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Jerome - Doctor of the Church

Updated on December 9, 2014

Conspiracy Against God

History records that seventy men appointed by Ptolomy of Alexandria, acting on the orders of Alexander the Great, compiled the Septuagint which, in turn, became the Old Testament. They composed it on their knowledge of history and prophecy and mixed it with mythology from Assyria, Egypt, Persia and Greece. They substituted terms like 'spirit and 'God' with 'Lord' and 'heaven' to further confuse the result.

Why do I know that and the highly educated theologians who run religious organisations either don't know or choose to ignore it? It's not their fault really because their livelihood is to protect the organisation for which they work and if these facts are widely known then the religion they promote may fail. They are silenced by the very faith they serve. That's why children are brainwashed into considering that anything against their faith is blasphemy and why some will go to the extent of murder to protect the dreams that are their salvation.

This is not an attack on religion as such but it is an exposure of a great conspiracy. One that you have been protected from knowing about.

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The Facts Behind the Revelations

It was the Septuagint, translated into Greek from Aramaic, that was refined by Jerome, who was appointed by the then Bishop of Rome (there was no pope prior to the 7th century AD) to write a book to enforce the faith of the Catholic Church. But Jerome, although highly educated, was far from honest in his portrayal of the ancient text.

He claimed it was originally written in the ancient mother tongue of Israel but that's wrong as it was written in Aramaic, which Alexander had ordered everyone to use. Jerome then altered sections of it to conform to the New Testament which he helped write and compile and then he added it to the other to form the first bible, the Vulgate. In other places we learn that Jerome could not read the original language and interpreted it from the Greek.

This lens examines the work of Jerome as a co-conspirator in the Roman emperor Constantine's religious fraud and how the New Testament and full bible came into being..

Jerome's Background

Where did he come from?

He was born in Stridon, an area bordering Dalmatia and Pannonia, in 340AD, the son of Eusebius, an Orthodox. "Or-to-d-ox' means "sun god/circle food of the ox'. His early paternal education was enhanced by travel from 366 to 370AD and other things, such as his theological studies in the Roman Orthodox Religion, which was all about sun worship and dedication to the Sun god, Apollo. Although it had been incorporated into Christianity by Constantine's Council of Nicaea meeting in 325AD.

From a rich, well educated background he completed his studies in Rome in subjects like grammar, rhetoric (public speaking) and philosophy. His mentors included Pliny, Aristotle, Theoprastus,and other historians of natural science.

In 373 he underwent a rigorous asceticism in the desert at Aquiligia where he claims he died. He wrote of rising to heaven where Christ whipped him for his wayward manner and rebuked his study of inappropriate books. He then sent him back to fulfill Christ's demands. This technically made him a prophet. This is recorded in his diary, a copy of which is housed in the Australian National Library, as probably in most national libraries.

As a spiritual person I can verify that one feels the Spirit as tingles, shivers and a sensation that moves through your body, almost like electricity, as it heals and fills its people with power. Those who are not spiritual have probably never felt this and do not know what spirituality is. Jerome never mentions this sensation so he was not spiritual and what he states about his experiences do not raise any spiritual confirmation within me.

When a spiritual person hears something that is true and remarkable you get the same spiritual feeling through your body. Some feel it as goosebumps, others as the chill running down their spine or the hairs on their neck standing up. However, they feel it this witness will always confirm the truth. There is no witness from the Spirit to anything that Jerome wrote or did. But if you are spiritual you may be feeling it right now as you read this lens. If that's the case and you are in a religion then get out of it and let the Spirit work within you.

To uncover the records of his work it took a Spanish monk a lifetime, after being commissioned by Philip II of Spain, to research and publish his extensive report. Fray Jose was a tertiary educated monk of the order of St. Jerome. Born in the 16th CAD in Siguenza, Spain, his finished work is "The Life of St Jerome' which is subtitled 'The Doctor of the Church'.

It is from the translated version of this work that much of the following information was derived. The Royal College of San Lorenzo recognised Fray Jose as a religious authority, which gave him access to the Vatican archives. His report on Jerome is probably the best available and he highlights his surprise and confusion over aspects of the revelations. He lived at the crossroads of religious reform and Christian reorganisation and the publishing of the first bibles in print.

