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Numerology, Astrology & Handwriting Analysis – Career Timing & Personal Strengths & Weaknesses

Updated on August 18, 2013

An anxious client asked us if he would get a new job soon and if he was destined to be out of work for a while. He wanted to know when he would find a great new job. We told him the following and it will give you an idea of the mechanics of predictive work, along with some insight about handwriting analysis.

We can't tell you the exact hour you will accept a good job offer, but we can tell you when things are more in your favor.

Knowing when your timing is challenging or rewarding in relation to obtaining a new job gives you heightened perspective, as well as an edge in your job search.

The numerology and astrology timing charts don't make things happen, but they do represent what is predestined; the types of circumstances, events, challenges and rewards that your soul sets up for your earthly personality.

Your timing for career and money success gets much better in the near future, so it looks as if you are destined to have a decent job. Six to eight months from now you'll likely be securely employed. Just remember that it's important to consistently take action (exercise free will) to manifest this strong probability; do what you have to do to get where you'd like to be.

Despite your numerology and astrology timing in most of the first quarter of the year being very challenging for acquiring a new job, you've already experienced the most trying energy and your career aspects throughout the rest of the year steadily improve. The best months for your career this year are July and September. In fact, we see dynamite career and money aspects for you in late summer of this year. Now, even if you knew nothing of your timing charts, you would have still encountered the same challenging energy during the first quarter and more rewarding energy during the rest of the year- that's just "what is." Being centered, detached and tapping into your intuition will help confirm the energy represented in your timing charts.

Based on the birth data you provided, it looks as if you were destined to experience a period without steady employment. There are reasons for everything; maybe this seemingly unfortunate period allowed you to more greatly value being employed, or perhaps you were supposed to focus on a different part of your life for a while. A change of career direction at this time looks to be part of your earthly plan as well. Meditate on the reasons for your current circumstances until you receive answers that feel right. The tools we offer on our web site can further assist you in getting your own answers.

Based on the handwriting sample you submitted (using the science of graphology and covering only some of your more relevant personality traits), you're understandably fearful of the future, somewhat anxious, and currently frustrated about material interests.

It would also help you to know this about your subconscious personality: you're not entirely comfortable with accepting abundance in your life. In other words, you sometimes (subconsciously) block yourself from acquiring money and material things. Although you consciously want more money in your life, your subconscious is consistently saying, "...I'll pass, I don't deserve it."

It would be wise to get in touch with this energy in order to open the door to more prosperity in your life. Simply knowing about it is a great start. Searching for clues about the root cause in meditation and past life regression could help resolve the issue.

On the positive side, your handwriting indicates remarkable stamina, determination and powerful analytical abilities, which will help you accomplish your career goals.

Copyright © Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo


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