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Witch Crafts: Guide to Oils and Herbs

Updated on April 29, 2011

Nothin' Says Lovin' Like Somethin' from the Coven!

Greetings! This lens is a part of my Witchcrafts, Magic & Spells series. I have covered the basics of what magic is (and isn't), as well as how it works. I have also, in this series, given a guide to common tools associated with modern Witchcraft. Now, we move on to some of my favorite spell components...oils and herbs.

All things in nature are imbued with specific magical properties and associations. By choosing the right ingredients, you will lend the appropriate energies to your spells and recipes that will align with your intent.

Witchcraft is both an art and a science, that requires study and knowledge, and lots of practice to become adept. As you begin to create your own spells, recipes for oils, potions and brews, you will find this guide very handy for your research.


Some common kitchen cooking herbs are listed here; others are poisonous, and the majority of essential oils are unfit for ingestion.

Some oils are skin irritants, as are some of the herbs.

Herbs should not be picked from the wild if you are not an expert herbalist or botanist.

All herbs and oils listed here are for the intent of making incense, oils, baths, non-digestible potions and brews, or to be added to sachets or pouches.

For safety reasons, I do not recommend ingesting any herbs, and leave that up solely to your discretion and further research.

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Herbs and Oils by Intent - Correspondence Chart

BANISHING: angelica, anise, basil, birch, boneset, clove, clover, cumin, dragon's blood, elder, fern, frankincense, garlic, horehound, juniper, leek, marjoram, mint, mullein, myrrh, nettle, onion, pepper, sandalwood, thistle, yarrow

BUSINESS: devil's shoestring, lemon balm, lucky hand, pecan, rowan

COURAGE: mullein, ragweed, tea, thyme, tonka, yarrow

DIVINATION: camphor, cherry, dandelion, goldenrod, meadowsweet, orange, orris, pomegranit

FERTILITY: banana, carrot, cucumber, daffodil, fig, geranium, grape, hawthorn, hazel, mandrake, mistletoe, mustard, myrtle, nuts, oak, olive, patchouly, peach, pine, pomegranate, poppy, sunflower

HARMONY: basil, gardenia, lilac, narcissus, wisteria

HEALING: allspice, angelica, apple, barley, bay, blackberry, calamus, carnation, cedar, cinnamon, citron, cucumber, eucalyptus, fennel, figwort, gardenia, garlic, ginseng, golden seal, helotrope, henna, horehound, ivy, lime, mint, mugwort, myrrh, nettle, oak, olive, onion, peppermint, pine, plantain, potato, rose, rosemary, rowan, rue, saffron, sandalwood, spearmint, thyme, vervain, violet, willow, wintergreen

INTELLECT: caraway, celery, dittany of crete, eyebright, grape, horehound, lily of the valley, mace, mustard, rosemary, rue, spearmint, walnut

JUSTICE: buckthorn, hickory, marigold, skunk cabbage

LOVE: apple, apricot, avocado, barley, basil, beans, beet, betony, bloodroot, brazil nut, caper, cardamom, catnip, chamomile, cherry, chestnut, chickweed, chili pepper, cinnamon, clove, clover, coltsfoot, copal, coriander, daffodil, daisy, dill, dragon's blood, elm, endive, fig, gardenia, ginger, ginseng, High John the conqueror, jasmine, juniper, kava-kava, lavender, lemon, lemon balm, lemon verbana, licorice, lime, lovelia, lovage, mandrake, maple, marjoram, mastic, meadowsweet, mimosa, mistletoe, myrtle, nuts, orange, orchid, pansy, papaya, pea, peach, pear, peppermint, periwinkle, mimento, plum, poppy, primrose, quince, raspberry, rose, rosemary, rue, saffron, spearmint, strawberry, sugar cane, thyme, tomato, tonka, tulip, valerian, vanilla, venus flytrap, vervain, vetivert, willow, wormwood, yarrow

LUCK: allspice, aloe, bamboo, cabbage, china berry, daffodil, fern, hazel, heather, holly, houseleek, huckleberry, lucky hand, nutmeg, oak, orange, persimmon, pineapple, pomegranate, poppy, rose, strawberry, vetivert, violet, wood rose

LUST: avacado, caper, carrot, cattail, celery, cinnamon, daisy, deerstongue, dill, endive, garlic, ginseng, hibiscus, lemongrass, licorice,l mint, nettle, olive, onion, parsley, patchouly, radish, rosemary, saffron, sesame, vanilla, violet

