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OSHO quotes on Enlightenment

Updated on June 1, 2015


At the age of 21, Osho attained Enlightenment or Samadhi. This is a Spiritual State where one is found in Bliss and Peace forever. Till then, He continuously shared his Light with all of us.

Many people met him and became his disciples when he was still alive in his physical body whereas many other people came to know him through his books, in which all his discourses were combined.

In fact, he is very famous and his Meditation Techniques are very helpful for everyone.


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Your enlightenment is perfect only when silence has come to be a celebration. Hence, after you meditate you must celebrate. After you have been silent you must enjoy it, you must have a thanksgiving. A deep gratitude must be shown towards the whole just for the opportunity that you are, that you can meditate, that you can be silent, that you can laugh.

Enlightenment is always sudden because it is not an achievement; it is already the case. It is only a remembering, it is only a reminding, it is only a recognition.

An enlightened person is one who has no barrier between him and existence. And knowledge is a barrier. Knowledge divides you from existence; it keeps you separate. Not knowing unites you. Love is a way of innocence. Innocence is a bridge: knowledge is a wall. Who has ever heard of knowledgeable people becoming enlightened? They are the farthest away from enlightenment. Enlightenment grows only in the soil of innocence.

The word 'enlightenment' belongs to the path of meditation. The meditator says, "Enough is enough. Long have I suffered; now let me be free." In fact, he cannot ask. He tries, but he cannot pray -- because to the man on the path of meditation, even prayer is a bondage. Mahavir never prayed, Buddha never prayed. Prayer was meaningless for Buddha; he made all efforts to get out of it.

Enlightenment means to live life without any hankering for meaning. Then whatsoever is, is good, and whatsoever is not, that too is good. Then each moment becomes so radiant, so luminous, so fun of fragrance, but still there is no meaning.

Nirvana means Enlightenment, the state of ultimate realisation, the experience of one's innermost core, the actualisation of all the potential that one has carried all along, the seed turning into the flower.

The Ultimate Enlightenment means the ultimate dissolution of the ego, the ultimate disappearance of the individual.

Try to be so wakeful that you don't fall asleep again.

Remain so alert that the future is not allowed to deceive you again as you had allowed it before. What has become past is nothing, but once it is your future then you get deceived by it. Now it is past; now another future is arriving. Every moment future is arriving, and future can deceive you only if you are asleep. Then again it will become past.

If you remain alert and you don't allow the future to deceive you in the present, the past disappears. Then, there is no memory left of it, no trace of it. Then one is just a clean slate, a sky without any clouds, a flame without smoke. That's what the state of Enlightenment is -- so alert that only the witness is real and everything else is nothing but ripples on the surface of the water. Everything is passing, everything is a flux. Only one thing remains and remains and remains, and that is your consciousness, your awareness.

After Enlightenment, you have to disappear. The world is left behind, the body is left behind, the mind is left behind; just your consciousness, as individuality, is still there. To go beyond Enlightenment is to go beyond individuality and to become universal. This way, each individual will go on moving into nothingness. And one day, the whole existence moves into nothingness and a great peace, a great night, a deep, dark womb, a great awaiting for the dawn.... And it has been happening always, and each time you are always born on a higher level of consciousness.

Enlightenment is the goal of human beings. But those who are Enlightened cannot remain static; they will have to move, they will have to change. And now they have only one thing to lose -- themselves. They have enjoyed everything. They have enjoyed the purity of individuality; now they have to enjoy the disappearing of individuality. They have seen the beauty of individuality; now they have to see the disappearance and its beauty, and the silence that follows, that abysmal serenity that follows.

The experience of Enlightenment is also beyond description, but it has been described by all who have experienced it. They all say it is beyond description and still they describe it -- that it is full of light, that it is full of joy, that it is the ultimate in blissfulness. If this is not description then what is description?

For thousands of years the people who have become enlightened have been saying that it cannot be described, and at the same time have been describing it, have been their whole lives singing it. But beyond Enlightenment you certainly enter into a world which is indescribable. Because in Enlightenment you still are; otherwise who is feeling the blissfulness, who is seeing the light? Kabir says, "... as if thousands of suns have risen." Who is seeing it? Enlightenment is the ultimate experience -- but still it is experience, and the experiencer is there. Going beyond it, there is no experiencer.

You have to understand one thing: that Enlightenment is not an escape from pain but an understanding of pain, an understanding of your anguish, an understanding of your misery -- not a cover-up, not a substitute, but a deep insight: "Why am I miserable, why is there so much anxiety, why is there so much anguish, what are the causes in me that are creating it?" And to see those causes clearly is to be free from them.

Just an insight into your misery brings a freedom from misery. And what remains is enlightenment. Enlightenment is not something that comes to you. It is when pain and misery and anguish and anxiety have been understood perfectly well and they have evaporated because now they have no cause to exist in you -- that state is Enlightenment.

Nirvana means utter cessation, all disappears, there is simple emptiness. In that emptiness there is tremendous consciousness, fulfillment, but no centre to be fulfilled. To know it, it has to be experienced.

Enlightenment is not a desire, is not a goal, is not an ambition. It is a dropping of all goals, a dropping of all desires, a dropping of all ambitions. It is just being natural. That's what is meant by flowing.

Enlightenment is the ultimate peak of sanity -- when one becomes perfectly sane, has come to a point where silence, serenity, consciousness are twenty-four hours his, waking or sleeping. There runs a current of tranquility, blissfulness, benediction which is a nourishment, food from the beyond. Eastern psychology accepts mind as the lowest part of human consciousness -- dismal and dark. You have to go beyond it. And Enlightenment is not the end, because it is only individual consciousness. Individuality is still like two banks of a river. The moment the river moves into the ocean, all banks disappear, all boundaries are annihilated. You have gone beyond Enlightenment.

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Welcome to the Inner World..................

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      Truthmusica 5 years ago

      Namaste Osho baje......

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      simply wonderful thoughts and philosophy...really well described the inner connection....thank you for putting here...

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      theverysmartguy 5 years ago

      Just reading this lens has made me more enlightened...thank you...

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      darciefrench lm 7 years ago

      There is beyond nothingness; Divinity in Allness. Much love and many thanks for the wonderful article on enlightenment.