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OOBE Inducer Software

Updated on September 7, 2013

What is OOBE Inducer?

The creators of Astral Forum have developed a revolutionary technology that allows you to achieve Out of Body Experience (OOBE), also known as astral projection, without any effort on your part! OOBE Inducer software is available as a browser based application. It is easy to use and it is absolutely free.

The Idea Behind OOBE Inducer Software

When reading about out of body experiences (OOBE), many beginners do not realize what conditions have to be met to induce OOBE. It is the requirement of all techniques to fully relax the physical body and reach the state called "mind awake & body asleep." Not everybody understands what this actually implies. Simple relaxation is not enough to trigger out of body experience. The truth is, when they say "body asleep," they actually mean it! The state that is required to achieve an out of the body experience is called sleep paralysis. This term has negative connotation to it, but in reality, it is the state we enter into every night as we fall asleep. However, since we loose our consciousness way before sleep paralysis occur, we have no memories of experiencing it. Hence, sleep paralysis could not be more natural and safe. It is a protective mechanism that prevents us from moving our body when we explore the dream world.

When we enter sleep paralysis consciously (body asleep & mind awake), it becomes very easy to achieve an out of the body experience. In fact, very often no additional techniques are required. That's how spontaneous OOBE's take place.

What OOBE Inducer does is it helps you enter the state of sleep paralysis while remaining fully aware.

Try OOBE INDUCER. It's free :)

How does it work?

oobe inducer
oobe inducer

OOBE Inducer Software is an advanced alarm clock that uses multiple voice commands to help the practitioner achieve "body asleep & mind awake" state.

The interface features 3 buttons: START, STOP, and VOLUME TEST. The practitioner is expected to simply click the START button and fall asleep leaving the computer on. As soon as the START button is clicked, the software will begin the countdown. After 4,5 hours, the practitioner will be woken up with the voice command. The gentle female voice will say: "Wake up, but do not move. Keep your eyes closed" - it is likely that at this point you will already be in a sleep paralysis. If not, you are welcome to fall back asleep. Shortly, you will be woken up again with a similar voice command. There will be a series of alarms automatically happening one after another in the intervals of 10-15 minutes.

In other words, the software is simulating natural conditions in which sleep paralysis & OOBE are likely to occur spontaneously, meaning: 4,5 hours of natural sleep followed by interrupted sleep.


If you don't have access to the computer in your bedroom, you can download an mp3 version of the software. This way, you can use it on your phone, or any other mp3 player!

Want to download it as 5 hour long MP3 file?

DOWNLOAD IMPROVED OOBE INDUCER 2.0 AS MP3 for just $14,99 now!

Why does it work?

OOBE Inducer works because it simulates the natural conditions in which out of body experience occurs spontaneously. My first OOBE happened many years ago - I didn't know anything about this phenomenon back then. I remember that I woke up in the middle of the night and could not fall asleep for a while. It was very hot in the room, and it basically kept me from falling back asleep fully. I was trapped in between sleep and being awake for a while. Then I realized that I cannot move! I was terrified, because I did not know what was happening. I remember being fully aware of everything, but I could not move a muscle. I started hearing strange sounds that would become louder and louder, until everything finally became silent and I saw my sleeping body from the above.


Up to 10% of people experiences something like that at least once in a lifetime.

Frequent Questions & Answers

QUESTION: Is OOBE Inducer Software free?

Yes. OOBE Inducer 1.0 as a browser-based application is entirely free. In addition, there is an improved version of it called OOBE Inducer 2.0 - is available for download as mp3 file for $14.99. Version 2.0 was created for those who do not have access to the computer in their bedrooms. Everybody else can use the free browser-based 1.0 version of the program.

QUESTION: How many people had success with it?

There are many success stories published on our forum. Many people achieved their first OOBE thanks to OOBE Inducer.

QUESTION: Who created the program?

The program was created by the team members of

QUESTION: Are there going to be more versions of the program in the future?

Unlikely. Version 2.0 is probably as effective as possible. There isn't much room left for improvement.

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