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When Dreams Come

Updated on March 13, 2011

What would you do if you won the Lottery or blessed with the career of your dreams?

Many of us have talked about what we would do if we were blessed abundantly. Some of us would buy a lavish home with matching vehicles. Other people would planned to take a trip around the various countries. But most of the time, people tend to go on a extravangant shopping spree, and worrying about the rest later.

My family and I talked about this the other day, after watching the series on lottery winners and seeing a gentleman being offered a career of his dreams. Here is a list of things, we would want to do first and foremost:

1. Thank God.

2. Consult with a financial lawyer.

3. Tithe ten percent of our blessing.

4. We would establish some type of budget for each family member.

5. Each of us learned how to keep track of our finances. And that means going back to school.

6. We would now invest in getting properties, homes and vehicles.

7. We would donate money to each of our charities.

8. We all would get a certain amount of mad money to go on a controlled shopping spree.

As time goes on, we feel that we would need to get counseling to help us to adjust to our new status. This is also a good time for all of us to get a full medical check-up. If anyone has a pre-existing condition, we would not have any excuse to get treatment.

We have often heard about people being stalk or called on by people they don't know, even people who couldn't stand them before they were blessed. If necessary, yes we would not have any problem moving away. More than likely, we would have already left.

You say to yourself what else is left to do? Keep busy. Truly invest your time in a worthy cause such as your communities, churches, schools and hospitals. One thing, you should continue to remind yourself is to stop and smell the roses. Always remember where you came from, because no one never knows where they will end up.

If we were blessed with the career of our dreams, we would do the same exact thing.  We would not have to worrying about keeping busy, because we would be busy practicing our career.


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