Persecution of Women - How it must have been in Jerome's day

It is obvious that Jerome lived among Arabs in the desert and in Palestine. He appears to have agreed with a number of their laws and was in favor of what happened to the woman in the stocks. So how can he be impartial enough to formulate a religion that is supposedly designed to serve everyone? The short answer is he could not! Thus, the religion he helped to establish is discriminatory against women, is unsympathetic to their plight, and it bans priests from marriage with them, yet it tolerates pedophilia and child abuse from within its priesthood.

Its all about cover up, show and perception. Its not about reality but power and control.

Women in Berkers
Women in Berkers

Patriarchy and the Persecution of Women

Disregard for the female body.

Jerome spent some time in Bethlehem and writing from there he admitted his dislike of women, considering them models of sin and the image of Eve. He wrote that as Eve led Adam to his downfall so women lead men to theirs. One wonders what kind of sick brain thinks this way about the mothers, sisters and daughters who give birth to men and are so downgraded by them. This is also a Muslim attitude that still sees women enshrouded in garments to hide their bodies from the sight of men. Its obviously from the fear that some religious men have of being led into a sexual encounter that would spell doom in terms of the likelihood of going to heaven.

He also spent time in Antioch and while there wrote of how he witnessed a young woman having her breasts hacked off by a group of men while she was locked in the stocks. This would probably have led to her excruciation death or months of trauma and psychiatric stress. He described it as "just punishment for the woman was overly attractive and gave men excitable thoughts." So where did he think God is in the creation of women? Did he perceive that they were made to test men's self control and that sex has nothing to do with procreation. That figures when one realises that the chief God of the Catholic Church is the Virgin Mary.

p235ff. Fray Jose records how Jerome came to have such an influence in the Church. His records state that when he was in Rome he assisted Damasus, the Bishop of Rome, with letters written for the government and the establishment of the churches. He was entrusted to reply to all the Synodal councils of the east and west. According to Jose he was clearly the only councilor and on the secret council to the whole council and his advisor.

'Synodal' is from 'sin-o-d-el' meaning 'sun's circle feeding god". It is also in 'synagogue which as 'sin-o-gog' means 'sun circle of god'. 'Mosque' is as 'm-o-x' or 'm-o-ch' meaning 'mothers circle and cross'. Sound shifts due to language variations is responsible for present day spellings. One can see from this that these 3 major religions came from the same source and they carry the same traits,

It appears from this degree of authority Jerome was able to influence the council into its strongly patriarchal position, from which it has never wavered.

In all the countries he lived in there is one thing common among them. They all believed in and worshiped the Mother god, the sun. While ever her presence is over men women will be persecuted, murdered and suppressed because they are open competition with her. Their fertility rivals that of men who still believe that they alone impregate Mother god to produce offspring and that women are only the receptacles in which the baby grows.

Covering women to keep them out of sight of the sun is but a small part of it. The other part, and possibly the main one, is so that men don't stray by seeking intercourse with a human woman. It is better if it is a man they mate with because that is not offensive to HER.

Worship of the Goddess

In India and elsewhere the dedication to the goddess is so pronounced that stones are carved in the image of her vagina or vulva and men openly lick that stone to stimulate her. The cowrie shell is another symbol of her sexual organs and in Japan these prized specimens are placed among clothing and other items to preserve them.

Symbols of her include the white horse which men like to ride, the sword (s-word = light's word) which is shaped like a cross and delivers death to the enemy, and the number 5. In this video these things are illustrated in worship.

This Video is Hard to Take

But it proves a point. Women are the main targets of religious followers and believers, even of themselves.

What do you think of Patriarchal notions? - That specifically discriminate against women

Do women deserve to be condemned for their looks?

Catholic costumes
Catholic costumes

Jerome Gets Down to Work

On the main job at hand

p235ff. Jerome invented the order of service and the City of Rome preserves the chalice he used along with the chasuble he wore. He set great diligence to improve and perfect the divine worship throughout the Roman Church. Among his observations he noticed that the churches of Antioch, Jerusalem, Alexandria and others sung the Alleluia and he encouraged Damasus to bring it to Rome.

It is a song that might have been dedicated to Alla in these basically Muslim regions, as Alla-le-i-a would translate as 'Alla-god [ eye of power'. 'Ella' is 'god's power' and 'elle' is a female name derived from the female god. He also brought the 'amen', derived from the Pharaoh god 'Ammon' and the Maranatha ephod (a linen surplus worn by Jewish priests). He claimed 'alleluia' means 'praise be to God' but that is not how it translates.