JUSTICE: buckthorn, hickory, marigold, skunk cabbage

MEDITATION: bodhi, frankincense, sandalwood

MONEY: alfalfa, allspice, almond, basil, bergamot, blackberry, buckwheat, cashew, cedar, cinnamon, clove, clover, comfrey, dill, elder, fern, galangal, ginger, goldenrod, grape, High John the Conqueror, honeysuckle, jasmine, mandrake, maple, marjoram, mint, moss, myrtle, nutmeg, oak, oats, onion, orange, parchouly, pecan, pine, pineapple, poplar, poppy, rice, sesame, tea, tonka, vervain, vetivert

PEACE: gardenia, lavender, meaadowsweet, morning glory, myrtle, olive, passion flower, vervain, violet

PROTECTION: acacia, african violet, aloe, anise, ash, balm of Gilead, bamboo, barley, basil, bay, blackberry, blueberry, boneset, cactus, caraway, carnation, castor, cedar, cinnamon, clove, clover, coconut, cumin, curry, dill, dragon's blood, elder, eucalyptus, fennel, fern, foxglove, frankincense, garlic, gourd, grass, hazel, holly, heather, horehound, hyssop, ivy, juniper, lavender, lettuce, lilac, lime, lotus, mandrake, marigold, meadow rue, mimosa, mint, mistletoe, mugwort, mulberry, mullein, muystard, myrrh, nettle, oak, olive, onion, orris, parsely, pepper, pine, plantain, primrose, ragwort, rattlesnake root, rice, rosemary, rowan, sage, St. John's wort, sandalwood, spanish moss, valerian, venus flytrap, vervain, violet, willow, wormwood, yucca avacado, caper, carrot, cattail, celery, cinnamon, daisy, deerstongue, dill, endive, garlic, ginseng, hibiscus, lemongrass, licorice,l mint, nettle, olive, onion, parsley, patchouly, radish, rosemary, saffron, sesame, vanilla, violet

PSYCHIC ABILITIES: acacia, bay, celery, cinnamon, citron, eyebright, honeysuckle, lemongrass, mace, marigold, mugwort, peppermint, rose, rowan, saffron, thyme, wormwood, yarrow

PURIFICATION: anise, bay, bloodroot, cedar, chamomile, copal, fennel, horseradish, hyssop, lavender, lemon, lemon verbena, parsely, peppermint, rosemary, sagebrush, thyme, tobacco, tumeric, valerian, vervain, yucca

SUCCESS: cinnamon, clover, ginger, High John the Conqueror, lemon balm, rowan

VITALITY: anise, fern, myrtle, rosemary, vervain

How To Make Oil Infusions

Essential oils can be very harsh, both on the olfactory glands and on the skin. True essential oils are expensive, so you want to use them sparingly. Also, sometimes you cannot get your hands on the essential oil you want, but you might be able to find the right herb. In any of these cases, consider making an oil-based infusion.

An infusion is when you steep herbs or blend oils into a base oil. This will dilute essential oils, and absorb the essence of the herb. You can make oil infusions with either essential oils, or with dried or fresh herbs. These are great for anointing, blessing and consecrating purposes, simmering to perfume the room with gentle fragrance, or rubbing into a wand, staff or other wooden tool.

Start with 1/4 to 1/2 cup of a base oil, such as olive or jojoba. Put it in an enamel pot on low heat.

Put 40 to 60 drops of essential oils into the base oil, or one to three teaspoons of herbs.

Stir ingredients and let it sit for five minutes.

When cool, strain if using herbs through cheesecloth, and pour into a bottle or container with a tight-fitting lid. A good place to store infusions is in the refrigerator. Shelf life can vary; if your infusion begins to start smelling rancid, dispose of it.

Recommended Reading on Wicca & Witchcraft

Uses for Essential Oils

* Annoint or dress candles for spell work

* Add to incense, potions and brews

* Annoint magical and spiritual tools

* Annoint pouches and sachets

* Drop into baths

* Drop into laundry water or cleaning water

* Burn in an oil burner in place of incense

* Add to inks for magical or spiritual writings

* Annoint walls, doors, door jambs, thresholds and windows

Kitchen Witchin' - the magic of the spice rack

There are no herbs that are more special than others. Any form of herbs will work in magic. You may be surprised to find common cooking herbs found in any spice cabinet or grocery store shelf will suffice. Or, start your own herb garden for a constant supply.

Given here are the names of common, easily obtainable herbs, and the intents for which they are used. I list the planet and the element; if an herb you want is not available, look for one with the same planet and element, as it will have the same influences and make a suitable substitute.

