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Blessings from Osho

Updated on October 7, 2015

OSHO's Blessings...........

OSHO, the Enlightened One, the Beloved Master, has given to us many Meditation Techniques which we can practice in this modern world. Osho always said in His discourses that there is no need to go to the forest to meditate. Going to the forest means that you have to leave this material world along with your family. This means that you are accepting meditation but with the condition of leaving this material world and your family. Osho said that the one who can meditate in this material world, and along with that carries on his duties of this world is the real seeker of Truth. He has given us real gems as meditation techniques which will help us to meditate and help us a lot in our spiritual evolution.

These meditation techniques can be practiced any time you wish, if you really wish to seek God . There are many more meditation techniques which I will add later where you can do it while you are engaged in your activities. You have to accept everything totally. Going and meditating in the forest means that you are rejecting your this world duties and accepting the other. But real acceptance is the acceptance of both. Living in this world and carrying the Inner World within you wherever you are.

Meditation Technique 1 - Close the eyes and stop their movement

Close your eyes and stop their movements; otherwise the eyes will continue to see something which is of the outside. Even with closed eyes you will see things - images of things. Actual things are not there, but images, ideas, collected memories - they will start flowing. They are also from outside, so your eyes are still not totally closed. Totally closed eyes means nothing to see.

Close your eyes so that nothing remains to be seen - no outside object, no inside image of any outside object, just a blank darkness as if you have suddenly gone blind. Not blind only to reality, but to the dream reality also.

One has to practice it. A long period is needed; it cannot be done suddenly. You will need a long training. Anytime you feel that it is easy and you have time, close your eyes and then inwardly stop all movements of the eyes. Feel as if they have become stones, and then remain in that 'stony' state of the eyes. Do not do anything; just remain there. Suddenly someday, you will become aware that you are looking inside yourself.

You have seen your body only from the outside. You have seen your body in a mirror or you have seen your hands from the outside. You do not know what the inside of your body is. You have never entered into your own self; you have never been at the center of your body and being, to look around at what is there from the inside.

This technique is very helpful for having a look from the inside, and that transforms your total consciousness, your total existence - because if you can have a look from the inside, you immediately become different from the world. This false identity that "I am the body" is only because we have been looking at our bodies from the outside. If you have a look from the inside, the looker becomes different. And then you can move your consciousness in your body, from your toe to your head; you can now have a round inside the body. And once you become capable of having a look from the inside and moving there, then it is not difficult to go outside at all.

Once you know how to move, once you know that you are separate from the body, you are freed from a great bondage. Now you have no gravitational pull; now you have no limitation. Now you are absolute freedom. You can go out of the body; you can come and go. And then your body becomes just an abode.

Close your eyes, see your inner being in detail and move from limb to limb inside. Just go to your toe. Forget the whole body; move to the toe. Stay there and have a look. Then move through the legs, come on upwards, go to every limb. Then many things happen. If you can move to any part of your body totally, that part becomes alive - so much alive that you cannot imagine what happens to that part. Then you can move to the eyes totally.

If you can see your body totally from the inside, then you can never fall into the illusion that you are the body.

Meditation Technique 2 - Exhaust yourself and drop to the ground

Just run in a circle. Jump, dance, and run again until you are exhausted - until you feel that now not a single step more can be taken. But you will have to understand that your mind will say that now you are completely exhausted. Do not pay any attention to the mind. Go on running, dancing, jumping. Go on! Do no pay any attention.Continue until you feel - not think, until you feel - that the whole body is tired, that "A single step more has become impossible, and if I move I will fall down."

When you feel that you are falling down and now you cannot move, that the body has become heavy and tired and completely exhausted. Then, dropping to the ground, in this dropping, be whole. Then drop! Remember, be so exhausted that dropping happens of itself. If you continue, you will drop. The point has come - you are just on the verge of dropping. Then, drop, and in this dropping, be whole. What is meant to be whole? Do not drop just according to the mind - that is one thing. Do not plan it; do not try to sit, do not try to lie down. Drop as a whole, as if the whole body is one and it has dropped. And you are not dropping it, because if you are dropping it then you have two parts: you who is dropping it and the body which has been dropped. Then you are not the whole. Drop yourself totally. Fall down as if dead. If you can drop in this way, you will feel for the first time your whole being, your wholeness. You will feel for the first time your center - not divided, but one, unitary.

This technique helps you very easily to fall into the cosmic ocean of energy. The mind with its divisions will disappear, and the being that is undivided, indivisible, will appear for the first time.

Your views will be most welcomed.............

Do you have any meditation techniques that you wish to share with us?

Welcome to the Inner World..................

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    • sorana lm profile image

      sorana lm 7 years ago

      This is a very interesting lens masunyoananda. I love the first technique. I'll definitely try it. Thanks for the lesson.

    • sukkran trichy profile image

      sukkran trichy 7 years ago from Trichy/Tamil Nadu

      your lens is very very informative. thanks for your new meditation techniques.