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Osama Bin Laden in the house of his God

Updated on May 13, 2011

Osama Bin Laden in the house of God

After the 9/11 attacks, I wrote an article titled “why it was on 9/11” because I saw the need for justice to take its course. Many years passed and it seemed justice failed or justice was delayed or justice was denied. This was as a result of the long search and fight for justice. Yet, those that truly believe in justice and understand that it is impossible for justice to fail, no matter how long, did not give up in the fight and struggle to ensure that justice takes its course.

The 9/11 attacks was not the only attack by Islamic extremist. Other attacks like London and Madrid bombings among other similar incidents, which continued, even till date, call for global concern. All those that understand the need of such justice welcomed the news of the death of Osama Bin Laden. Unfortunately, it is not a surprise that some people are not glad to hear the news. But we are certain that those that welcomed the news are greater. However the next important challenge for the world leaders is to find a way forward to ensure maximum security of human lives and properties, and for the Muslim community to understand that any action taken against Islamic extremist is not an action against all Muslim.

I find myself, daily, in a situation in which I have to defend people of various religious sects including Muslims. It became clear to me that most people think Islam is a violent religion and as such they use the claim to condemn Islamic belief. I know that not all Muslims are violent and I try to make others to understand that it is wrong to condemn all Muslims just for an act done by a group within Islam or that claim to be Islam.

A Muslim woman, on hub pages, opened a forum where she could answer questions about her religion. Just like always, the questions she got includes why are Muslims so violent. She explained that not all Muslims are violent, for instance she is a peaceful Muslim and she did not support the Islamic extremist called terrorist. She also said that Muslims died as a result of the terrorist attacks. Then someone suggested that Osama is now with God according to Islamic belief because he fought for God. She disagreed and said that Bin Laden should be in hell by now for his crimes against humanity. This shows that not all Muslims belief that the terrorists that claim to fight for Islam go to heaven as they die in the process.

The fact is that if men should fight for their God, then it means that their God must be so weak and powerless that men fight to protect or help or defend him. Is it not funny, if a man should protect his God when God is supposed to protect, guide, and help man? Well nobody is certain as to where Osama will spend his eternity. It can be in heaven or hell or asleep forever or reincarnates. Wherever he is may not be of a concern to those that survived his terrors. What is important to us is how to move forward and ensure that extremist will no longer threaten humanity.

There is need to reorient the mind of those extremist that want to fight and kill others because of their religious convictions because humanity has passed that age. This is a new age with a new law that was made to correct all past mistakes. The Muslims, especially those that claim to be peaceful and not in support of terrorist should join hands with others and put greater effort to ensure that the fight against terror is won. This is important to prove and convince the world that Islam is not a religion that kills the innocent or kill and hate those that are not Muslims, which they call infidels.

There is need for Muslims to help the world change their views. That is why Muslims should take the first step to let the world know how strongly they support the fight against terror and it is also a fight to restore the true meaning of Islam. Just as president Obama said, the fight against terror is not a fight against Muslims and there is need for people of all religions to join hands in this struggle for liberty, fairness, peace, unity, brotherhood of men, and above all justice.

Osama Bin Laden was confirmed dead but some people still doubt if he truly died. Some people said it is a shame that many lives were lost in the search of Bin Laden while other people said there are still other Osama’s out there. Many lives were truly lost in the quest for justice yet it is not a shame because justice did not give up. Justice stood its ground and paid the price for justice knew that liberty can only be achieved at a price. Many more lives would have been lost if Osama was allow to continue in his acts without a fight to stop him. Secondly, justice is still certain and Osama faced justice so those that still think he lives should know that justice also lives and justice cannot be denied, no matter how long.

Bin Laden left nothing positive for humanity. He brought terror to humanity.

Again, if the terrorists think they will go to heaven or paradise or wherever, after they killed innocent and defenseless people here on earth and if they think Osama Bin Laden is now enjoying with his God. Then it means his God must be different. I do not think that God will rejoice over the death of innocent people because it is wrong for even a fool to rejoice over the death of innocent and defenseless people. But if Osama was so certain of a place in the house of his God, then he would not have hid while he sent others, which some people call fools, to go and die. He would have been the first to die and enjoy paradise. One can rightly say that he was never certain. He was only pushed by a wrong religious conviction. And many are still pushed by a religious conviction, which they were not there when it started but they only learnt it from others and then they took the burden to die, kill, hate or persecute others for the sake of such convictions. Yet, if he fought for some other good reasons then he did not do it the right way.



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