He also prescribed the offices of the church

Jerome formulated the prayers and the Holy Mass. This would have included the Lord's prayer which is only recorded in Mathew. He divided the scriptures which manifest Christ through the entire course of the weeks of the year. The scheme of the epistles and gospels he took from apostolic traditions and, whereas he was so well informed in the antiquity and history of the church (Orthodox), he was well qualified to arrange them with method and order.

p.291 Jerome took advantage of the traditions found in the writings of the learned men of those times and set in order all things for the use of the church. The learned men are from the Roman Imperial Religion, philosophers and people like Eusebius and Origen who wrote from works by others around the empire. Many could have been records of things they heard or learned at the hands of others. Much of it was handed down from Greek philosophers, like Plato, whom Jerome claims to have studied and accepted his ideas.

There is written records of how he took the festivals, costumes, instruments, order of service and so on from the Imperial Roman religion. He makes no apology for this as it obviously seemed the right thing to do. He was, after all, employed by the Caesar and Damasus to do this and to make sense of the nonsense that emerged from the Council of Nicaea. If we read between the lines there was no other source of this material and he had limited time to gather it. Also it would not have been accepted by the church or the public if it were too far removed from what they knew and believed in.

On that basis the habit worn by nuns was obviously his idea. It resembles the claustrophobic outfits still worn by Muslim ladies and identifies his sympathy for Islamic ideas.

It is right to posit, therefore, that there was no 'new' religion or radical changes made to the old one as it would have caused much dissention. From the Roman point of view they could neither see a need to change nor a purpose in adopting anything other than what was already acceptable. All they had to do now was to convince everyone else that the religion and the text they would base it on was handed down by God.

In this task Jerome excelled as well.

Septuagint - the Old Greek Bible
Septuagint - the Old Greek Bible

The New Testament

Jerome's hand in it.

Jose is puzzled because none of the people mentioned in Jerome's history so far had mentioned it. They all knew about the Old Septuagint which was translated into Greece from the Chaldaic. He confirms that his doubts were strengthened because "neither St. Clement of Alexandria, Eusebius, Origen, Athenatius, Theophilis, Apiphanis, Theodoretus, nor Jerome himself, along with any other ancient fathers have made any mention of it. Because some lived in Egypt and some in Assyria his suspicion was heightened that the work was of a more recent date to when the above mentioned were alive.

The puzzle deepens for him when Clement of Alexandria notes that the sacred books were known to Plato, Aristotle and other philosophers who made use of the text in their writings. This brings us back to the religion of Chrishna which was known and sacred books about him were available in Greek prior to Alexander the Great. The fact that he then notes that there are no known authors for the work almost cements this as the only possibility. So the claims made in Who worte the New Testament stand up under this scrutiny and Plato used and possibly coined the term 'Christian' for the followers of Chrishna.

It appears from his research that Matthew was also known to Plato and Aristotle. Jose also states: "It is my belief that the gospel of Matthew and the epistle of Paul in the Hebrew language were both originally written in a language of Syriac (that is of Assyria), p310

That would definitely relate these two works to Chrishna as Alexander was dead in 325BC and he ordered these works to be translated into Aramaic. The Greek philosophers mentioned above preceded him.

The book of Matthew is the one that records almost precisely the birth and flight of the baby Christ into Egypt while the evil king slays all the young male children. This copies exactly the story of Chrishna when the evil king Cansa does precisely this. So Jerome simply tidied it up and added his laws, which he invented for the Church, to the book to complete it. Those laws involve the return of the lost sheep, the forgiveness of sins, adultery as a major sin, and introduces the Lord's prayer (Loisy The Origin of the New Testament 1950:225)

The Lord's prayer is akin to a Roman creed which states the law of the church in a more precise manner. Only Jerome could have composed it as he was the author of the law. The rest of Matthew is a lot of mumbo jumbo which says very little except to reinforce that Jesus is to save the House of Israel, but he is a Jew. The difference was not known by Jerome who assumed that Jews and Israel are the same.

Many ask of Jesus what heaven is like? but there is no clear answer only analogies which make little sense. It seems that the author had no idea about it and skirted around the issue by side tracking. This is also obvious with many other questions asked of him.

The Berka Debate

When was the last time you read the bible? - Can you understand it?

Have you read the Old Testament

Jerome's Puzzle

How to resolve it?