ALLSPICE: luck, love, lust, vitality

planet: Mars


ANISE: banishing, protection, purification

planet: Jupiter

element: Air

BASIL: business, fortune, harmony, happiness, love, peace, protection, wealth

planet: Mars

element: Fire

BAY: healing, hex breaking, intuitive and psychic abilities, protection, strength

planet: Sun

element: Fire

CINNAMON: creativity, luck, love, lust, money, power, psychic powers, strength

planet: Sun

element: Fire

CLOVES: love, money, protection, stop gossip

planet: Jupiter

element: Fire

CORIANDER: fidelity, health, love

planet: mars

element: Fire

CUMIN: anti-theft, fidelity, protection, strength

planet: Mars

element: Fire

FENNEL: healing, protection, purification, strength

planet: Mercury

element: Fire

GARLIC: anti-theft, banishing, exorcism, healing, lust, protection

planet: Mars

element: Fire

GINGER: healing, love, lust, money, success

planet: Mars

element: Fire

MACE: intellectual abilities, psychic abilities

planet: Mercury

element: Air

MARJORAM: banishing, happiness, health, love, money, protection

planet: Mercury

element: Air

MINT: break holdings, healing, lust, money, travel, protection

planet: Mercury

element: Air

MUSTARD: astral projection, fertility, intellectual abilities, stop meddling

planet: Mars

element: Fire

PARSELY: lust, protection, purification

planet: Mercury

element: Air

PEPPER: banishing, exorcisim, protection

planet: Mars

element: Fire

POPPY SEEDS: fertility, love, luck, meditation, sleep, vision questing

planet: Moom

element: water

ROSEMARY: love, lust, intellectual abilities, purification, sleep, vitality

planet: Sun

element: Fire

SAFFRON: healing, happiness, lust, strength, psychic abilities, prosperity

planet: Sun

element: Fire

SAGE: longevity, protection, purification, wisdom

planet: Jupiter

element: Air

SUCCESS: cinnamon, clover, ginger, High John the Conqueror, lemon balm, rowan

THYME: courage, health, love, purification, relaxation, sleep

planet: Venus

element: Water

Give Peas a Chance

Why not grow your own garden?

Growing your herbs is a great way to really get to know and understand them, you'll know they've never been tainted with chemicals or pesticides, and you'll always have a handy supply. It's easy to dry, freeze and store herbs, or make infusions for later use. Plus, every time you cook, you can add a little magical energy to your food to bring abundance to your life.

If a New York City, urban-jungle, apartment-dwelling native can grow a large and flourishing herb garden on my screen porch without a single patch of soil to plant in, then you can certainly start a window box of basil, rosemary and parsley. Check out my lens:

Container Herb Gardening

How to Dry Fresh Herbs

It's too easy...

If you grow your own herbs, you should prune often; pruning encourages bushier growth. If you don't grow your own, you might find yourself paying for a bunch at the supermarket and only using half of it. Don't let those unused herbs go to waste! Dry them!

Collect your herbs in a neat little bundle or bouquet. Tie a rubber band around the bottom of the stems to hold them together.

Wrap your little herbal bundle with a piece of newspaper or paper towel, just as you would wrap a bouquet for presentation. These will actually act as a dust catcher-- you don't want dust settling on your herbs, but a paper "cone" will allow the air to circulate. Tie it, rubber band it or-- my favorite-- clip it with a large office clip or a spring-pressure clothespin.

Find a room, or a pantry, that is dry and fairly dim (or at least not lit much by the sun). They can't dry somewhere that there will be a lot of steam; like if you cook pasta in your kitchen a lot and the windows fog-- forget it. That will create mildew or mold on your herbs. You also don't want to put it in direct sun, which will leach them of their vitality.

Turn it upside-down and hang it. I sometimes just hang it from a peg or hook; You can also tie a string across a wall or a room and clip on a bunch of herbs along it to dry. If you have rafters, hang a string or a chain from the rafter and clip the upside-down herbs to it. Let them sit until they get dry and crumbly.

Once dry, you can preserve them in air-tight containers. Remove the paper and keep them as a bunch, or crumble them up into bits and put them in shaker jars.

click here to read about more ways you can preserve your fresh herbs

Coming Soon:

Check back for updates!

I will be linking articles on topics such as:

* How to use herbs in magic and spell work

* How to make a potion

* How to make a brew

* How to make herbal incense

* How to make Spell sachets and mojo bags

* How to make your own smudge sticks

* How to grow your herbs magically

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