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Port Gamble Paranormal Ghost Conference in Review

Updated on November 13, 2011

Port Gamble Washington held its annual Paranormal Ghost Conference Oct. 28 – 30 2011. This was the second conference to be held for the Paranormal in Port Gamble. Even though the conference is small by comparison to most conferences you wouldn’t know that by listening to the presenters. With so many varied ideas and beliefs in the study of the Paranormal putting together a conference such as this has to be difficult but the coordinator did an excellent job. The subjects were covered well giving a good representation in different styles and beliefs of paranormal activity.

Port Gamble Paranormal Ghost Conference had several investigative groups represented at the conference. Darren Thompson from WSPIR did an excellent presentation on an investigation that this group had done at Starvation Heights. With the years of experience and the many opportunities that the group has had they have grown to over sixty members. WSPIR has an excellent group of individuals that covers a wide range in the paranormal field. I hope to hear Darren present again in the future.

Gregg Olsen author of Starvation Heights and Karen Frazier author of Avalanche of Spirits: The Ghosts of Wellington gave excellent presentations. Both of them kept you fascinated with their findings in doing the work for each of their books. Both books are must reads for anyone interested in the paranormal. The books are both entertaining and easy to read yet gives you a feel for just what kind of tragedies that people have suffered.

Joe Teeples is an independent paranormal researcher with over 30 years of experience. He is an excellent speaker and really gives you the desire to continue in the field of the paranormal. His approach to the paranormal when speaking gives you the incentive to work harder not just at finding out what is out there but preserving and protecting what has gone before. Be sure to read his book, Pacific Northwest Haunts a Ghost Hunter’s Field Guide.

Neil McNeill works in the area of Parapsychology and currently teaches a course in “Paranormal Studies” at several community colleges. He is an outstanding speaker and very easy to work with. It is always a pleasure to hear him speak as well as working with him on the investigative portion of the conference.

Last but not least for this conference Rochelle Wright spoke about her work with the Guided Afterlife Connections. This is a fascinating step in helping those that have grief issues after the death of a loved one. She reports on the excellent results that she has had with this new technique. Sr. Joanna, Anchorite spoke on the historical aspect from a churches view of the paranormal. This added to the conference by giving another dimension on views of the paranormal.

The Port Gamble Paranormal Ghost Conference is a wonderful way to get new ideas and see what is happening in our area concerning paranormal activity. NKPI is looking forward to attending next year’s conference. We would like to thank all those people who put together and participated in making this year’s conference not only a learning experience but fun as well.

Walker-Ames House in Historic Port Gamble WA
Walker-Ames House in Historic Port Gamble WA | Source


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