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Out of Body Experience Stories

Updated on July 18, 2015

Out of body experiences are one of life’s (or death’s) biggest mysteries, and are reported by many people all around the world. Whether it was a near-death experience, or an actual death and revival, the biggest mystery remains the out of body experience itself.

A few questions one might ask when thinking about the topic would be:

  • How are people's out of body experience stories so similar upon awakening?

  • What did they see?

  • What or how did they feel?

  • Is it actually a spiritual experience or purely medical?

I will go into answering these questions, but no matter what the answers are, out of body experiences are real and do happen; there’s no doubt about it! (Well, at least no doubt from those who have had the experience first-hand.)

Leaving Your Body

Many people who awaken in the face of death often talk to their doctors or nurses about a journey into the afterlife; the strange thing is that the stories are often very similar in nature, even though the people have never met or even explored the topic of out of body experiences.

They may recall it as a strangely vivid dream or interpret it as dying and going to heaven, describe in great detail what they saw, where they went, what they felt, and what it was like returning to their physical bodies.

How exactly are the out of body experience stories able to be so similar? It’s a mystery, and the only answer you can really come up with is that it is real.


What Do You See When You Die?

The similarities as to what people see during an out of body experience are abundant. People report a journey into the afterlife, traveling through a tunnel toward a light, and being greeted by people that they haven’t seen in years or have never even met before; people who have passed, that is. Sometimes, the spirit doesn’t leave the room, and they describe watching everything that is happening from above their bodies.

While traveling through this “tunnel,” people describe that their life was “flashing before their eyes.” They could see old memories and take quite a journey through the past, seeing things they might have even forgot about!

Many stories often describe their loved ones refusing to let them through to the light, saying it is not their time, while others recall a strong beckoning that was resisted because they felt they were not ready to leave the physical world for good.

It is almost as if they were given a choice to stay or go. Pretty intense, isn’t it?

What Does Dying Feel Like?

During the journey through an out of body experience, this light that is described at the end of the tunnel is often described as irresistible, warm, loving, and “indescribable.” They describe feelings of being at total peace with everything around them, no fear, comforted, feelings of total happiness and also other “indescribable” feelings.

When or if they make it to the light, they describe a warm embrace and feel like they interact with the light, that they are in a place of total knowledge, love, and understanding; feelings that they “have never felt before.” Another common feeling is the urge to return back to life, back to their physical being.


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Is It Spiritual or Medical?

From a scientific and medical standpoint, scientists and medical professionals may argue that such feelings and visions are nothing but a figment of the person’s imagination as oxygen is cut off from the brain, and chemicals within the brain run rampant. But how can this possibly explain these questions:

  • How do people have such similar out of body experience stories?

  • How they were able to see and/or meet family members who have passed, but never met?

  • How are they able to describe what was going on around them when they were pronounced “dead” or unconscious?

  • How are they able to describe medical procedures that were being performed, or what was happening to them when they were out?

The one that gets me is that people are able to see around themselves when they are unconscious and their eyes are closed. There is no way that such a phenomenon can be explained with science! In my opinion, none of those questions can be answered scientifically, and will remain a mystery for a lifetime, until your time comes to experience it for yourself. Will you be able to wake up and share such a story?

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