Jerome did not have things as straight forward as we might imagine. First there was the Septuagint, from which he took his own version of the translation and altered it. He wrote about this in his letters.This is basically his take on it:

p394ff. "The translation of the Septuagint, continuing in the purity and integrity with which it has been rendered in the Greek, it would be a superfluous act to induce ne and to contrive me to translate the Hebrew books into Latin. But as in each region there are diverse copies, and that first, pure, genuine translation has become so adulterated and corrupted, you have entrusted me to decide which among all of these is the one most true. Or that I should make a new one of the old and that as the Jews who scoff at us we should, as says the proverbs, make them stare.

From Constantinople to Antioch: "As regards the provinces, which lie between these two, their people all read the volumes of Palestine which was published by Eusebius and Parphilius from the works of Origin. The whole wonder is that these three diverse parts contend with each other in the same book.

I tell you the truth freely and simply (addressing Damianus and Ragatinanus) that in such a way was this book of names vitiated and untruthful in the Greek and Latin volumes that it does not appear so much a Hebrew book as an aggregation of barbarous names from Samaria."

Jose draws the conclusion that for this reason Jerome was beseeched by Damasus to undertake its correction, especially of the psalms. The books did not agree and nor did one church with the other.

It appears even more certain from this that the works that Jerome and others relied on for piecing together the religion of the Roman Catholic Church were Arab versions of the Chrishna doctrines.

Jerome's Version of the Old Book

From Septuagint to Old Testament.

So he undertook the work and produced a book in which he left most of it, including the Psalter, very much amended. Jerome notes "so it was received by the City of Rome." There were two impressions of the translation done with great care and diligence at around the time of Jose, which he focused on in his search for the clarity required to decide on what Jerome had achieved.

One of these, undertaken at the expense of the king Phillip II was done in Antwerp. The translation it embodies was taken from the diverse ancient copies, without following one as authoritative and chief among them. But solely seeking among them to find the best fit. At times supplying them from the Hebrew and in all places less exact in the original Greek.

The other is the Complutensian bible, by Cardinal Fray Francisco Jimenez, Archbishop of Toledo. At incredible cost he had copies brought from Rome and all parts of the world in both Greek and Hebrew. he then noted that there was no difference between them except in the beauty of the characters.

Another translation was done in Rome by Cardinal Antonio Caraffa, Vatican Librarian. It was published in Greek in 1586 with the Latin version following two years later. Its chief text follows that in the Vatican library of some 1200 years old, and of the time of Jerome. Jose nominates that it is either taken from the Vulgate or the Luciana, that done by the martyr Lucian

We then find out from Jose that many copies were produced which were found in all parts of the world and they appear to be at variance with each other. He also describes how modern possessions of the Septuagint vary greatly from the Hebrew original.

There is a lot more that could be said of the first bible and of Jerrome's hand in it, but this will do for the time being. From this report one gets the impression that the first bible was a combination of the stories of Chrishna (Krishna) and the medley of mythologies and claims of divinity throughout the Roman Empire.

Still images from Dreamstime - click here

Reincarnation is Ignored by Religions

My experience of reincarnation and the knowledge brought with me demonstrates that there is no heaven or hell. There are also no other entities beside the Spirit of the Universe, the great Creator. Jerome was part of the conspiracy to override the Old Testament and to put forward the Roman version of the Islamic religion of the times. The costumes, similarities between them and the practices speak for themselves.

It is now that everyone who ever lived is back or has recently been. They are now being judged for their spirituality and adherence to the order that they do not worship idols, pray to false gods or ignore that little voice within, which is God speaking to them. These are the things that Jerome and the cohorts of Constantine did not know.

To the Romans they used religion like they used their parliament. It was there was discipline, control and to make everyone happy. Anything beyond that was not in their agenda.

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these quizzes are a lot of fun

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    • TeacherSerenia profile image


      7 years ago

      very intertesting lens. I left the church I was raised in becaise the subjugation of women (including myself) was a major factor. There were other reasons as well. I read up on Buddhism and Theosophy. Theosophy was intertesting but too new age and Buddhism still subjugates their women and treats them like second class citizens - like christians, jews and muslims do today. .

      Now I have found the only philosophy that I can truly believe in - and that allows me to be who I am. Its called DEISM.

    • Heather426 profile image

      Heather Burns 

      8 years ago from Wexford, Ireland

      very interesting indeed.

    • mysticmama lm profile image

      Bambi Watson 

      8 years ago

      Very interesting, It's always been my theory that all of the organized Religions were created to daminate & control women, minorities & the lower classes.


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