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Not Having What You Want

Updated on July 11, 2016

1. You are not very specific about what it is that you want.

Knowing what you want is the first essential part of attaining your desires. It allows you to have a clear mental pictures of what exactly you wish to do, have, or become. This step is key because it steers you away from many of the things you DON'T WANT.

2. You're not exactly sure why you want what you want.

Many watch a movie and after it's done, automatically feel like the main star; imagining how awesome it would be to be the hero, villain or have the attention of everyone around us. While this superficial feeling of awesomeness is great, there needs to be a more in-depth and real motive for getting what we want. What are the feelings that we would like to have as a result of the desire becoming real? This step is another crucial one in helping you to avoid spiraling in the wrong direction and away from your goals.

3. You're holding the wrong mental attitude.

Whether it is your faith that is lacking or you just have a negative outlook of things based on past limiting beliefs, any of these will hinder you from growing closer to your wish. Some people are superstitious and hold onto beliefs that greatly affect the outcome of their desires without knowing that are doing anything wrong. Pay attention to the thoughts you allow yourself to think on a daily basis and see where you could be damaging your own manifestations. Remember attitude determines altitude.

4. You're in the wrong circle.

If you want to become a star athlete, hanging out with computer geeks everyday will not get you closer to your dream of making it big in sports. Your circle greatly determines what think and do on a day to day basis. Not only is the right crowd important to share the wisdom, knowledge and motivation but for the support needed to fuel you to go forward. Some of the people closest to us try to sabotage our dreams and so it is our responsibility not to share your dreams with everyone and to clean up our circle.

5. You're inconsistent or easily distracted.

In order to head steadily in the direction of your dreams you must be consistent. Every time you allow another desire to come along and take precedence over the last, you strip it of some of its energy and driving force. Not to say that you can't have more than one desire at a time, but you do need to have a high level of desire for each and concentration to give the power needed to attract what you want simultaneously. Be as focused and consistent as possible about each and hold that thought for as long as you can.

6. Don't be too carnal. See with your real eyes!

A great metaphysics teacher of old, Neville Goddard, teaches us that we need to deny that which we see with our eyes and as a matter of fact, ignore all that our physical senses show us to be reality in order to obtain what we really want. It's not shutting out reality to the point we're oblivious of life around us but it is simply learning to use our wonderful human imagination to create the reality that we desire for ourselves in our mind's eye first. Remember that everything we can now see in the physical world once started out only as an imagination!

7. You're clinging to desperately!

You must learn to relax, let go and let God; allowing the Universe to do its magic.Letting go is simply an act of allowing. When we know what we want and why, letting it go is not forgetting about it but rather the faithful knowing of what has yet to become real.

8. Fear!

That nasty little four-lettered word that stops us from doing what we need to to get our wants and needs met. It whispers quietly in our ears belittling words that stop us in our tracks. It is imperative to silence that chatterbox or else we would grow old and wither with nothing but misery and regrets. You and I have the power and the ability to do, be, have or see anything in this world and it is really only our minds that tell us otherwise.


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