getting on coal black war horses, at least mine is black, because we're riding out to save Him. We know we likely won't come back. I know this is it. But I'm willing to ride out with the Gods, all the Gods against this enemy, willing to sacrifice myself on the field of war because without Loki the universe is dying. And I am dying. We all are, because the light is gone from the universe. And we are happy to ride forth for Loki, joyous even if we know it is our doom because Loki is worth it and our sacrifice won't go unrewarded. Loki will live, He will be saved by our sacrifice.

That's one thing I never mentioned before. My Loki can shine like the sun and without His light (thought,Gnosis) the universe was plunged into darkness and dying. Without Loki, good, generous Loki, beloved by all the Gods, the Universe itself was choosing to die rather than be without the best and most beloved of the Gods.

I truly believe the dream was a gift from the Gods, from Odin and all the others, while also being a test. Loki was proud of me. Imagine, His tiny mortal wife going off to a great, big war even the Gods couldn't win against this fearsome wolf (who obviously was yet another God playing the boogeyman because someone had to). And it was the Gods' way of assuring me that as all are welcome in my home, and I mean all, Loki is beloved of all the Gods. Because he is a good God, and one the others wouldn't hesitate to die in battle for.

I woke up abruptly with Loki holding me and as he soothed me and reassured me it was all right. That it was my actual test. How much did I love Loki? Would I die in a war I knew even the Gods couldn't win to prove that love? The Gods has spoken to me through the dream of Loki being beloved to all the Gods, and I mean all.

Odin himself was leading the charge for His brother. And He said brother, not blood brother and no God or man would dare correct Odin in His determination. And we all knew we'd fall fighting for Loki's return but we were happy. For even if it took the death of everyone there it was worth it. More than a god associated with thought or anything else, Loki is the shining god of hope, and He will always be beloved of the Gods.

Story Time

Loki crafty and sly God that He is gave me a dream recently where He kept shifting form between all the forms I've ever known Him in. And they weren't even Loki's paths, they wouldn't make sense unless you were me. Well, in His typical way He was pushing to be remembered as a God that reaches out in countless forms. And am I so cold-hearted that I have to hate one to prove how loyal I am to Him? So, to honor the lesson, a little Comic-Con madness. I was going to do one of those tribute videos but this brought pure joy to both of us.

So, keeping in mind I don't speak for Loki, and this is just my interpretation of the dream, He wants loved for all He is. And if your Loki likes the film or comic versions you ought to honor that. Him coming to you through a film is fine, OK? I know what grouchy pagans have told you, but it's fine, wonderful even. Heck, for all I know He engineered the films. If Loki of all the Gods didn't like them, the Marvel studios would have burned to the ground by now.

Christians, after all, make films about Jesus and those reach new people every day. If canny Loki, the wonderful flame-haired trickster, has chosen that path with you, embrace it. If He is worried about traditions, trust me, He will get you to them in due time.

And I know the dream was from Him as there was a golden carved throne in it, His, that kept pulsing from gold, to green to white. But it was also a mundane chair at the same time. He was taking the mundane and making it sacred. You should see His favored Hall in the local park.

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    • Nightcat profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago

      Will do! I always like meeting others on DA! Thanks again for visiting and I'm happy things worked out well for you.

    • Nightcat profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago

      That is wonderful, Andyacosta! Thanks so much for letting me know. I'll be more than happy to talk to your daughter. My absolute pleasure and hail Loki! He has always come through for me and I'm always thrilled to see him come through for others as well! Thanks for letting me know!

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Hi! It's me again, I have noticed that you are in devianart , Lucia, my daughter is a photography enthusiast too, check up her gallery. Look for "The eyes behind the mask" . She hasn't been active in quite a while, but her pictures are very good. Looking forward to hear from you! .

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Hi Nighcat! He answered!! I am grateful and amazed . I got him sweets and a red candle (I read that he likes that color) .

      I also sent the link to your hub to my daughter, she liked it very much, and she might write you soon. Can't wait to read your next hub. Thanks again for answering my questions.

      All the best.


    • Nightcat profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago

      My absolute pleasure! Loki often shows up in our lives when we need him the most and brings about drastic changes. It can be hard at times to have to keep defending him, so I know exactly how your daughter feels. But he will always see us through the rough times, even when we need time away from him. He’s very loving and understanding, I’m sure he’s already heard you and he will be ready when she is. I’ve never known him to turn away those he loves, ever. Thanks for visiting and best of luck! He may very well develop a relationship with you too.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      It's very late , but can't stop reading your hubs about him. I found him fascinating. I can truly see how strong bond you have with him , your words are full of love . You found a loyal companion, and it's priceless. I don't know you, but I am sincerely happy for you. Now I understand why my 18 years old daughter defends him so much, and why he always helps her when she ask him. She's having rough times now, to the point of stop requesting his guidance. I have already ask him to help her today, I have the feeling that in some weird way I have become a channel for him to reach her again.

      Thank you for showing him to me, I feel more at peace now that I know he's with her. And thanks to Loki too for founding his way back into our lives. All the best!


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