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Numerology, Is it Real?

Updated on September 15, 2014

What is Numerology

Numerology is based on the ancient belief that nothing in The Universe is random, everything is controlled by patterns, and that numbers are the ultimate patterns.

Numerology takes simple facts from your personal life, such as your date of birth and name and "reduces" them to numbers, usually a single digit. From these numbers, much about your life can be told, proponents claim. Of course other claim it is crackpot science or worse!

Whether numbers have "cosmic vibrations," Numerology is a fundamental force of the universe, or you are an absolute skeptic, Numerology is pretty interesting. It certainly is to me and many others. It is worth noting that many converts to Numerology are scientists and mathematicians, who are natural skeptics.

I am a skeptic by nature myself but consider it a useful self help tool, and have had free numerology readings done as well as calculated them myself (which is very easy to do) and been fascinated and amused by the results! Whether you believe or are a skeptic, it can be extremely interesting,

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The History of Numerology

There are many types of Numerology

There are many variants of Numerology, including Chaldean (also known as "Mystic") numerology, Indian Numerology, and so called Modern or Pythagorean Numerology.

When most people think of numerolohy, they mean "Modern Numerology" which is based on teachings of many ancient cultures including Babylon, Greece, Egypt, early Gnosticism and Christian Mysticism, Hindu Vedas, Hebrew Kabala, and much more, but is primarily associated with Pythagoras.

Pythagoras is considered as the "Father of Modern Numerology," and presented "a cosmos that was structured according to moral principles and significant numerical relationships."

Although best known today as a mathematician, he was originally best known as a very controversial philosopher and a mystic.

What Does Numerology Based On

Who are you, really?

So who are you, really? Not your name or what you do for as job etc. but the real you? Numerology can help you determine that.

Numerology is based primarily on when you were born, and your name.

Now you cannot change when you were born so that is a constant.

Numerologists disagree somewhat on your name. Many of us have more than one name.

Your most important name is your full name when you were born. Numerologists believe that your parents are guided to pick the name that you were meant to have. Whether this guidance is via divine intervention, fundamental forces of the universe, cosmic vibrations, or something else, does not matter.

The one exception to your birth name being your most important name is for children that are adopted very young. Most Numerologists use their adoptive names instead.

Many of us also have other names, including nicknames, perhaps a different married name, and stage or pen names for performers. As long as these names were acquired naturally, as part of your growth as a human, they also have an effect.

The Main Numerology Numbers

There are lots of numbers obviously related to every indiviidual. Here are the most important.

Destiny Number/Expression Number - Your Destiny Number (sometimes also called your Expression Number) absolutely does NOT determine your destiny! Numerology is NOT fortune telling! It does however describes your natural talents, abilities and potential shortcomings!

It is up to you to hopefully maximize the positive effects of your talents and abilities and minimize the negative effects of any shortcomings. Knowing what they are can help a lot.

The Destiny Number is based on the letters in your full name at birth.

Life Path Number - Your Life Path Number explains the nature of your journey through life, and is based on your birth date: day, month, and year.

It reveals a broad outline of your life, including your opportunities, difficulties, and your main traits.

Most Numerologists agree that it is your most important number.

Soul Urge Number - Your Soul Urge Number reveals your inner you. It explains your motivations, your cravings, and your likes and dislikes.

It greatly influences your life choices. I have personally found that often Soul Urge numbers are total surprises; mine was!

Personality Number - Your Personality Number shows how people perceive you initially, the first impression you tend to make. Your outward appearance.

I think of it as a narrow portal showing only part of the "real you" as described by the numbers above: your Life Path, Destiny, and Soul Urge Numbers.

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      MortyB 4 years ago

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      Great jog with images and well written. Congrats!